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  1. Characters as in the name. How can you have a clan tag called SuperRuKap if it's limited to 6 digits?
  2. Tags have up to 6 characters only.
  3. Without further ado, we are here to finally announce the starting date for the Supercup and some additional details! First thing is first. ALL clans need to confirm their presence by having a member reply to this topic with the clan tag, region and the primary contact. The deadline for confirmation is FRIDAY April 19th at 11:59 (European Time) The Cup will start on the following THURSDAY April 25th at a time to be determined. There will be many matches happening and in DIFFERENT REGIONS THIS TIME (more details to come).
  4. Now that the applications are closed, we now need to confirm all the clan's presence in the Cup and their availability. Remember that matches will happen most of the week, so you need to have your players ready to play either in a week day or on a weekend, as needed. This is the main reason we are being more flexible with reserves on this edition. Clans marked in RED need to fix something before. The replies on this thread are to be only for confirming your clan in the Cup, retracting your application OR fixing the mentioned issues if there are. Roster changes will be available throughout the week. The deadline for confirmation is on this Friday (April 19th, 2019) and failure to confirm your team will result in a disqualification and suspension from such events in the future. TO CONFIRM YOUR TEAMS' PRESENCE, PLEASE REPLY WITH YOUR CLAN TAG AND REGION AND A DISCORD (NOT A SERVER) THAT WE CAN ADD YOU TO A SERVER EXCLUSIVE FOR COMMUNICATING WITH THE CLAN LEADERS. ONLY CLAN LEADERS (2 MAXIMUM) WILL BE IN THE SERVER AT A TIME, FOLLOWING THE EXAMPLE BELOW: CLAN TAG REGION COUNTRY CONFIRMED CN AS CN OK NO1 AS ID HIGHAS AS IN OK DZ AS PH FUQS AS PH OTS AS PH OK 24HR AS TH OK 3BBZ AS TH OK FLOY AS TH OK NINJA AS TH IŚÆĐ AS TH OK 331GOD AS VN CHM AS VN OK WAC AS VN OK HACK AS TH OK SM EU FR WITHDRAWN BoS EU GE OK GPSG EU GE OK TS EU GE OK BOXBOX EU PL 75Hz EU RU KID EU RU OK CupRu EU RU OK UŒAD EU RU OK 331 EU OK GOSU EU OK CUBE EU OK HIGH EU OK LATR EU TR ZT3X NA * WITHDRAWN TLKC NA World OK FG NA RXSS SA BR BRZK SA BR DKR SA DKR C SA BKCG SA OK RR SA OK GOD SA OK JUNIOR SA OK LT SA OK NSDZ SA OK REI5 SA OK SP SA OK
  5. Applications are now closed. We will review some details (as clans with the same name and ingame tag, which may NOT happen as explained) and repeated players. Clan leaders, if you have not provided a PROPER form of contact (We will not join your Discord server, for instance), you will be PM'd on the forums and if you do not answer important questions, your team will be removed from the Cup.
  6. But this one is for Battle Royale. I like your idea in Survival as well, though.
  7. Discussing what we could bring to the game mode to improve the experience and talking to some players, we came across this idea... Reviving teammates. Why? A lot of players feel bored in Battle Royale when playing in a duo because if you die early, you can be forced to watch (or wait in the lobby) for 20-30 minutes on a match. This would help you stay in game longer, giving you a bigger chance to winning and, most importantly, have more fun. How? Reviving would work as in most games that have this function. Your teammate gets knocked down. You will have X seconds/minutes to revive him and it will take X seconds for the revival to complete. Getting shot will interrupt the revival and you will have to start over. You can ONLY revive players who queued up in a group with you. You cannot revive others. Other details are being discussed and feedback and ideas for this is appreciated.
  8. We currently have 35 teams signed up for the Cup, so we are closing the application on MONDAY, April 8th at 12PM. This is your last chance to apply. Some clans also have to fix some information and details on their applications. Failure to do so will result in a removal from the Cup. You can apply HERE
  9. The teams mentioned above need to fix their application until April 8th, when the applications close. If it's not fixed, those teams will be removed from the Cup.
  10. Your application has been denied.
  11. Please choose a different tag and name if you are going to use two lineups. Only one team per clan allowed and the rewards will go to that tag.
  12. Please choose a different tag and name if you are going to use two lineups. Only one team per clan allowed and the rewards will go to that tag.
