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  1. I stepped through the video frame-by-frame and it seems like you got hit by a VSS or OTS, because your HP decreased before "Freddy" shot.
  2. Name In-game: KeroGayDiscord Name: geneticzz#9560Country: bulgariaAge: 13Reputation: - 5Old Clans: ZT3X, SK, BoSKDR: 0,95HSR: -0,05How would your rate your english (1-10): 3Why do you want to join GOSU: My idol family after SK since SK deadWhat do you expect from our clan: loot, I lootsteal all
  3. actually a dope event, don't remove it just keep the vikings look as an actual feature.
  4. You should definitely add more lootspawns.
  5. You got a few good points there, but at least we could try to get that pig a little bit more beautiful.
  6. Survival's loot value is way higher. for example a tar is like 50 000+ I believe, so the first argument is already countered. No GI, well guess what, it's a apocalypse survival game. Friendly fire can kill you, yes. A realistic part of a game. 0.o It's a Apocalypse Survival Game, what are you thinking this is? Call of Duty? If you wanna play Team-Deathmatch with friendly fire disabled just play Call of Duty.
  7. You guys are talking about not being able to PvE anymore & I would drag you into my world without you wanting it. Some easy points for *EVERYONE* to understand, it's simple economy thinking. 1. You can buy a server. 2. They will focus on Survival so most likely there will be premium servers. 3. Real Infestation/Aftermath feeling would be back. 4. Servers would be hella popped. 5. Less servers = less payment needed for servers = less GC needed. 6. New players wouldn't get thirsted down by better players. 7. Balance between Open World & Survival so it is a mix between both game modes so everyone gets what he wants. don't you see it ? I:SS lasted for so long, why? because it was a survival game actually. Same goes for Aftermath. WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING, Otherwise there won't be players to play with in the near future. But that's just my point of view.
  8. As I said, just buy a server or join an empty one. Why don't you guys get it. It's simple thinking. I am just giving out an easy suggestion to keep servers popped how's that hard to understand?
  9. What do you mean by bringing them to my world? I am a former Open World Player with 1,9 Million Rep. I am not a main survival player, I am a main open world player. The Game is dying so what is the point in having multiple game modes without any players on them? who said you can't PVE on Survival? Just get a server? NOTHING, LITERALLY NOTHING, would change on the game's mechanics, it would be the same game BUT with more people on the servers. it is a survival game, like infestation: survivor stories have been & open world is basically a call of duty. I don't know what your problem is too focus on a survival game mode on A SURVIVAL GAME. Doesn't make ANY sense to me, I am sorry.
  10. I didn't mean to offend you guys. All I wanted to say is that the game is just losing population and with 4 different game-modes the community is just splitted TOO much. So I thought combining Open World with Survival and getting a fair loot system for both sides would be a change to the game's current state. But if you guys don't like the idea & don't even try to get this game in a little bit better state, your choice. Cheers
  11. as I said, with the open world system the meaning of "infestation" is just lost. Open World is just another Call of Duty.
  12. Hey, so I feel like open world is a waste of time playing and it shows with the dropping player counter. it's not really the point of what infestation stands for. Survival's attention by the Staff-Team is just way too low so ppl don't even bother playing it. Everyone is getting sick of open world cuz it is repetitive & has no purpose really while in survival you really gotta watch your moves & take care of EVERYTHING. I know a lot of you won't share my opinion, but I think that really is the last chance for the game. The Community is just too small to be splitted up that much ^-^ The game should focus on Survival, Battle Royale & Competetive. The Community is just splitted WAY too much. Cheers, gen.


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