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  1. Noskilljustluck

    DevBlog - Optimizing Models & LOD's

    That's a LOT of work..... Good Job Sven, keep up the work
  2. Noskilljustluck

    Stuck vehicles

    I would die in honor
  3. Noskilljustluck

    Airdrop / Super Zombie rewards are poor

    Hey, of course player do have more than 10+ sniper in their gi, but that doesn't mean they were looting them. Most player who have more than 5+ sniper bought them with open world gd. Best regards, noskilljustluck.
  4. Noskilljustluck

    Find The Pumpkin Event

    CHARACTER NAME: RussianOnFire Best regards, Noskilljustluck.
  5. Noskilljustluck

    Patch Notes - 2017/10/27

    HYPE HYPE!!!!!
  6. Noskilljustluck


    Well I tested the honey badger with all attachments. If your enemy stands still you can aimbot him really quick. The range was about 100 meter.
  7. Noskilljustluck

    Solo for PVP servers

    I really like the idea to add solo server but as chupa already mentioned it will cause the same problems like before. Look at battle royal where ppl were grouping even though it wasn't allowed. It will always cause the same problems and we can't really ban everyone for grouping. Kazmights idea is great but I really don't know if it's possible to ban those guys just from solo server. We will see :-)
  8. Noskilljustluck

    Crafting System

    Crafting system is not finish yet. It will be implemented as soon as it gets finished.
  9. Noskilljustluck

    Respawn wait time

    I don't understand the complaint in here. If you won't wait 5 minutes go and play open world colorado. Don't get me wrong but I guess ay you didn't even read a single patch note about survival.