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  1. Que legend y que náááááááá
  2. Wacho dejá de jugá a juegos que no valen verga tirá al yakuzanite

    Server Changes

    As Fred said before,the new ISS it's too bad and I'm not joking, tried already. Thailands won't leave this game because they have everything in their side, I mean snipers, blackmarket, etc...

    Server Changes

    Thanks @Sven Waiting for the fix !
  5. Thanks for read us Hope that it will stop the Thailands
  6. Deberías mirar el Q&A 10 de ayer que hicieron Elias y Svena en lo que salen hablando de todo lo que acabas de decir, te lo dejo aquí Edel
  7. They're empty because the base player is from Thailand and they want to play in EU .
  8. We can try it but I'm still thinking that you should do what I said before about the six servers,etc... The thing is that it's too hard to play vs them when they're lagging all the time and insta-killing you with one bullet and also teleporting... If you have four regions in the game it's for something...
  9. No my boy, It should be around 125-150 ms. If u wanna talk about the survival do it in the other side . We're talking about the ping thinggy.
  10. Great idea ! Thank u for doing it so we can all give our opinion (and not useless information as u said) in the same post . To sum up: 1. We want to reduce the amount of servers to gather the players in their own region.. For example : If NewZ has six servers (talking about Colo/Cali) you should put four with ping-limit and the others without it (that will allow to the others players of the world to play there). 2. The ping-limit would be perfect around 125-150 ms. It should help to gather all the players in their own region (as I said up). 3. Talking about the pvp maps we would like to see that all the servers will have ping-limit because It's disgusting to see how we are dying by laggers. Thanks for ur time
  11. We know that all of u have a lot of work so np ! Thanks for the info
  12. When will u make the changes and add it to the game? Just asking :3
  13. Thanks to all the people who help me to bring this idea to the DEVS. MEANS A LOT OF.
  14. It's a good idea tbh, but you can remove a lot of officials and put around six server ; 4 Servers with ping-limit and 2 without it (talking about Colo&Cali). You should put the ping-limit in all the pvp maps, it's kinda sad to see all this laggers flying around and killing u with one bullet. As I said it's a nice first step, we can try it and also thank u .
  15. Creo que te refieres a esto... Pásate y deja tu opinión aquí también.
  16. Would be really great to bring back the old NewZ
  17. Thanks for giving ur opinion, that means a lot of And also thanks to all the people who keep fighting for a better and fair game
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