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    Feedback - Vehicle System

    Dear community, As most of you might know, there has been an increase in car issues and crashes caused by them. We have been investigating and some crashes that do not directly involve the vehicles (as in you are not using a car) are being caused by their PRESENCE. Now, the issue is that we will have to review/rewrite most or all of the code related to it and therefore it will take a lot of time, that could be spent in other things within the game, like Competitive Mode. Since vehicles are mostly helpful rather than necessary (I mean, life IS easier with them, but you can and have lived without them), we thought it would be a good idea to disable cars everywhere to avoid these issues. Though this might be annoying especially for those PvE players, this will greatly reduce the frustration of dying while looting and losing so many items, in a game where looting is essential regardless of the game mode. Our idea right now is to disable them (WITH THIS YOUR VEHICLES WON'T GET WIPED, THEY WILL JUST BE INVISIBLE FOR NOW) but we do not feel comfortable making such a huge decision without hearing you guys out. Please vote on the Poll and you can comment your point of view and give us your feedback. To give you guys an idea on the issues, I'll leave some threads made by players.
  2. ElChupacabra

    Project: Caliwood

    This is VERY true. Not only those two other towns were great, but the map, when first released by the old developer team (of I:SS), was still a work in progress. I think with time, it would be interesting to add more areas there.
  3. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Hello community, Recently we had a weekend event on Battle Royale which was a huge success and brought a lot of people back to it. We know that, in the same week, we removed the Solo-Only servers which also helped, but the impact it had was great. For those who don't know, the event was a "Super Battle Royale", where the loot was stronger than usual with top-tier weapons, armor, meds, etc... After that, we decided to try and make the regular loot a bit stronger, however that was met with some resistance from the old-school BR players. Now, my question is what to do with the loot... We have pretty much set it back to what it used to be (not the same items, but lower tier items in general) due to feedback BUT we have also seen a decrease in players in that game mode. In light of making that more interesting, we'd like to know what you guys think we should do with the loot. I've set up a poll with some suggestions. Any additional suggestion can be made by replying to this thread as well.
  4. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    After reading these comments and checking the poll, we've decided that the best, for now at least, is to keep the super OP loot on special/weekend events only.
  5. ElChupacabra

    [OFICIAL] Sugestões e Feedback

    Deixem aqui sugestões e feedback.
  6. ElChupacabra

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    That is literally completely out of our control.
  7. ElChupacabra

    PVE GI locker

    When this was previously discussed, it wasn't really possible because of the way it is built. I'll check out what could be done, though.
  8. ElChupacabra

    Skin Black Night

    Black Night is Black and chrome, on all the set. ALL black is Modern Black.
  9. ElChupacabra

    Just a question?

    I don't think this is something we've ever thought, as players hardly ever get more than one skill in one session. I'll check out if it could be done.
  10. ElChupacabra

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Good points. We'll just be "officializing" something that's already happening.
  11. ElChupacabra

    Lockers are Joke - its been a month

    Thank you for your report. We can either just remove the lockers completely from those servers in question and not allow them back or this will happen again. You can be coming and blaming us for the community to fill the cities with lockers.
  12. ElChupacabra

    JOSEPH insulting game moderators

    Thank you for your report.
  13. ElChupacabra

    The Big Merge and Facts

    That's not something you need to explain to us. You need to explain that to THEM. And if they are not behind the idea, they will quit, as they won't want to just restart growing in the game on their own again. As I said, I understand your point and if it were me as a player, I'd agree with this. BUT we have to take into account ALL the players and how they'd feel about it. If they were so okay with your suggestion, they'd be already moving to Survival, which they aren't.
  14. ElChupacabra

    The Big Merge and Facts

    The line I marked as bold just proves your theory's flaw: If that were the case, there would be MUCH MUCH more returning players to Survival than there currently is.
  15. ElChupacabra

    The Big Merge and Facts

    Though your idea is pretty solid and well thought, you have to also look at facts. Go to any Open World servers. All the servers are full of full-geared people. Forcing them out from it and forcing them into Survival-style mode is literally going to make those quit, hence that pleasing the current Survival players (a part of the players will be ok and accepting of the merge), but the game itself will lower in pop even more. You have to understand, and we know this from the past and you should too, since you're one of those who have hopped around a lot of Infestation games. FORCING A CHANGE like this to all players always had horrible effects for us (Sniper Wipe, GI Wipe, Rep Wipe).
  16. ElChupacabra

    I am NOT a SIR!