  13. For information on how to apply and rules, please visit:
  14. Dear Players, So... It's that time again! It's time to show everyone who the best team in the game really is! With the huge success of the previous two Supercups and the Regional Cups, we've decided to do another Supercup, where every team from every country can join!* We will decide on what server region and how we're going to work with this soon, as the biggest complaint is always about the ping difference. Since our game has players everywhere in the world, it is a bit hard for us to decide that, so we will make a plan for this. So bring your friends & clans, build your team and become the best team of the tournament! Would you like to join? Here are the requirements: Your team will need at least 5 players. Though you can have as many reserves as you want, you have to declare them in the beginning of each stage! For example: Team NEWZ signs up with Silenterror, Chupacabra, Fredaikis, Sven and Fannti. Then we have Havi, Egoist and Heartbreaker as reserves. Only these 8 players will be allowed to play the first stage matches (Group stage). We will allow ONE substitution (adding a new reserve) in the group stage, as long as it's informed 12 hours before your next match as long as you give us a plausible reason. On the next stage, you will be able to switch or add more players to your lineup, as the tournament tends to be lengthy. To apply for the Cup, you will need to fill out this form EXACTLY as it's requested. Copy, paste and fill in the information. MAP: Tournament Map (The matches will happen in the TOURNAMENT MAP. There will be TWO available servers, under PvP Servers) SYSTEM: 3-Round matches during the Group Stage(s) and first elimination rounds. Semi-finals and finals will be 5-Round matches (not Best of 3/5) TOURNAMENT SYSTEM: Group Stage then Elimination Rounds WHEN IT STARTS: To be announced! Teams from all over the world can join the tournament. However, keep the following things in mind: SERVER REGION WILL BE DEFINED SOON You have to make sure that your internet is stable. The biggest problem in this case is not the ping but the "Packet loss". When a player has Packet loss, his internet is very unstable and it makes him lag ingame. If we see that one of your players is lagging during the match then you will have two possibilities: The match will be paused and the player kicked and you can replace him with another one, within the time limit. After the new player joins, he will moved to the location the lagging player was and the match will resume. You will be able to finish the match with 4 players. Regardless of anything, if your player is lagging, you will have to deal with the consequences. Teams will not be allowed to use players that were signed up as a reserve for another team, even if they haven't played. Every complaint about a match will be assigned to Chupacabra. You will have to present your case thoroughly. In order to organize the tournament as best as possible, every team has to make sure they can also play during the week (around night time). Teams that help us to organize matches during the week days will be rewarded. Here's the format of the Supercup: Groups will be split semi-randomly (we will try something new here. We will try to have teams from different regions on the same group, like 2 EU, 1 AS and 1 SA/NA), according to the amount of teams that apply. Each team will play against each other in that group ONCE. Each round won will count as a point. Victories will be the first tie-breaker and after that, we will count total kills. Matches are 3-round or 5-round. All rounds will be played regardless of the result (giving the possibility of a 3-0 on the 3-round stages or 5-0 on the 5-round stages). If the time is up, the winner will be the team with the most kills. If that is also tied, the round will be counted as a DRAW, where neither teams will get any points and we will move on to the next round. If the match ends in a draw after the 3 rounds (on the group stage) the results will remain (0-0 or 1-1). If the match ends in a draw on the elimination rounds, the winner will be the team with the most kills. If it's still tied, we will have a system in place for this. The two best teams in each group will qualify. If there isn't an even number for the elimination rounds (16, 8, etc...), the third places will have a chance to qualify as well to fill those spots**. The second stage (Elimination rounds) will be split in the following manner: Every 1st place and if needed the best 2nd places will be put in seed 1. The other 2nd places (or all) and if needed the 3rd places will be put in seed 2. The matches will be drawn always with a team from each seed, so it will be random, but 1st places will not face other 1st places. **How will be decided when we know how many teams are in the Cup LAG / PING: Since this tournament will be hosted in certain regions only, lagging will not be tolerated. If you have a stable connection, you will be able to play, but if your connection is unstable, you will be kicked from the match. We will have referees watching over the match. If you are lagging on their screens, you are OUT of the round. If nobody has died yet, your team will be allowed to bring a reserve in, IF he is able to join the server within 5 minutes (and only once in a match). We will not wait for you to 'fix your connection'. If you are