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  1. Performance

    Everything has been noted here, guys.
  2. Maps - Survival

    Thank you for the feedback! Keep them coming!
  3. Maps - Battle Royale

    There are too many issues with the Arena map. We will discuss this further on, but it's highly unlikely for that map specifically to come back.
  4. Loot - Survival

    These are all great ideas. With Survival, though, we need to tread carefully as to not overdo it with the loot and make items too common. And about what @Arowskysaid, we are already starting the idea with the events/missions.
  5. Loot - Open World

    Thank you for the feedback thus far, guys. We've been taking notes and will see how others react to your suggestions/ideas and we'll discuss them. Keep them coming!
  6. Loot - Battle Royale

    This is a great idea. Noted.
  7. Zombies and loot

    Is this on Survival game mode?
  8. FAC 2.0 Beta Test (problems with 2.19?)

    Thank you, however I will remove the link for security reasons since the issue has been fixed.
  9. Oregon: Shipwreck

    Thank you for your report.
  10. Patch 2.19

    The Survival Game Mode was created with feedback from the community, for those who missed the Alpha days of War Z and so we made it as close to it as we could.
  11. It's Hump Dayyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do we get to see your hump or what?
  12. Q&A Live Stream #11

    We are live!
  13. Appeal to Svena and other developer

    I will get those for you.
  14. Q&A Live Stream #11

    Dear Players, We would like to announce the return of our official live stream Q&A this week! We are at our 11th edition now and this time it will be hosted by yours truly, along with our COO Elias due to popular demand! We will be discussing everything that is coming up on our next patch, our progress on ongoing things we have been working on and some ideas that we have been discussing to bring more fun into the game for you guys! I promise this is not one you'd want to miss! This will be on different time so we can reach all players from every region! Q&A will take place at: https://www.twitch.tv/HeresChupa Q&A will start at: 18:00 (CEST) July 11th, 2018. If you missed the last one, you can watch it below Best regards, ElChupacabra and the rest of The New Z Staff team
  15. Can't open file gameSettings.ini

    Can you check if you can find that file in your Documents folder?