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    No. It's BR Warmup.
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    Legit or not?

    That is not normal for sure, but it does not look like any kind of third-party program. It looks as if for him you are still standing (look where the blood splatter shows). I will have Fred take a look at this. Thank you for the report.
  3. ElChupacabra

    God Mode are able? wtf are this

    It seems it's a glitch, as you aren't getting any hitmarkers, though you can see the blood splatter. We will investigate this bug.
  4. ElChupacabra

    Getting laggy when luring zombies

    Can you try disabling Fast Load? And if you could open a ticket so we could check your logs, that would also be useful.
  5. ElChupacabra

    Getting laggy when luring zombies

    From what you described you are experiencing more of a FPS drop than anything. This could be caused by Fast Load, as it will slowly load the models around you. When luring a horde, that will multiple and may cause that. If that's the case, try disabling it to see if it's improved.
  6. ElChupacabra

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    You mean the Supercup?
  7. ElChupacabra

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    The NA Cup never happened. The Chupacabra Cup was an event within my Stream and not an Official Cup. I organized it with members of the community and nobody from the staff team. You had a EU-Only Cup. Asia had their Cup. Now it's the Americas. Please get your facts straight before anything.
  8. ElChupacabra

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

  9. ElChupacabra

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    Because we already had an Asia-only Cup, an Europe-only Cup. Now it's their turn. When the next Supercup comes, you guys can join.
  10. ElChupacabra

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    No. Only the three Americas
  11. ElChupacabra

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    South, Central and North America only.
  12. Dear clans, We have reworked the clan riot shields application as there was a huge amount that either did not meet the minimum requirements OR did not follow basic guidelines. Now, we require ONE person from a clan to make the application, as only ONE person will be contacted about it. Some very obvious information that I can't believe I have to tell you guys: Sending the application more than once will NOT make it any faster. You need to meet ALL the requirements to be accepted. More information on that in the FAQ. Lying on the application is pointless. We double check all the information you insert. Your clans reputation within the COMMUNITY (not with our staff team) is VERY relevant (known rule breakers will NOT get clan riot shields). Writing tickets, PMing Staff members or emailing us will NOT speed things up. There is NOTHING you can do to give your clan priority. Do not even try. We will be releasing only a certain amount of riot shields in each patch. You NEED to have patience. I would also like to apologize to the clans that have already applied on the old form, but due to the amount of 'rule-breaking', unresponsive, lying, inactive clans, we thought it would be better to start from scratch. Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE APPLYING) Q: How long does it take for the Riot Shield to be ready and implemented ingame? A: We plan on releasing around 3-4 Clan Riot Shields on each patch. However, how long it will take from application to implementation may vary due to many different things, like volume of applications, straight communication (if the leader takes too long to answer us about it, it takes longer, so keep an eye on the email). Q: Can we make our own Riot Shields? A: Yes and no. If you have a specific design in mind, feel free to tell us what you had in mind, even if doesn't follow the color patterns of our current application form. However, we prefer to make them ourselves, even if we literally copy the design you guys come up with. Q: Something on my application was not approved by your team, what then? A: If anything like that happens, your Shield will keep its place on the queue, however we will start working on the next ones. which therefore might delay yours to be implemented. Q: We sent our logo and we were still required to remake it. Why? A: Taking images from google and adding effects and changing colors and letters on it does NOT make your logo unique. We take Copyright very seriously and we check for that. If your logo is rejected due to Copyright, there is nothing we can do. Another important point on that is that we need to see and have the original source of the logo, as in the file that was created for the logo with all its original material and vectors. It has to be sent in .png, .ai, .psd, etc, with alpha channel. Q: My clan met all the requirements but still was declined. Why? A: As I said, we want the Riot Shields to be seen as a reward of sorts. Clans that have a history of rule-breaking ingame and a bad reputation within the community (not following basic rules, for instance) will not get that reward. It's not that if your clan 'trash-talks' others, you won't get it, as trash-talking is part of the game. But abusive behavior in general (the ones that cause temporary bans) are very relevant and will cause an instant decline. Having one or another of those bad apples on your clan won't mean an instant decline either, but remember... The leaders are who represent your clan in everything they do. REMEMBER: We reserve the right to decline any application we see fit. Remember, this is not a RIGHT we are giving you guys, but more of a reward for cooperation. Q: We are so close to meeting the requirements, but we haven't met them all. Is that an instant decline? A: No. Clans that are close and/or don't meet all the requirements still have a chance of being accepted. However, they will have less priority than the ones that have met the requirements. If you still have any questions about the application itself, just send me a PM on the forums. Questions about an ETA on your clan's application will be ignored. You can now apply using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/oaZ29V0qm6QXSf7d2 Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
  13. ElChupacabra

