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  1. NewZ in 2018 #2

    This has been fixed for next patch. We have been discussing new approaches to, not only please our current players/recent players, but also to atract new ones. Unfortunately last time we did that, those 'Veteran' players kind of drove them away. Beginner Servers... Remember? We have investigated this issues more thoroughly and we have found some things in the codes that could change that for sure. We are not yet sure it will RESOLVE the issue, but it will certainly take out one of the major advantages 'high ping users' have. Nothing to add here. I personally agree. Yes. Regardless of anything, it's always interesting to bring new things for the trades/farmers/spenders to do. We have added guns over and over again and I agree we have stopped for a while. I don't see why not add more at this point though. However, you have to realize that it is still a lot of work and when people prefer the old ones over the new ones (not because of stats, look at the M4A1 being less used than the Sig, the AMR2 being used less than the M107, etc...). But yes, I think it's good if we do add them, giving them value as well. Noted. This is actually being worked on already. You will soon see news about more advantages (not p2w advantages) to those account types. HUGE +1. We already have a huge list of ideas and a frame of how the system will work. No, we will develop into it. All the points you've made are great and very well thought out and not just rambling, which we very much appreciate. Some of those things are things we are working on, others are things we have been considering and some are new. However, some of those might take longer than you'd imagine. Just looking through this list alone, you can see that it's a lot to be done in a short period of time, let alone adding those things on top of all we're working on. Anyways, thank you for your true and honest feedback and the ideas behind them.

    The 'zombie wave' system is something we have already discussed and have looked around to see how we could implement this. I think this will be extremely fun in Survival. I agree with you 100% on this. This is also something we have been playing around to find the best solution for, but it's definitely coming! The tricky part is to make it not break the current market. This will also help those players who are inclined to buying items in Survival for GD (which is NOT supported by us, BTW) and have a more balanced field. The idea of the combination with SD (Survival Dollars, which is what we're currently calling it while we progress with the idea) and Steam Cells is also excellent and it's been dully noted. Though I personally disagree (I think the loot balance is good right now) I see where you come from. I've seen this left and right thus far and I feel it all happens just because the players who've been grinding Survival for a year now give new players on the mode zero chance. This, however, can be because: 1. Veteran players already have a decent GI or 2. New players have a hard time storing items without a private server. We can see from statistics that (obviously) new players don't rent Survival private servers until they feel confident in the game mode. Making it too hard for them (lower item spawns, combined with players camping looting spots) might be something that shoves players away from it and they end up going back to Open World. However, you make valid points in general so I will bring this up for discussion. We do want to bring more and more of those items to Survival, but we have to be able to slowly introduce them to keep them rare and we can monitor. If we simply bring 10 Open World items to Survival, it can go bad really quickly, so we need to introduce them slowly.
  3. West Oaks is back on rotation!

    Dear players, Due to requests by a lot of our players, we have decided to bring back West Oaks PvP servers! This will test-trial for it and see how popular it gets. Remember, we now have the ability to change server maps live without requiring any restarts. Who wants to feel the nostalgia and play on West Oaks?
  4. check pm pls 

  5. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix)

    We are soon rolling a hotfix to address some issues from the latest patch. ANTICHEAT We had an issue with a new function on our latest update on FAC which was causing constant false-bans. We have now fixed that issue FRIEND SYSTEM Fixed an issue where players had problems with the system in general, including: Having random players join the group Joining the server without the group tag on your pre-made party Crashing the game while idling in your character selection screen SERVERS We have moved all the locker from the disabled servers back to the players' Global Inventory. This is an automated process, so you should have your items as soon as the servers are back up. Removed some servers from Open World Officials in NA and EU MAPS Survival: We have readded the missing Firestation in Delta Peak ITEMS Fixed the description of some items in game Fixed the recipe icon of the Heavy Armor Battle Royale. The skin had the recipe icon of a Custom Guerilla Battle Royale. LANGUAGE PACKS Fixed some crashes that were caused by some of the language packages. GENERAL Fixed an issue where Legendary players didn't have a golden name in chat Fixed a small issue on the 'Death Screen' where part of the text was missing DOWNTIME Our downtime should be extremely short. We will also give all players who have logged in the past 24 hours a skinbox as compensation for the issues.
  6. Patch 2.17

    We are rolling a hotfix to address a few small issues from the patch. Thank you for your patience. The game will remain on Patch while we finish fixing these issues.
  7. hello

    I was banned because it says I use cheating and it's not like that

  8. check youR pm pLS

  9. ElChupacabra ответил (а) на тему hocsa в разделе « Предложения Форума»

    Вы не были запрещены «членом Bixa». Ты был запрещен мной за лаги.    Какие лаги у меня стабильный интернет и я не использую читы я честный игрок и мне обидно что меня забанили просто так без причины 
  10. You were not banned 'by a member of Bixa'. You were banned by me for lagswitching.
  11. legit or no

    Yes, in Survival it's perfectly possible.
  12. glitched tower

    We are aware of this glitch and we will fix it on the next patch. REMEMBER: Abusing this glitch can cause a temporary ban. Multiple temporary bans may cause a permanent ban.
  13. ERROR

    I don't understand quite well what your issue is, sir. Do you get disconnected or do you crash? I think it's better, for your own safety, for you to open a support ticket at http://playnewz.com/support
  14. Hello.

    I'm a user using the ID HESTIA and you have been unfairly stopped.

    I spent most of my time collecting items and I have never had to use a cheat program.

    Please reconsider and cancel the suspension.


    Ticket #85795



  15. It has come to our attention that some antiviruses and some versions of Windows Defender are detecting our game's executable file as a "Trojan". That is just a false-positive and we have already communicated most antivirus companies so they can whitelist our file in their system. To fix this, just add the game folder as an exception or add an exclusion for the folder on Windows Defender and update your game. If you are playing through Steam and the file is not being redownloaded, simply go to your game folder and run NewZLauncher.exe (After the exclusion has been added), login and press play. That will automatically download the missing file for you. If you are still having issues, feel free to @mention me on our Discord server: http://discord.me/thenewz