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  1. ElChupacabra

    login fail

    Forums and website have different accounts. On the support page you need to use your game username and password. You can reset your password by going to http://playnewz.com/forgot_pw.php and entering the email currently registered on your account.
  2. ElChupacabra


    That means your antivirus is deleting the file. When you start your launcher, it will ask you if you want to try the Beta patch. Click on NO and you should be fine.
  3. ElChupacabra

    Suggestion for regaining players

    One thing we will bringing in to help out beginners, which right now IS what we need to do for sure, is the initial missions. The Mission system is being implemented right now with the central focus on SPECIFICALLY teaching new players how to do basic things and understand mechanics and such. This is an extremely unique game and mechanics and it might be hard for players who haven't played our game or I:SS Classic. About the 'promises', I can assure you... We do not make fake promises. The issue is that we are a very small group of developers and that hinders our ability of implementing so many things that we and the community desire. We do have a close relation to the community, closer than any game I have personally ever seen and by far. So we are always trying to get players what they want and that causes us to have to shift our focus from something new (like the Oregon map continuity, which IS something people had asked for) to more complex and direct things that deserve and need to be implemented (like the mission system). We will also continue with the cups and tournaments to bring this 'competitiveness' that so many people desire back to the game. I agree with you that right now, it's all about time played rather than ability to define who are the high rep players and that is due to the PvP servers.
  4. ElChupacabra

    Ability to see players nickname when aiming him.

    This is something we wanted to bring back to Battle Royale. However, that imposes a huge issue, which is the "tracing" while the person is hiding inside bushes, for instance.
  5. ElChupacabra


    *EDIT* Sorry, didn't see what section this was posted on. In Survival that is allowed.
  6. ElChupacabra

    character runs alone

    Check if he doesn't have a controller or joypad installed. That could be it.
  7. ElChupacabra

    Suggestion on the first ELO WOOD

    Rank is based on MANY statistics. PvP servers do not count for your rank currently. There needs to be a certain time/shot/kill/death ratio in order for you to be placed on a minimum rank.
  8. ElChupacabra

    Please fix the reputation system.

    And this is why forums are important. Sometimes you guys have this GREAT IDEA that you think OMG WE NEED THIS. You post it here, 90% of the community just says no. When I say YOU, I mean players in general, not you, fruta.
  9. ElChupacabra

    Please remove the cars on the official servers !!!

    Camper and his color choices. To the OP's point, yes, we will, AT LEAST greatly reduce vehicles on the next patch. That is a fact, so don't worry about it. We are not 100% sure about removing them (we're talking about Officials here only) completely, but there will be at least a HUGE nerf on it.
  10. ElChupacabra

    New Z Survival 2.0

    We are all always here reading and lurking... If we see one of the other staff members replied to the thread, we don't see a need to repeat it. But I assure you we are all aware of all these suggestions. Also, just because you and a few other players think something is a good idea, doesn't mean the whole community agrees with you. And to your other point... Most of us (the staff team) hide from plain sight, by simply... *drum rolls* not using obvious character names.
  11. ElChupacabra

    GD from zombies on Survival Mode

    I agree with that. However, bringing all the GD from Open World to Survival would be a disaster. Many players who are returning to the game use Survival as a fair way to get back into it and not be overrun by other "rich" players with huge GIs. Giving the ability to the players who have hundreds of million GD in Open World to be able to build up their GI is going to make it unfair. As Kaz said, an exclusive currency for it is something we have been considering and looking into the best ways to develop into it and implement it without breaking the economy.
  12. ElChupacabra

    New survival skin suggestions

    Thank you for your suggestions. What kinds of skins would you like for those guns (not just the Stalkers, all of them)? More realistic, like Camo set, urban, desert, etc... Or something more like Fun, Hynx, Alien sets?
  13. ElChupacabra

    Caliwood Alive

    Let's first see how v1 turns out in Survival. We are always willing to change those things around if we see a pattern from the community and not just one clan voting up a suggestion.
  14. ElChupacabra

    [OFICIAL] Sugestões e Feedback

    A diferença de FPS está diretamente, em seu exemplo, ligado ao hardware. Você tem um processador de 8 núcleos vs um processador de 2 núcleos. O que você falou do Antialiassing é algo que já notamos. Para mim, por exemplo, meu FPS é MUITO mais estável com ele ativo. Porém, em alguns moderadores não é o caso. A "queda de FPS" ocorrendo em alguns sistemas já foi filtrada e encontramos algumas causas da mesma, todas relacionadas a configurações. 1. Physics - Alguns processadores/placas de vídeo mais antigas tem dificuldade de processar as físicas do jogo. Desabilitando-a ajuda muito neste quesito. 2. Ratio da resolução - o uso de resoluções diferentes é algo comum em qualquer jogo. Porém, jogando em TELA CHEIA com ratio diferente do seu windows (16:9 vs 4:3) pode causar alguns engasgos. Estamos investigando o porquê disso. 3. Desempenho/Qualidade - Opções na placa de vídeo mesmo que afetam a performance, sem melhorar a imagem. Como a engine do jogo já é bem antiga, não há necessidade de usar o modo "qualidade" das placas de vídeo, não haverá melhoria no gráfico do jogo
  15. ElChupacabra

    Why is solo mode flawed?

    You were temporarily banned for this and so have all the reports you have sent to us with enough proof (which were quite a few). However, since it's THEM, you'd like them to be permanently banned?! The temporary ban serves a simple purpose and you are living proof of this. It serves as a warning for not doing it again, which you haven't (or at least haven't been reported to doing so). We will continue temporarily banning them for the time being. We are NOT going to permanently ban them, though. It's that simple. And BTW, your 'permanent ban' came because you were temporarily banned and you came threatening and offending us at support, so we 'extended' the ban. You were banned for EXACTLY 40 hours, yet you claim you were banned for a week. Please...