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  1. Rockyford and its condition

    -1 pushing those ppl is hella fun
  2. Patch 2.21

    Rocky is lovely.

    HIGH take my energy Oh wait We didn't play
  4. Discussion about the Rockyford PVP map

    Huge +1, pvp will become more intense and less campy. This will definitely revive the pvp servers tho
  5. GOSU Recruiting

    nice timezone btw boys
  6. Willkommen

    eww germans
  7. How much MB download/upload per second do you got? and what's your usual ping?
  8. what banned?

    May the Google Translate be with you., Anakin.
  9. Hey, I guess you won't let pvp server players participate on the current weekly leaderboards, so you should add another weekly leaderboard for pvp servers too. It's kind of unfair that the active pvp players can't participate on that kind of "events" OR players with really a really bad computer can't do that either. so I guess this would be a really good workaround cheers
  10. This is literally unplayable....

    I am pretty sure the "re-connecting" system has been removed. it's been working SO great before, now everybody is just lagging again sadly.
  11. Hello there, I'd love to be able too access my GI when I died instead of loadouts only. Cheers,
  12. Check This [Edit : NewZ]

    yes very old clips