lagging, you are out of that round. You may comeback on the next round, if there is one. IMPORTANT: By accepting to join this tournament you need to be completely aware that you will have the ping you have in our servers and that YOU lagging (for our referees/other players) will cause a kick on that player. EQUIPMENT: Stanags 30 only. Custom Guerilla + K. Style/NVG only. Bandages DX only. 5 AR players (ARs allowed: Sig Sauer 556, Imi-Tar-21, Steyr AUG, Scar CQC) 5 Riot Shields. The whole clan needs to use the same Riot Shield. If anyone in the team uses more than 5, your team will automatically lose that round. Attachments allowed. (Except Rifle Flashlight and Pistol Flashlight) GENERAL: 5 minutes limit per match. The winner is the team with the most players alive OR the team that kills the entire enemy team. No Roof access. (tents, trucks, buses or any other small building.) The small cars, ambulances, vans, crates, pallets and concrete pillars are ALLOWED. No grenades. If you die, you are not allowed to join back the server till the round is over. You cannot boost yourself with shields over a fence or on top of any object. If another player crashes, then we will pause the match with an Air Horn. No one can move, and the player that crashed has exactly 5 mins to join back. The match continues after the player is back (Air Horn). If the player crashes and comes back with more items than they had before, his team automatically loses the round. The match starts when both teams are ready. The match officially starts after the Air Horn. Tolerance of 10 minutes of delay. NOTE: Rules are subject to be changed with no warning prior to the start of the tournament. PUNISHMENT: If your team breaks any of the rules mentioned previously, your team WILL be punished. Punishment may vary from round loss, player kick (playing with minus one), match loss or removal from the Cup. Prizes for a team will ALWAYS be accounted for up to 7 players. If your team has more players participating, you will have to decide yourselves how to split it. All prizes will be given directly to the clan leader (the one mentioned on the application) and the distribution of it is completely up to you. We will not get involved. Group Stage rewards: 1st place of the group will receive TO BE DETERMINED 2nd place of the group will receive TO BE DETERMINED Final Stage rewards: The winner of the Supercup will receive TO BE DETERMINED and will get their own Riot Shield* and Clan Spray *The Riot Shield design will be limitless, different from the rules imposed with the current applications. If the clan already has a Riot Shield, they may ask for an upgrade and changes on theirs. MVP: The MVP (player with most kills in total in the tournament) will also receive an EXCLUSIVE prize. NOTE: Prizes could change depending the amount of teams joining the tournament. We want to make this tournament as fun as possible. So any insult, glitch abuse, cheating, or any other rule-breaking actions during the matches will be punished and could even result in a ban. In case 1 of the 5 players breaks the rules the whole team may be punished. We will try to stream as much matches as possible, of course we will not be able to cover the entire tournament as there will be many matches. So, every single match during the Direct Elimination will be live streamed and some of the Group phase matches will also be streamed right here: ANY REPLY THAT IS NOT AN APPLICATION WILL BE DELETED. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS THAT ARE NOT ANSWERED IN THE THREAD, PLEASE PM ME!
  15. Winner #2 is: Please PM me your username so I can give you the prize!
  16. Winner #1 is: Please PM me with your account name!
  17. Hello community, After receiving some feedback from players on Discord and on Streams, we decided to bring this decision to you guys. Part of the community feel that right now the amount of maps is an issue in Survival and it is hurting its growth, so please vote on your favorite option. Right now, we feel that the Survival community has its growth halted due to this variety, since players are always split on different maps, rather than only different servers and we feel this would be benefitial for everyone to play against everyone. We will keep the maps as you vote and voting on the second poll will define which maps are kept, based on popularity.
  18. Coloque a pasta do jogo como exclusão/exceção em seu antivirus/Windows Defender.
  19. This is VERY true. Not only those two other towns were great, but the map, when first released by the old developer team (of I:SS), was still a work in progress. I think with time, it would be interesting to add more areas there.
  20. After reading these comments and checking the poll, we've decided that the best, for now at least, is to keep the super OP loot on special/weekend events only.
  21. That is literally completely out of our control.
  22. When this was previously discussed, it wasn't really possible because of the way it is built. I'll check out what could be done, though.
  23. Black Night is Black and chrome, on all the set. ALL black is Modern Black.
  24. I don't think this is something we've ever thought, as players hardly ever get more than one skill in one session. I'll check out if it could be done.
  25. Good points. We'll just be "officializing" something that's already happening.
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