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  1. PM me offers 2,500x Medkits 13x Stryker 3x ZK 20x Personal Lockers 3x GI Access Lockers
  2. PM me offers. x27 = FN Scar Halloween. x43 = Custom Guerilla Halloween. x2 = Machete Forest Camo. x1 = M107 Killer Whale. 1x = M107 MLG. 1x = Saiga Marina. 1x = Mauser Emerald. 1x = M107 Hypermonster. 1x = Heavy Armor Digital Red Camouflage. 1x = Imi-Tar-21 Lava. 2x = Blaser Neon Dragon. 1x = M4 Stuffed. 2x = Sig Sauer 556 Aquamonster. 2x = Custom Guerilla Gold. 1x = P90 Indy. 1x = Honey Badger Danger. 1x = Custom Guerilla Red Strike.
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