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  1. @FOX335 What is your issue regarding? How can I help you?
  2. I actually think you have a good point. However radiation zones haven't been in the game for 1-2 years. Please bear in mind that some of the things you consider issues like misplaced rocks etc. is not an issue for everyone. I'm honestly going to say that we likely missed some of your reports. But we have also disccussed some of your feedback and decided not to do exactly what you've asked for. With this said, I appreciate your engagement very much and I will try to be better at not missing out on your feedback in the future.
  3. Maybe you can elaborate how you were treated like an idiot by the support?
  4. @ElChupacabra Nice video, it'll be up to Chupa. And yes, we have mods that are playing the game, don't worry!
  5. Guys, keep the language at a respectful level. No need for insults to prove a point. @Stan Mammon I will take your points into consideration. @Chaos&Mayhem don't know where you get this "@Steve is absent as always". He is putting in every day of the week and normally way over 8 hours and is very involved in the community. Maybe it is accusations like these that you're throwing that's the reason why you are not feeling heard. I'd ignore someone too if they had that kind of attitude towards me. Try starting in that end.
  6. Hmm that could actually be something for Open World. I will put this on our TBD idea list. Thanks! Elias
  7. We don't have the logistical resources to have a moderator in every server unfortunately. It's hard to draw a line between bannable and non-bannable offenses. I know it's not okay but for the same reason you see this type of language/insults in almost every online game out there. Chupa is taking care of the majority of reports and I am confident he takes every report seriously. I am aware that there have been cases of Staff being rude and I have taken it seriously every time. That's never OK. As always thanks for your input.
  8. Chopping etc. isn't in place yet. Keep your eyes out as we will probably test this through temporary events initially. The goal is of course to bring it out permanently in the end but it's a complex system that needs thorough testing. Nice looking buildings btw!
  9. What anyone does in their free-time is up to them. This wasn't a case of free-time work like I mentioned earlier. I'm taking care of the reports I get (as Katryna can prob confirm) but we also have over 4,5 million accounts so it's hard to stay on top of everything. I just asked to skip the insults, it doesn't help the discussion and it surely isn't justified just because someone else did something worse.
  10. 3lias

    Weekend Event!

    Hi, I hear you on the event. I have asked Sven to be more involved and he has put together a list of PvE events for upcoming weekends that I hope you'll enjoy. Sorry if you felt left out of it. Regarding your e-mails I checked and I haven't found any unanswered ones from your address. Feel free to resend any questions that you may have and I will answer them as good as I can. I answered regarding the icons in that thread. Vehicles is probably the issue we've spent most time on fixing. Fred and Sven has spent countless hours on it and partially improved it. I believe I already answered this many times before but some of the issues with them are out of our control. I don't know why you think we are idle, we have been spending all our time on trying to make this game as good as possible for everyone. We haven't given up on New Z in any way just because we're also working on Nether.
  11. Hey, The icon rework was never considered a waste of time, however June and July has been filled with work for us and I felt that there were more important areas where Sven could be to great help. There was other, more urgent things needing attention and therefore I made the decision to put this on halt for now. We may continue on this as time allows us. Thanks for your encouraging comments. Please leave the insults out. Elias
  12. Hi, Thanks for the idea. Although it needs some work I like the concept. Best, Elias
  13. 3lias

    An Apology

    Happy to hear that you like the base building concept. Of course we have no intention of leaving it out for PVE players. Elias
  14. 3lias


