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  1. Little late, dont know if you still looking. (Not 22 tho :D) 1. Yes 2. 18, very mature tho 3. I do. 4. Denmark 5. I am.
  2. Hey Pac, would you like to check your msg on bixa forum, i wrote something
  3. Yea as title says, i am looking for all your l85's, dx and wood shields. I can offer almost everything excpet snipers!
  4. BaconFisk

    Super SZ

    Super Zombie is not dropping anything, it doesn't matter where it is because i pretty much tried it everywhere rn. This is like the 30 time.
  5. Hahaha and you removed my mags too? I looted every mag myself except one that i traded hahaha, nice game. Such good. This is not how a company should be running
  6. Yea haha nice game, and my awp is gone. This is bullshit, why am i the one being punished for trading myself to an awp? This is beyond all things ok, cant be true that i am suppose to lose those items i traded then? I put hard work into looting those stuff and now they are just gone? Cant be my fucking fault that you cant make a proper game without dupes? I should atleast get my fucking items back, i am so fucking pissed rn. Thanks for again giving no info or anything, i call fucking bullshit!
  7. Hit me up with any offer, and let me look at it. And if looks negotiable i'll take, or if close i will probably come with a counter offer
  8. Looting is the key to succes
  9. I traded with this guy GuteLauneTevau, and my char name is Bacoooon with the one i traded with?
  10. Hello i am looking to trade some stuff, and wanted to hear some offers in here. i mostly look for l85's, iba/mtv, dx, anti, katana, electro aid (important). But feel free to offer me anything else. 2 - Military Backpack 1 - AWP (gone hahaha) 450 - Stanags 53 - Silencers 25 - Red Stalkers 134 - M4's 20 - Imi tars 48 - Night stalker (Not really looking to trade these, but if the right offer comes i can) 26 - Wood Shields Bacon out, See you ingame UPDATING POST AS I GET MORE ITEMS.
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