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  1. It's a shame that we don't even need our Assault Rifles anymore. Assault Rifles have become the most useless thing in this game mode, and that is a shame in my opinion. We have to get back to the roots of newz where snipers were rare and ARs weren't. Whitestone Mountain PvP only AR I miss the good ol' days, now this sadly has become a sniper festival.
  2. Question don't have to be answered with what has been asked.
  3. Do NOT ever convert GC to GD. It's a huge loss xd
  4. Hey, I just wanted to quickly ask, if I am the only one who gets huge input lag after playing for awhile. My mouse feels so slow somehow and my character starts becoming hard to control, like input lag. Cheers.
  5. L85, IMI-TAR, M4A1/AUG(personal preference)
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