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  1. Lucsel

    Team Loco Squad recruiting

    the discord invite is over need anew one
  2. Lucsel

    Anarchy Gaming recruiting

    id like to join
  3. Lucsel

    [GØML] Now recruiting

    Id like to join
  4. Hello. I want to join a clan. Im 16 years old and i play infestation since warz. I can behave and im mature. I skill is from 7-8 and my highest rep is -90000k. Id like to hear from you. Have a great day, Lucsel.
  5. Lucsel

    [COR3] Recruiting for a short time!

    Id like to join
  6. Lucsel

    {NA} GLOCK

    Id like to join
  7. Lucsel

    I want to join a Clan

    I"ll, thx for the Reply
  8. Lucsel

    I want to join a Clan

    Yeah, i tryed all those clans but there all 18+
  9. Lucsel

    I want to join a Clan

    Hey, im luca and im 16 years old, i player this game since newz and im a native german but i speak fluent english, if some clan needs a member, just comment this post Thank you Regards