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    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Hello community, Recently we had a weekend event on Battle Royale which was a huge success and brought a lot of people back to it. We know that, in the same week, we removed the Solo-Only servers which also helped, but the impact it had was great. For those who don't know, the event was a "Super Battle Royale", where the loot was stronger than usual with top-tier weapons, armor, meds, etc... After that, we decided to try and make the regular loot a bit stronger, however that was met with some resistance from the old-school BR players. Now, my question is what to do with the loot... We have pretty much set it back to what it used to be (not the same items, but lower tier items in general) due to feedback BUT we have also seen a decrease in players in that game mode. In light of making that more interesting, we'd like to know what you guys think we should do with the loot. I've set up a poll with some suggestions. Any additional suggestion can be made by replying to this thread as well.
  2. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    But this would be "corrected" with having stronger weapons, where you can shoot your enemies from further away (with a Sig and Compact Scope for instance). Right now, the issue I personally feel is that you are able to spot enemies from afar, yet you still have to walk close to them, making you open to others. The current loot table favors close combat, which in turn favors looting a town, finding a spot and staying there till radiation reaches you.
  3. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Just to clarify something, we do not intend to have snipers laying around in ANY of the cases. The will still be available exclusively in Airdrops. The option with snipers more common, means that snipers will be more often found IN AIRDROPS than they currently are (from my experience, I'd say less than 50% of airdrops contain snipers).
  4. ElChupacabra

    adding pvp sniper only in hk or eu hospital

    Thank you for your suggestion.
  5. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Vehicle System

    Dear community, As most of you might know, there has been an increase in car issues and crashes caused by them. We have been investigating and some crashes that do not directly involve the vehicles (as in you are not using a car) are being caused by their PRESENCE. Now, the issue is that we will have to review/rewrite most or all of the code related to it and therefore it will take a lot of time, that could be spent in other things within the game, like Competitive Mode. Since vehicles are mostly helpful rather than necessary (I mean, life IS easier with them, but you can and have lived without them), we thought it would be a good idea to disable cars everywhere to avoid these issues. Though this might be annoying especially for those PvE players, this will greatly reduce the frustration of dying while looting and losing so many items, in a game where looting is essential regardless of the game mode. Our idea right now is to disable them (WITH THIS YOUR VEHICLES WON'T GET WIPED, THEY WILL JUST BE INVISIBLE FOR NOW) but we do not feel comfortable making such a huge decision without hearing you guys out. Please vote on the Poll and you can comment your point of view and give us your feedback. To give you guys an idea on the issues, I'll leave some threads made by players.
  6. ElChupacabra

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    So, what happens when the others make a thread saying we should removed those servers and add an all-guns server? I will monitor the servers and will see what we can do. Adding a NEW type of server in PvP servers is very unlikely AND I don't feel we should remove or change the "Hybrid" one. If we see inactivity in others (like AR only or SNP only) we can try and see how it goes.
  7. ElChupacabra

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

  8. ElChupacabra

    Open world changes?

    Have you tried Survival?
  9. ElChupacabra

    Is it against the rules?

    No, it is not against the rules.
  10. ElChupacabra

    Thriving and Surviving

    That already exists. You don't see it, because you are not a beginner players. Bringing this information out can also bring a lot of veteran players to abuse the new players, which in turn will make them run away from the game while they're just trying to farm their GI up and learn the game. IIRC when you are in a group, the only way to deal damage is with grenades. However, grenades have that "power" as they are area based, so it does not prevent damage to group members. This is a discussion we've previously had and we decided not to. Sometimes it's too hard to play in one server for you (for example, you are in a group of 3 and you're fighting multiple clans of 10) so you need to have that option to hop and find small groups to fight. We do not plan on limiting this in Open World whatsoever, so having multiple servers as an option is actually a good idea. Valid point, but I don't see a reason to do that. People pay for their servers and they shouldn't be punished for wanting to use it by themselves/only with friends.
  11. ElChupacabra

    Suggestions On A Few Different Topics

    I don't think these things really fit in our game. This is a game that's been here for a while, has a defined played style and those things will definitely change everything when it comes to gameplay.
  12. ElChupacabra

    Protection Glasses of Doom

    You're too cool for taking damage.
  13. ElChupacabra

    Backpack Size in the player model

    Those are based on backpacks on those sizes in real life.
  14. ElChupacabra

    Some ideas for survival

    Unfortunately the Survival scene of our game has turned into full-PvP. They do not want to be "bothered" by zombies. I would love to see Survival being that... Survival! With screaming zombies, sprinting zombies, etc...
  15. ElChupacabra

    We need Money in Survival!

