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  1. ElChupacabra

    PanamCup18 - Format

  2. ta na data do dia 24  preciso que altere NSDZ x FBI (5pm BRT/2pm US(EST)/8pm EU)  para o dia 23 OU 22 a moite

  3. ElChupacabra

    Check-in for Week 1

  4. Devido a feriados, decidimos adiar o início, e assim dar mais tempo para as equipes a confirmarem sua presença. Due to holidays, we've decided to post-pone the match days and also give the teams longer time to check-in. Debido a fiestas, decidimos posponer el inicio de la Panamerican Cup, y así dar más tiempo para los equipos a confirmar su presencia. Segue o horário inicial das partidas da primeira semana. These are the times for the first week of matches. Sigue el horario inicial de los partidos de la primera semana. Horário de Brasília. US Eastern Standard Time. Central European Time. 22/11 - OPEN 22/11 - [Group D] TBD x ICCI (5pm BRT/2pm US(EST)/8pm EU) 22/11 - OPEN 22/11 - OPEN 23/11 - [Group D] ICCI x UNKZ (5:30pm BRT/2:30pm US(EST)/9pm EU) 23/11 - [Group A] NFZ x Not Gaming (7pm BRT/4pm US(EST)/10pm EU) 23/11 - OPEN 23/11 - [Group C] FBI x ZT3X (8:00pm BRT/5:00pm US(EST)/11:00pm EU) 23/11 - OPEN 24/11 - [Group A] CHP x NFZ (4pm BRT/1pm US(EST)/7pm EU) 24/11 - [Group B] ECHO x GODS Ac. (4:30pm BRT/1:30PM US(EST)/7:30pm EU) 24/11 - [Group C] NSDZ x FBI (5pm BRT/2pm US(EST)/8pm EU) 24/11 - OPEN 25/11 - [Group A] Not Gaming x CHP (4pm BRT/1pm US(EST)/7pm EU) 25/11 - [Group B] ECHO x FL4E (4:30pm BRT/1:30PM US(EST)/7:30pm EU) 25/11 - [Group C] ZT3X x NSDZ (5pm BRT/2pm US(EST)/8pm EU) 25/11 - [Group D] UNKZ x GODS (5:30pm BRT/2:30pm US(EST)/9pm EU) Matches to be rescheduled ASAP: [Group B] GODS Ac. x FL4E AFTER CHECKING, WE HAVE NOTICED A TEAM SIMPLY DID NOT EXIST. WE HAVE REMOVED THEM AND REPLACED THEM WITH A TEAM THAT WAS ON THE WAIT LIST. (MEDELLIN BOYZ FOR ZT3X). We require all clan leaders to reply to this thread with their clan name to confirm their dates and time. If there is an issue with the time, please PM me. Nós pedimos a que todos os líderes respondam a este tópico com o nome do clã para confirmar as datas e horários. Se houver um problema com o horário, me enviem uma PM. Le pedimos a todos los líderes que respondan a este tema con el nombre del clan para confirmar las fechas y los horarios. Si hay un problema con el horario, me envíen una PM.
  5. ElChupacabra

    Check-in for Week 1

  6. ElChupacabra

    Check-in for Week 1

    Hello, We require every clan leader to check-in for Week 1 so we schedule the matches. Just reply to this thread and you will be confirmed. Precisamos que todos os líderes de clã façam um Check-In aqui. Só dê um UP e pronto. 16/11 - [Group A] NFZ x Not Gaming 16/11 - [Group B] GODS Ac. x FL4E 16/11 - [Group C] FBI x Medellin Boyz 16/11 - [Group D] GODS x UNKZ 17/11 - [Group A] CHP x NFZ 17/11 - [Group B] ECHO x GODS Ac. 17/11 - [Group C] NSDZ x FBI 17/11 - [Group D] ICCI x GODS 18/11 - [Group A] Not Gaming x CHP 18/11 - [Group B] FL4E x ECHO 18/11 - [Group C] Medellin Boyz x NSDZ 18/11 - [Group D] UNKZ x ICCI
  7. ElChupacabra