    I completely agree with you. We want to start doing this on a more regular basis and also have more random events happening in OW and Survival. We think stuff like this is the best way of bringing back players. The second problem we're facing is to get more new players stay in the game. We're also working and have been working on that and are happy to recieve any suggestions from you.
  15. I appreciate all the input here. We will try to stay more active in the feedback section of the forums and especially answer it. It's usually being read but sometimes left unanswered. Steve deserves credit as he works 6-7 (mostly 7) days a week with the game and probably spends most time of all staff members collecting bug reports. There's a lot of work behind the scenes that is not acknowledged here. Thanks for staying active, we will try to improve our answering on feedback and also the weekend events. How about a suggestions thread for upcoming weekend events?
  16. Nether: The Untold Chapter will be released TONIGHT at 22:00 CEST (1:00 PM PDT) on Steam! During this initial period we will discount the game heavily as a gesture to those who committed to earlier titles. As this is the first time we are opening up the servers for a wide audience there's always a risk of issues and we kindly ask for your patience in case of any unexpected events. A new chapter in Nether's history is starting tonight. A lot has been changed and more is to come in the future with continuous development! An announcement on our forums with patch notes will follow soon with a summary of major changes in the current game and upcoming plans for it in the near future. With much enthusiasm to show everyone what's been occupying our days (and many nights) for the last months, The Fredaikis team Steam: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetherTUC/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/NetherTUC/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Zm3hpBB Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/NetherTUC/ Website: https://nethertuc.com/
  17. We haven't found a realistic way to monetize it without changeing the atmosphere of the game, maybe you have some ideas? Best, Elias
  18. For the release on the we are doing a GIVEAWAY of 10 game-keys, all you have to do is visit https://gleam.io/6OKtd/nether-the-untold-chapter-key-giveaway and submit as many entries as possible! Winners will be selected on May 15th!
  19. Hi! Thank you for your post! 1. We haven't planned for any micro-transactions at launch. However it might be actual in the future. 2. It's a nice idea. However, we plan to develop the game further by listening to the community so the map isn't really clear yet. We plan to keep working on this game even after the release. Initial focus has like I mentioned earlier been on optimizations/bug fixes/anti-cheat and some new content. 3. We're a small dev team so if there's time we would like to implement this. I personally love this idea. 4. If we are able to get hold of records of who bought the game in the past we will offer them a discount on the game. Or we will make a discount for everyone at launch. Even though we haven't been involved in the past we'd still like to give the old purchasers something as a thank you. 5. For now we have implemented our anti-cheat in Single Player. However we have allowed people to spawn in stuff through chat commands in it for now. Do you like this? 6. I was completely unaware of this haha. It actually took us a very long time to decide upon a name and this we thought would refer to something that continues where the old game left off Best, Elias
  20. 3lias

    Ideas list #1

    Hi, Your English is great. Thank you for some very valuable thoughts! Best, Elias
  21. 1. Mainly optimizations, updated anticheat, bug fixes. Expect some new features and content as well. 2. Adding new content, not really removing anything unless it doesn't work. 3. There will be upcoming information about this. 4. Yes 5. For now the plan is a one-time purchase to unlock all features. 6. We are adding our anti-cheat that has proven to be very effective in other games. This is a major feature in the new game. 7. If I understand you correctly, yes it will be availible in Russia.
  22. Hi, as of about 8 hours ago we have tweaked our Anti-DDoS settings. We hope they will improve things, not causing any downtime. We are still monitoring it to make sure the servers stay online. Sorry for the issues related to this. Elias
  23. One alternative would be to do this merge into Survival, giving the people who wish to do so the ability to transfer/exchange their gear from OW to Survival, without deleting OW for those who'd like it, then you don't face the same problem to start from 0 as many of you mention. Thoughts about this? I find this idea very interesting but we need to find a way to implement it without ruining the experience for people who like things the way they are now. Like mentioned earlier we had the majority of our players leaving when we wiped snipers for instance.
  24. Hi, First of all, very sorry for the late answer. Private servers are usually filled up at bigger events like double XP/GC. We put this limit to ensure that everyone who bought a slot can get one when the servers are full. It is hard for us to buy servers just to fill the demand during these events; we buy extra servers and they are normally full during this period but the extra servers then end up empty after the events. This means that we are paying a lot of money for servers that are not used. We are looking into a scalable solution together with our provider so we can scale up temporarily during events and this might be implemented in the future.
  25. Hey! Thanks for asking. 1. Launch ETA is end of April / Beginning of May 2. Yes there will likely be, however we haven't decided to what extent it will happen. 3. Yes, we are releasing on Steam Best, Elias
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