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  1. JoanForHire

    Gandalf's Cup - International Tournament with Group Stage

    Team Name : TPOB Nationality: Italy,Slovenia,Indonesia,Philippines Players: Joan,Artwork,Ex Military G,Spartacus,Dark Shadow Substitutional Players (max 2, optional):Tiki,Taka Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): Joan#5948
  2. JoanForHire

    TPOB is now recruiting

    The Power of Bullets is now recruiting Me and friends decided to create a new clan,and we start to recruit players right now. Requirements for the clan: - Be minimun 16 years old - Have a good microphone - Be skilled and experienced on the game - Dont be toxic with other players - You must have Discord(we use only that) - You must know english - Have a good gi (be able to join every round with items) We can offer: - Discord - People for pvp PS: Poke me if you wanna join,i'm gonna send you the discord so we can talk about joining in the clan. Regards.
  3. JoanForHire

    problem to buy gc

    im getting problem with buy gc.when i try to buy gc it says this : sorry for the language,if u guys can help me,im gonna appreciate that
  4. JoanForHire

    Help us translate the game!

    i can translate for italian language.if u need me just pm in discord: Joan#5948
  5. JoanForHire


    just change game
  6. JoanForHire


  7. JoanForHire

    [GØML] Now recruiting

    i like troll this clan in pvp,btw they are funny and not bad players,good luck guys!!! -your dear DOPE