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  1. nah he got cheated trust me 4Head
  2. communication. this is good to see at least thanks for responding the the original poster.
  3. yeah I know they are just humans too, and I have never developed a game so I can't try to tell them how to develop there game, but it does suck sometimes when i think "man i wish warz/infestation was still a thriving game" i feel what you're saying though man.
  4. tbh I really dont think they are trying to continue this game, they made money on the big steam hype, it died down, and they are just gonna let to roll out into the sunset tbh, I wish they would sell the game to a company with some ambition to continue developing the game and bring in more players so the game can be warz again. but i mean its been 5+ years now warz is reallllllllly just reached its end i think.
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