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  1. Just an update on this, we have read this and have discussed parts of this within the team and with the OP. These ideas are mostly excellent and feasible. We do not know when/how/if they will be implemented, but this has surely given us a lot to work with, so kudos to Kjer on this.
  2. Good luck to everyone! You guys have our support.
  3. The time shown there is automatically generated by the system. Some tickets do take longer to be responded to as it sometimes need some additional investigation. I'm not taking the blame off of ourselves here, we do sometimes fail with that and I apologize for that. And we're in constant contact with him and he was explained why the ticket reply time in his case took longer. Anyways... Both you guys make very good points and these are things we have been trying to improve ourselves on. We are sorry we are not up to par to what you expected.
  4. This section is designed exclusively to ideas you guys have of what should be invested in as in MISSIONS. You can suggest a general idea like "Missions on collecting items for tribe reputation", or more specific like "craft 10 CRU and gain X", and so on. You are free to use your imagination, but remember that it's not necessarily possible to be implemented on its complexity might make it not worth it for the time being. We will be collecting these ideas and filtering and discussing them.
  5. Envie um email em [email protected] usando o email registrado na conta solicitando a remoção.
  6. Well, it is literally impossible to please every single person in the world at the same time. But changes in a case like you've suggested are always good, as it may bring more for players in general.
  7. Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking for constructive feedback such as this especially for Survival!
  8. Though I agree that the current community is in fact spread out, I cannot agree with servers being empty all the time. If you look at the server lists, you will see that there is quite a few servers with a lot of players in them - this will always depend on the current time and the timezone. For instance, right now it's EU time, and there are around 4-5 high pop servers in Open World, 3-4 PvP servers, 2 high popped Survival servers and two ongoing Battle Royale matches going on simultaneously and that does not include private server farmers, for instance. There are things that we have discussed and I personally like. PvP servers should be merged with Warmup Servers and/or reduced. These players do not sum up to a relevant percentage of the current population, we are aware, however those are players who ONLY play those servers. Doing something like this, as you point out MAY bring these pops to a higher level, obviously. But it may also cause more people to quit playing the game because we removed the game mode they enjoy playing. Remember these modes were added a long time ago when the general population was much higher. It's not that simple to just 'remove' those like that, as there are loyal players to each game mode and it wouldn't be fair to them if we were to kind of 'force' them to play where WE think they should be playing.
  9. We are performing a quick server restart to address a small issue with them. Downtime will be minimum.
  10. Do you have a controller connected to your computer?
  11. This does sound pretty cool and doable. I'll work something out. Also, check your PM, sir.
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    That's the first song they used after they renamed the game.
