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  1. #51

    Enjoy ^^
  2. And my Shields are not even in the game yet!! The devs hate me!
  3. Ranting about cheaters

    I dont get it. I think i have seen like MAX 5 cheaters in this game... and i have been playing this for over3 years..
  4. I miss old cliffside :(

    Also bring back clear V2! 👌
  5. Nostalgic.

  6. Nostalgic.

    I also have a really old bixa application on my youtube. It was like my second video i uploaded, couse they wanted to see my gi ^^
  7. GI’s!

  8. Macros, rapid fire and no recoil.

    Om being accused for "no-recoil" macro and stuff all the time ^^
  9. Heyooo!

    Soon 50
  10. Heyooo!
  11. Heavy angel chrome for sale

    Already sold it.
  12. 450 mil or highest bid.