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  1. Patch 2.21

    Rocky is lovely.

    HIGH take my energy Oh wait We didn't play
  3. Discussion about the Rockyford PVP map

    Huge +1, pvp will become more intense and less campy. This will definitely revive the pvp servers tho
  4. ~ Don't apply unless you fit all of the requirements ~ ~> Requirements <~ - 150 000 OR + 100 000 Teamwork Filled GI English knowledge Be active! No loot whoring No Multiclanning! Be atleast 16 years old! Don't join for Skins, If you leave after you should have the Skins I am going to ask a DEV to wipe them from you. 1. Screenshot of all your chars with the KDR of your Main Char! - 2. Rate your skill from 1-10. - 3. Please make some screenshots of your Global Inventory and post them here - - - 4. Have you been in any clans previously? - Yes... (name) - No. 5. How old are you? - 6. Where are you from? - 7. Can you speak good English? Tell us a little story about you! - 8. Why should we accept you? - 9. How did you hear about High & Hungry? - 10. Do you Agree to follow all of the clan rules? - Yes, I do. - No, fuck you all. ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS BELOW!
  5. GOSU Recruiting

    nice timezone btw boys
  6. Willkommen

    eww germans
  7. Hey, I guess you won't let pvp server players participate on the current weekly leaderboards, so you should add another weekly leaderboard for pvp servers too. It's kind of unfair that the active pvp players can't participate on that kind of "events" OR players with really a really bad computer can't do that either. so I guess this would be a really good workaround cheers
  8. How much MB download/upload per second do you got? and what's your usual ping?
  9. what banned?

    May the Google Translate be with you., Anakin.
  10. This is literally unplayable....

    I am pretty sure the "re-connecting" system has been removed. it's been working SO great before, now everybody is just lagging again sadly.
  11. Hello there, I'd love to be able too access my GI when I died instead of loadouts only. Cheers,
  12. Check This [Edit : NewZ]

    yes very old clips
  13. Infestation The NewZ - COMMUNITY CUP

    who will win THIS time, next week on DISCOVERY CHANNEL
  14. Clan Points - Buff Idea Feedback

    I can't wait to fight 20 ppl with 20 extra hp which will make the conquesting impossible nah I don't really care since I don't play open world colorado, only on survival.
  15. I miss old cliffside :( when you nut but she keeps suckin'
  16. Nostalgic.

  17. Hardcore Survival

    I did. since 2012 but there won't be anything besides survival that's why I said play survival ^^
  18. The problem i have with the game

    It's good as it is right now.
  19. Hardcore Survival

    Play Survival? loot is kind of rare there.
  20. Sound Does not Come OutSom

    Could you please upload that screenshot in a higher resolution? I can't see anything.