    PanamCup18 - Format

    With this Cup, we will be trying something new. Something more fair to the teams as to not leave it to luck so much (or the lack thereof) Nesta Copa, faremos algo novo. Algo mais justo para os times, sem deixar depender tanto só em sorte (ou a falta disso). DUE TO VIOLATION OF RULES, SOME TEAMS WERE REMOVED FROM THE TOURNAMENT AND REPLACED WITH THE FIRST TEAM ON THE WAITING LIST. Phase 1 will have 4 groups of 3. Each group will have ONLY one team eliminated. A 1a. Fase terá 4 grupos de 3. Cada grupo terá apenas um time eliminado. Phase 2 will have the winners of Phase one redrawn (randomly) into two groups of 4. Two of each group will advance to the Semi-Finals in a cross-confrontation (First place versus Second Place of the opposing group). A 2a. Fase terá os vencedores da 1a. Fase redistribuídos (aleatoriamente) em dois grupos de 4. Os dois melhores de cada grupo irão as Semi-Final em confronto cruzado (Primeiro lugar de um grupo contra segundo do outro). Phase 3 will have the 4 best teams in a Semi-Final, in a Best of 5 match, where the winner will go to the Finals. The two losing teams will face each other to decide the Third Place. A 3a. fase terá os 4 melhores times em uma semi-final em melhor de 5, onde os vencedores se enfrentarão na final. Os dois times derrotados se enfrentarão para decidir o terceiro colocado. Matches will have a preset date, but can be changed according to needs. Most teams are in a similar timezone (maximum of 3-hour difference) so it shouldn't be an issue. As partidas terão datas pré-determinadas mas poderão ser alteradas de acordo com necessidade. A maioria dos times estão em fuso horário semelhantes (máximo de 3 horas de diferença) então isso não deverá ser um problema.
  8. CHECK-IN IS REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPATING CLANS: Refer to this sub-forum for news on the Panamerican Cup! Teams have been confirmed and today we will draw the groups! http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/forum/129-panamerican-cup-2018/
  9. [EN]Format: 4 Groups of 3. 2 Teams in each group will qualify to the next stage! [PT]Formato: 4 Grupos de 3. 2 times de cada group classificarão a próxima fase! [ES]Formato: 4 grupos de 3. 2 equipos de cada grupo clasificará la próxima fase! Teams/Times/Equipos: GODS Medellin Boyz NeverSondz ECHO GODS Academy NFZ ICCI UNKZ CHP NOT GAMING FL4E FBI Groups will be drawn tonight at 3PM (Eastern Standard Time) Grupos serão tirados hoje as 6PM (Horário de Brasília) Los grupos se sortearán hoy a las 6PM. European time will be 9PM. You can watch it at http://twitch.tv/HeresChupa Good luck to all! Boa sorte a todos! Buena suerte a todos!
  10. ElChupacabra

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    We need one more team, guys! Invite your friends!
  11. ElChupacabra

    Clan Riot Shield Application update

  12. ElChupacabra

    Clan Riot Shield Application update

    Also, for those wondering how to apply, you can find all the information on this thread:
  13. ElChupacabra

    Clan Riot Shield Application update

    We have received many applications thus far and we are working on them as we speak. However, a large amount of them have issues that need to be fixed and some were declined and will need to apply again. Here is a list (this order is completely random). APPROVED: EAG GOSU FAMZ ~LG~ FL4E five ™ONI LTK™ HACK IDK STA℟ OSNP v5K´ Needs a "simple" fix: 291™️ Soe2 £xte BKST ■■■ Ф LT Ф Declined (Will need to reapply): GOD웃 COPS TT -RL- nsd [ H2T] EZEY astk OGTz fnde Declined for other reasons: FUQS U DKR NFTG For those wondering why your clan was declined or what needs to be fixed, you can either PM me with your clan tag and ask or you can ask Hearbreaker on Discord so he can give you some insight.
  14. ElChupacabra


    Isso foi feito em todas as regiões, não só no SA. E foi feito depois de feedback da comunidade.
  15. ElChupacabra

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    If it's 12, yes. We will fit as many as there are.