    New Sniper XMR / Contracts / Coins

    That is a great point and a great suggestion.
  14. ElChupacabra


    Thank you for your report. After watching and rewatching I now know exactly what happened and fortunately it's not a hack. If the OP wants to PM me so I can show him what it is and why I came to this conclusion, he's more than welcome. It IS a macro but it's not a cheat. Either way, it goes against the game rules.
  15. ElChupacabra

    Clan Riot Shield application reopened

    ATTENTION! After receiving 4 applications in less than 30 minutes, I've noticed you guys are NOT using the correct format for the images. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY OTHERWISE YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE INSTANTLY DECLINED! REMEMBER, Copyrights on it will be checked THOROUGHLY. Taking an image from google and changing colors/text does NOT make your logo UNIQUE and it may be declined by us due to copyright issues. Images MUST have a blank/alpha background and must be high quality. No pornography or excessive violence allowed. If your clan logo does NOT meet the requirements, your shield will be automatically declined.
  16. ElChupacabra

    Can BUG update every new content every time?

    It's easier if you contact us at support at http://playnewz.com/support informing us the exact error you get.
  17. Deixem aqui sugestÔes e feedback.
  18. ElChupacabra

    login fail

    Forums and website have different accounts. On the support page you need to use your game username and password. You can reset your password by going to http://playnewz.com/forgot_pw.php and entering the email currently registered on your account.
  19. ElChupacabra


    That means your antivirus is deleting the file. When you start your launcher, it will ask you if you want to try the Beta patch. Click on NO and you should be fine.
  20. ElChupacabra

    Suggestion for regaining players

    One thing we will bringing in to help out beginners, which right now IS what we need to do for sure, is the initial missions. The Mission system is being implemented right now with the central focus on SPECIFICALLY teaching new players how to do basic things and understand mechanics and such. This is an extremely unique game and mechanics and it might be hard for players who haven't played our game or I:SS Classic. About the 'promises', I can assure you... We do not make fake promises. The issue is that we are a very small group of developers and that hinders our ability of implementing so many things that we and the community desire. We do have a close relation to the community, closer than any game I have personally ever seen and by far. So we are always trying to get players what they want and that causes us to have to shift our focus from something new (like the Oregon map continuity, which IS something people had asked for) to more complex and direct things that deserve and need to be implemented (like the mission system). We will also continue with the cups and tournaments to bring this 'competitiveness' that so many people desire back to the game. I agree with you that right now, it's all about time played rather than ability to define who are the high rep players and that is due to the PvP servers.
  21. ElChupacabra

    Ability to see players nickname when aiming him.

    This is something we wanted to bring back to Battle Royale. However, that imposes a huge issue, which is the "tracing" while the person is hiding inside bushes, for instance.
  22. ElChupacabra


    *EDIT* Sorry, didn't see what section this was posted on. In Survival that is allowed.
  23. ElChupacabra

    character runs alone

    Check if he doesn't have a controller or joypad installed. That could be it.
  24. ElChupacabra

    Suggestion on the first ELO WOOD

    Rank is based on MANY statistics. PvP servers do not count for your rank currently. There needs to be a certain time/shot/kill/death ratio in order for you to be placed on a minimum rank.
  25. ElChupacabra

    Please fix the reputation system.

    And this is why forums are important. Sometimes you guys have this GREAT IDEA that you think OMG WE NEED THIS. You post it here, 90% of the community just says no. When I say YOU, I mean players in general, not you, fruta.