    Though these things are good ideas, we have to be extremely careful on how it's handled. First of all, all the transactions from Open World to Survival is really bad for the game mode. It's a transfer of 'wealth', when our goal with it was to give beginners also a chance, since loot is generally scarce. We do still plan on those things, but it will certainly NOT be the same currency as in Open World and there will be no Pay-to-Win aspects (guns for GC for instance).
  16. This is how it's always been for the past 2 years+ and that is not something we can simply change (we tried that before, it went horribly). We do offer the SURVIVAL game mode for players like yourself, who want guns that are hard to get and we also have AR only servers.
  17. Semi-finals: GOD AC. 3 vs 1 CHP GOD 3 vs 1 FG Third placement: TBD - FG vs CHP Finals: TBD - GOD vs GOD AC.
  18. ElChupacabra

    Battle is Battle, not Open World.

    Thank you for your feedback, it's always much appreciated. Let me just explain what we did and how we came to this idea... We had decided to prepare a special weekend with strong guns and such, just for a weekend. We had also decided to make some "minor" changes to loot in BR, just to have more variety. The two things combined gave us the idea of what it is right now... The success of the weekend event and the "freshening up" we had planned. Hence some of the strong guns and items stayed in. I understand your point completely and I will adjust the loot a bit more, to make it less strong. Thank you.
  19. ElChupacabra

    New Sniper Rifle Vending Machine

    Accept the mission: Go over there: Hit E: Ta-da!
  20. ElChupacabra

    Servers on Patch

    We have set the servers to "PATCH" while we work on a couple of major issues and they will be back as soon as possible. We have no ETA for it right now.
  21. ElChupacabra

    Servers are back on

    We have identified the problem only in Battle Royale. We will be turning the servers back on, but will keep Battle Royale disabled for now while we investigate this issue thoroughly. The rest of the game modes are available. //The New Z Staff Team
  22. ElChupacabra

    Patch 2.26

    Famas is already strong in its own merit (it's the highest fire-rate amongst ARs). We could definitely look into the stats of the others you mentioned. I agree L85 should be one of the strongest, based on rarity, so should the AK47. All guns are common in Open World, so it's more of a matter of preference there. In Survival these details do make all the difference.
  23. ElChupacabra

    Patch 2.26

    But then again, they won't have this advantage, as now everyone CAN play in a duo. I have, however, caught players playing in duos to force wins. They now have ZERO battle royale wins.
  24. ElChupacabra

    What's up, I'm new.

    Hello, Welcome to the game and forums. Just to give you a bigger explanation on the Survival/Open World difference. Survival has that classic feeling, where loot is extremely valuable and hard to get, while the other players are thirsty for your loot. This experience is much more Survival based, hence the name, so you have to be very careful about every step you take. It is, in essence more fun and more indepth, but much harder. Open World is what the game genre has evolved into. Fast-paced PvP everywhere on the map, teams fighting other teams with snipers and high-tier ARs. A lot of fun if you are a big shooter player, whereas Survival is more of that MMO feeling. If you do want a more technical explanation with the difference, let us know.
  25. ElChupacabra

    Patch 2.26

    About the maps, we need to see how it will turn out first. You see, the issue right now is that a lot of people were: 1. Not playing one map because it was duo only, so they couldn't find someone to play with. 2. They were playing duo in Tropico because they couldn't find a match on the other map (Arizona/Arena). Now you can either play solo or duo in either map, so the logic (it may not turn out this way) is that these issues will at least decrease. Now, the consequences for breaking these rules will be progressive and we will do things that will make them regret such actions. However, this is not meant for PUNISHMENT but more for SHOWING THEM they cannot do that. This philosphy won't change from our side, that's for sure. However, you will see people getting banned, for instance, for up to three days, losing Battle Royale Skins and Boxes, losing GD gained from Battle Royale.