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  1. The best moment for play newz, christmas.
  2. Is a test, aprove clan, check, end.
  3. I use custom settings most of the options in HIGH, I do not think my fps bad, better than most of the players, but over time it is decreasing a lot, I already had 250 fps in ford rock, it would be great that again rssrrs
  4. My PC is bad? hahahahaha very good comments, ty for nothing
  5. This practically did not change much in my performance, I would like a performance based on my settings, an aid in this sense not in a general way like in this tutorial, alias this tutorial causes that in all the times that I give play in the launch my computer freeze for a few seconds.
  6. I would like a help from the developers who of course have the best knowledge about the game. I would like to know the best configuration of the game to get the best possible fps in both pvp servers that have better fps and in the big maps like colorado and caliwood. I have an average of 100 fps playing in the high in Colorado and Caliwood. In server pvp like rock ford an average of 150 fps. It was already much better and had a big drop the fps, I think for most. follows my specifications: Motherboard: ASUS H110M-R Processor: I5-6400 2.70GHz Video Card: Radeon RX 480 8GB DDR5 Memory RAM: 16GB DDR4 Hd: SATA 1GB Monitor: LG 23 " Internet Speed / Country: 4MB / BRAZIL THANKS
  7. It happens to me many times, even in South American servers where my ping is 38ms, daily I fight against macros and high ping kkkkkk, I already got a skill in this, I think it's a training for when everything is in favor I will be better than all kkkkkk
  8. I liked the ideas, but what about asking some ideas for beginners? they also want to play ford rock and fight these professional ford rock players with their ridiculous super macros, or just the "famous" players have opinions in this game? Selectivity? sad.
  9. KKKKKKKKKKK For Zexj I think you're answered kkkkkkkkkkkk
  10. Good, Hey @Sven when double gc? tks
  11. Great Patch Boss, my dream is remove MACROS in game, MY DREAM.
  12. You defend nails and teeth that does not exist, because you must use it, wake up to life, in what world do you live?
  13. Obviously I know there are better and worse players, you do not have to tell me that. I did not start playing yesterday, I played from the beginning, before going to steam. Obviously they use several tricks to benefit in the game, it's clear and obvious, I've heard reports from players who use and have already used.
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