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  1. Question don't have to be answered with what has been asked.
  2. Do NOT ever convert GC to GD. It's a huge loss xd
  3. Hey, I just wanted to quickly ask, if I am the only one who gets huge input lag after playing for awhile. My mouse feels so slow somehow and my character starts becoming hard to control, like input lag. Cheers.
  4. L85, IMI-TAR, M4A1/AUG(personal preference)
  5. I am playing solo mostly. Winning almost every 2nd game
  6. It's good how it is.
  7. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: HIGH & Hungry (HIGH)COUNTRY/REGION: Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Russia [EU]PLAYERS**:1. (CLAN LEADER) GENETICZZ (90cranker)2. (CLAN LEADER) Tetsu ( Setz)3. Juifar (Juifstaar)4. FlowZ ( F)5. Battlestaar ( Iroquois Me)6. Joan (Enjoy this Game)7. Hentai (Hentai da tosic)8. Nirassa (N i r a s s a)9. Chris/ (thx u next)10. Volish (VolishQ)11. Sixeena ( Sixeena)12.
  8. Hello, as we all might know, reaching the elite rank as an AR player is pretty much or almost impossible. You should not rank up by doing alot of headshots, rather than that it should go more for kills and killstreaks. Only HS in AR is nearly impossible. Cheers
  9. So we just could make snipers rare again. Don't wipe them. They will decrease in time and will become more expensive and that will carry on until we have infestation back.
  10. We should get rid of snipers tbh instead of adding more. Like the DX wipe back in the days, we should do the same with snipers. Not completely remove them, just make them rare again. :--)
  11. As we know, the game isn't really in a good state. You should think about making this game free and get your money through in-game stuff like private servers, premium(like newz maybe), even skinboxes or something else. Might give the game a chance to grow.
  12. Still waiting for a response ;d
  13. Trying it won't hurt anyone. If it doesn't work, swap it back on. not that hard of a deal. The Launcher can't get the game's information 'Failed to download game info!' so it appears to be a problem that something is blocking the connection. So these tips I posted might help
  14. Firewall, Anti-virus, Router-Firewall. Try disabling those.
  15. As we know, events attract players. Tournaments attract ALOT of players. Go host another super cup or EU Cup or something like that, the community is waiting.
  16. that's not how such a game works. new players joke about it because it's such a sniper call of duty festival. New player's wont have premium / private servers for farming. it's just not possible to play for them without investing money. If snipers would be rare they'd actually had a chance to start their GI up because everybody has got the same chances.
  17. I do also. Colorado is unplayable for people without snipers, I gotta use my friend's account to play Colorado because I don't have any snipers. Now imagine how a beginner wants to play the game.
  18. Why not? I wouldn't mind. We get good old infestation feeling back. Clearview PvP with ARs and maybe one sniper every few days, since it's rare.
  19. We need a CHANGE. This is unacceptable IMO
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