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  1. I see. Good points. We gotta give new players are first good memorable experience when they join, that's all I want you know. ^^ I heavily agree with snipers being rare. This is a must have because otherwise Open World(huge maps) becomes kind of unplayable for people with low filled GIs, you know. I like the idea of the trade in thing. This is actually a good idea and makes trading easier.
  2. Hello, so basically I want to explain you guys, why snipers actually do kill the game. This is actually based on Feedback which new players gave to me. So let's start with a fresh and new player, which is hyped to play the game. Let's imagine him joining Colorado and he's like, ok, let's see what we can do. The first thing he's going to notice is the huge amount of snipers shooting around. He literally has nothing in his GI and he can't do anything against people with snipers. Let's get in my position actually now: I have no snipers in my GI, I can't play Colorado because there's only people with snipers there now which I can't do anything against since they just snipe me over long range. So, as soon as I see that the PvP Servers are empty (AR ones) I actually have to exit the game, because I can not play the game because I don't have snipers. And snipers are very expensive. My point now: New players will quickly quit and uninstall the game, because they can't fight against snipers with nothing. I really do think snipers have to be a rare thing, even in open world. There are alot of people who can't afford snipers, which will result in quitting the game, which is bad. We HAVE to do something against snipers, no matter what. Something has to happen. New players are tired of getting sniped over and over again which I fully understand. ^^ Hope you get my point, Cheers.
  3. https://discord.gg/YNsFdaN I recommend you to use the NewZ Discord for trading. More people, more traders, more trades.
  4. maybe add a fully customizable camera view.
  5. Sorry then. But I barely see them.
  6. I don't. I tried it, but no it's not my type of game. Pay2Win & Pay2Play game. ^^
  7. The Game has no current Moderator actively playing the game so I guess I give it a shot to become a Mod.
  8. Hellow, I currently habe about 300GB of NewZ Clips left, but I am running out of music for my montages. Please post any kind of music here which you want to hear on my videos. Cheers, gen
  9. Ye I've already participated on alot of these evets. the event I liked the most so far was the viking event since it was something completely new. New map, content and new experiences.
  10. Hello, As we all know, the game is gaining some players recently. If you want to keep that, do some more events with the community. Nothing is holding a community more on the game, than active DEVs with nice events & listening to the community. It could be simple events, like "KILL THE STAFF TEAM" where you guys load in a backpack full of skins for example, hide somewhere in Colorado and let the game hunt you. It could be a staff stronghold, where u get a server with event map and be in the market and protect your stuff. It could be something like a tournament, not a supercup, but like an european cup or american cup. Things like that keep the ppl around, keep that in mind. Cheers,
  11. I stepped through the video frame-by-frame and it seems like you got hit by a VSS or OTS, because your HP decreased before "Freddy" shot.
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