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  1. Just an update on this, we have read this and have discussed parts of this within the team and with the OP. These ideas are mostly excellent and feasible. We do not know when/how/if they will be implemented, but this has surely given us a lot to work with, so kudos to Kjer on this.
  2. Good luck to everyone! You guys have our support.
  3. The time shown there is automatically generated by the system. Some tickets do take longer to be responded to as it sometimes need some additional investigation. I'm not taking the blame off of ourselves here, we do sometimes fail with that and I apologize for that. And we're in constant contact with him and he was explained why the ticket reply time in his case took longer. Anyways... Both you guys make very good points and these are things we have been trying to improve ourselves on. We are sorry we are not up to par to what you expected.
  4. This section is designed exclusively to ideas you guys have of what should be invested in as in MISSIONS. You can suggest a general idea like "Missions on collecting items for tribe reputation", or more specific like "craft 10 CRU and gain X", and so on. You are free to use your imagination, but remember that it's not necessarily possible to be implemented on its complexity might make it not worth it for the time being. We will be collecting these ideas and filtering and discussing them.
  5. Envie um email em [email protected] usando o email registrado na conta solicitando a remoção.
  6. Well, it is literally impossible to please every single person in the world at the same time. But changes in a case like you've suggested are always good, as it may bring more for players in general.
  7. Chupacabra 

    Gostaria de saber pq fui banido do The New Z?

  8. Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking for constructive feedback such as this especially for Survival!
  9. Though I agree that the current community is in fact spread out, I cannot agree with servers being empty all the time. If you look at the server lists, you will see that there is quite a few servers with a lot of players in them - this will always depend on the current time and the timezone. For instance, right now it's EU time, and there are around 4-5 high pop servers in Open World, 3-4 PvP servers, 2 high popped Survival servers and two ongoing Battle Royale matches going on simultaneously and that does not include private server farmers, for instance. There are things that we have discussed and I personally like. PvP servers should be merged with Warmup Servers and/or reduced. These players do not sum up to a relevant percentage of the current population, we are aware, however those are players who ONLY play those servers. Doing something like this, as you point out MAY bring these pops to a higher level, obviously. But it may also cause more people to quit playing the game because we removed the game mode they enjoy playing. Remember these modes were added a long time ago when the general population was much higher. It's not that simple to just 'remove' those like that, as there are loyal players to each game mode and it wouldn't be fair to them if we were to kind of 'force' them to play where WE think they should be playing.
  10. We are performing a quick server restart to address a small issue with them. Downtime will be minimum.
  11. Do you have a controller connected to your computer?
  12. This does sound pretty cool and doable. I'll work something out. Also, check your PM, sir.
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