    What you just said is LITERALLY just as bad as the topic in hand.
  17. ElChupacabra

    2nd Gandalf Cup - "New Year World Cup"

    Good luck on the Cup! Hit me up if you need anything related to it! Now, on a side note. I can't believe that at this point I will have to moderate this thread because some of you (including the OP) can't keep it civil. I do not care who started, I want you all to stop it. Keep the posts and replies at topic. This is something FUN and GOOD. Why make drama before it even starts? Please!
  18. ElChupacabra

    I am NOT a SIR!

    That is an annoying habit that is caused by what you said yourself... Male players with female characters and female names. Though there is a huge part of the gaming community that are female, people still think it's a great majority of men. I have made this mistake before and nowadays I restrain myself from using any words that would indicate gender. Unfortunately people will always assume you're a guy unless told otherwise. Even in some cases (I've seen this on a girl's stream) you may type you're not a guy, but instead of saying "Okay, sorry about that!" they'll just QUESTION and DOUBT you.
  19. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    This is the issue that heavy-PvP Open World games have, not just ours. Unfortunately the players in these games are, as you said at another point, are ruthless. They will kill the bambi in sight as that what has always happened to them. PvP in Open World is extremely hard for new players because they either get outskilled or outnumbered. This is something that is already being worked on and we already have a new "Beginner Map" for players to experience this, know more about the game in basic mechanics. Unfortunately we have a serious issue with announcing these things. If we do announce it (like we have previously done with Beginner servers), veteran players will try and abuse those new players by creating new accounts and so on. This game, since day one has never been beginner friendly (I'm talking about The War Z here). The struggles to get started were always extremely huge. I pre-purchased it back in the day, played for the first day then quit for a month because I couldn't get around the game itself. Now it's even harder, because back then, at least, the game had up-to-date graphics. This is a fact in ANY Open World PvP game out there. MOBAS, FPS, etc have ranking system, because it's possible to close a lobby, since they're usually 10-player per match only. Before working for Fredaikis AB, I used to work for a game review company and I can tell you that players do not exactly base their opinions on graphics alone. That is something console players do. However, the performance part is an issue and it's an issue related to the ENGINE, not the game directly, that we can try and improve. Our intention is to keep our game as unique as possible, to differ from the competition. I don't think improving weapons are going to turn it into Fortnite, as even in Open World, our best ARs are not as accurate as Fortnite weapons. Fortnite actually succeeded by being unique. They create the whole "basebuilding" system, which attracted the micro-managing players. PUBG's mechanics are VERY different from ours, they are more realistic, but I do see your point. The main intention of changes with BR is to give players something new to play in our game, as though our loyal players love our game, they do get bored after 5 years.
  20. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    The intent of this change is literally that. To please the current players. This measure is not the one to bring players back to the game itself, but rather give a new life to game modes that are getting less popped. As I said on the OP, Snipers and DXs are still going to be rare and available only from airdrops. That will never change. This is why I wanted to open the thread, and leave it open for comments rather than just the voting. People with different point of views, like the players who currently play BR ragardless of the loot and the players who would like to play more, but don't enjoy the way the game mode currently is. It indeed does no such thing. That is not the point of the discussion here. However, the way the current game mode is, is EXTREMELY camper friendly... You can see the difference from our game to other BR games that are like this: With our current loot, you are forced to do close-quarters fights rather than be able to position and shoot people from a distance, like you would be able to with a Sig Sauer 556, for instance. That would also value players' skills for some rather than just positioning or knowing the map.
  21. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    But this would be "corrected" with having stronger weapons, where you can shoot your enemies from further away (with a Sig and Compact Scope for instance). Right now, the issue I personally feel is that you are able to spot enemies from afar, yet you still have to walk close to them, making you open to others. The current loot table favors close combat, which in turn favors looting a town, finding a spot and staying there till radiation reaches you.
  22. ElChupacabra

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    Just to clarify something, we do not intend to have snipers laying around in ANY of the cases. The will still be available exclusively in Airdrops. The option with snipers more common, means that snipers will be more often found IN AIRDROPS than they currently are (from my experience, I'd say less than 50% of airdrops contain snipers).
  23. ElChupacabra

    adding pvp sniper only in hk or eu hospital

    Thank you for your suggestion.
  24. ElChupacabra

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    So, what happens when the others make a thread saying we should removed those servers and add an all-guns server? I will monitor the servers and will see what we can do. Adding a NEW type of server in PvP servers is very unlikely AND I don't feel we should remove or change the "Hybrid" one. If we see inactivity in others (like AR only or SNP only) we can try and see how it goes.
  25. ElChupacabra

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.