  13. No, it wouldn't change anything on performance. But it'd make it easier for everyone to use their shields.
  14. Tudo isso já está sendo trabalhado. O jogo tem 1 semana de vida, calma que vem tudo.
  15. This is a compilation of FAQ we have gotten from the community thus far, mostly from Discord, forums and Facebook. Q: When will the game be available? A: The release date is set for May 15th, 2019 as of now. Q: If I own other Nether titles, do I still need to buy the game? A: Yes, you will. We are a completely new development team working on this game so our work should be treated as such. Though the essence of the game is still the same, a lot of development and time has been put into it so it only makes sense that it is made it as a new game. Q: How much is the game going to cost? A: The game will be sold initially for $15. Q: Will the game still use the same engine (Unreal 3)? A: Yes and there are no plans for this to be changed. Q: Will there be free weekend? A: Though we have nothing specifically planned for now, this is something we would like to do in the future. Q: Will there be the option to host your own server? A: Yes. You will be able to host your own server at will, with up to 64 slots. Q: Since there will be Global Inventories, how will they port among all the servers? A: Initially Global Inventories will be server-based. That means that your GI and the items you collect will only be available on the server you've collected them. Q: What kind of Server Options will be available for people who host their own servers? A: We will announce this soon. Q: Will there be any Pay-to-Win aspects (i.e. buying weapons and PvP gear for real money currency)? A: No. All the purchasable items for real money will be cosmetic only. Q: Will Factions work the same way they currently do? A: For the time being, yes. You will still have the ten factions that you can join and they have their own standing amongst them. Q: Will items be visible while on the ground or will they be in containers? A: They will be in containers for the time being. Q: When a player dies, do their items all drop on the ground or do they have a "corpse menu"? A: Items from players will all be on the ground upon death. Q: Will there be new weapons and monsters? A: Yes to both. Q: What about previous special gamemodes that were released (arena, play as Nether, etc...)? A: We do want to bring these in, but not for the time being. Q: Will you respawn at the same spot you logged out or will you get a new spawn/Safezone Spawn? A: For now we are keeping it logging back where you last connected Q: Will there be Weather? A: Unfortunately for the time being we will not add this. Though it is possible on the engine, we would first need to test how it would perform on your end before putting it in. And since one of our main focus is performance and optimization, we will not add this for now and we have no ETA on when we revisit this, if we do. Q: Will there be vehicles in the game? A: We are in the process of fixing them and readding them into the game. The buggy you get as a reward for capturing areas in the Wastelands is still available. Q: Will Character level port from server to server? A: No. Since every server will have different settings, this would not make sense. Q: Will Account level port from server to server? A: No. For the time being it will be independent.
  16. After 8 days of intense matches and instant classic matches, we are ready to move on to the next stage of the Supercup! From the 30 teams participating, 16 have moved on to the KNOCKOUT STAGE, where each match will decide the team's fate; You win, or you're out! The teams that have qualified were split into two POTS. POT 1 has the group leader from each of the 6 groups, PLUS the two BEST Runner-Ups in those groups. The other Runner-Ups and best 3rds are all on POT 2. The confrontations will be a team from POT 1 versus a team from POT 2. The pots are as follow: Colors: EUROPE, AMERICAS, ASIA On this stage, we will know BEFORE the next opponents you will be facing as it will take a traditional knockout bracket format from now on. That also means that by LOSING a match, the team will be ELIMINATED from the Supercup. We will also be announcing the prizes for the Champions on the stream. Server location, which is a huge question in your guys' mind will also be explained on the stream tomorrow and we will hear your feedback on it. Don't miss it! Where to watch: http://twitch.tv/HeresChupa Stream time: 5PM (Central European Standard Time) 11PM (Hong Kong Time) 12PM/Noon (Brazilian Standard Time)
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    POS CLAN PLAYER KILLS 1 NSDZ Gettt 16 2 NSDZ Celin 15 2 WAC 331GO Aimbot 15 4 KID Koli in da house 14 5 KID xxxtentation 13 5 WAC Itsminh 13 Updated as of: Group Stage
  18. You can watch it at http://twitch.tv/HeresChupa For more information on the matches, visit https://playnewz.com/supercup
  19. GEAR ARs: Sig Sauer 556, Imi-Tar 21, Steyr AUG, Scar CQC Armor: Custom Guerilla + K. Style Helmet/NVG Medics: Bandages DX only (unlimited) Shields: Wood Shield Barricades only (5 per player) NO GRENADES. NO SNIPERS. MATCH 3 Rounds Played (Full rounds, not Best of 3) 5 Minutes per round No tie on the group stage. Rounds that are tied do not count as a win or a loss for either Kills are used as a tie-breaker if there is no full wipe STANDINGS The standings for each group will be decided as: Rounds won Rounds lost Total Kills Total Deaths ELIMINATION STAGE Confrontations will be chosen randomly Each confrontation will be played in two distinct matches Each match will happen in one of the teams regions Each match will have 3 rounds, with 5 minutes limit
  20. Most team leaders have been added to the Discord group on the Official Discord. However, some of you have not, since you didn't give us the correct name. If you don't follow up on the match dates as they are, you will be considered withdrawn and permanently removed from the Cup and future Cups.
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