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  1. Fannti

    Patch 2.23 (Hotfix)

    Hey, You guys are perfectly correct and you deserve a better explanation than that it's just a hardware problem. A problem we frequently run into when adding new features to the game is that when we optimize certain things for players with newer hardware, it ends up with more problems for people with older hardware. Just to give you an example: A couple of months ago we made the game run much heavier on the GPU and less on the CPU than before which gave people with a good graphics card much better performance while decreasing performance for people with a poor GPU. All I can assure you is that we are continuously working on improving performance for both. I hope that you can have some patience with us, we haven't forgotten about you and it's a top priority to find and fix these issues. The best you can do is to report this to us, it gives us more info to work with. Thank you for your support, Elias
  2. Fannti

    Is this game still

    Hope you're having fun! Feel free to message me with any feedback you have!
  3. Fannti

    Competitive Mode!

    First of all I would on Fredaikis' behalf apologize for the long wait for competitive. It was added to the UI before we had a deeper insight on the time and infrastructure required to do what we wanted to. Like Steve pointed out we have a great idea for it but it will take a considerable time finishing. With our small team this means stepping away from everything like crash fixes, optimizations, finishing of other game features etc. for a couple of months while at the end risking to divide our playerbase more (we already have 3 game modes). Our idea for now is rather to bring more PvP-events into the Open World, like spontaneous Team Deathmatches, bounties etc. alongside with the missions system to bring more grind and fun to the game without changing the original concept too much. Opinions on this are very welcome. To give you guys an insight on what's going on right now: We're working hard on improving the beginner experience. From my POV the biggest problem with our game is that it lacks enough new players which limits the experience for everyone. We plan to launch our first ever marketing campaign shortly to attract more players and grow the game as we still see a big potential in it. All rumors claiming we are abandoning the game are false, we are working harder than ever on growing New Z. Finally I would just like to thank you not only for playing but also for being engaged in the game. Our aim is always to focus our resources and energy on things that will bring you as much fun as possible and by taking part in the discussion you help us steer development in the right direction. Feel free to contact me on discord 3lias#9096 if you want to. Elias
  4. Fannti

    Photoshop Skins (just fun)

    Season skins? I like it! I'll brief it with the guys.
  5. Thanks for the support Geneticzz. We need more players like you!
  6. Working on this for the next patch! Also coming next patch We want to add some kind of friend referral, anyway like mentioned above a chat is coming for people to use to get to know new players Objectives is going to be the biggest thing in the next patch! Me myself is looking forward to that very much since it will be fun for both new and more experienced players! This is hard to keep track off unfortunately
  7. Hi, First of all, thanks for posting this. There is absolutely no reason to kick you, information like this is extremely valuable to us. Could I have your account name so I can look into your support tickets? That's not how it's supposed to be and I'd like to follow up on that. Regarding new players we are focusing extra on them for this patch. We are adding objectives and missions for players to start with, we recently added back beginner servers for people who played less than 72 hours, we are also coding a friends chat system so new players can find other new players to play with. This with more tutorials in-game to teach you controls etc. we hope will make more new players stay in the game. This is what is coming for next patch and we hope to bring more for the new players to play. Feel free to add me on Discord 3lias#9096 if you wanna reach me quicker and please post ideas if you have any to get new players hooked. Again, thank you so much for your feedback! Elias
  8. According to Sven this is fixed for the next patch! Thank you so much for those nice words!
  9. Fannti

    pvp shanty town

    Hi, I have a hard time understanding exactly what you mean. Are you asking for a favela-style map? Or an old map that was there but has been removed? Thank you for suggesting!
  10. We're reading! Sorry for not replying here as I promised, I accidentaly replied in another thread. I really can't see this harm anything and a lot of people seem to want it. Keep your eyes open as old rocky might pop up when you least expect it
  11. Fannti

    Open World zombies Feedback

    Hi Scars, I think you are pointing out an interesting idea. Would be great to have some more people here to discuss it before we make some kind of change. We tried to give zombies more survival and speed in Survival but the feedback from the community was very negative.
  12. Fannti

    Super Zombie Tactile Weapons Crates

    Allright, we had a lower chance of getting a not-so-rare item like the ones you've mentioned. Considering the low drop chance of the crate on SuperZombies we agreed that it's wrong that you'd recieve items like you mention from it. We have therefore as of now removed those items from the tactical weapons crate, so expect something better next time you open one. Thank you for pointing this out and making our game better!
  13. Fannti

    Super Zombie Tactile Weapons Crates

    Hi, thanks for the report. I've asked the developers to overlook the tactical weapon crate. I'll get back to you
  14. Fannti

    Suggestion to organize the inventory

    Hi, I think everyone loves these suggestions, however we've experienced issues adding similar functions to our game since it's shown to stress our database and give people the ability to duplicate items which is why you can't do this. Maybe we could do it together with some kind of spamming prevention.
  15. Fannti

    The game is painful to play! (Suggestions)

    Hey, I'm really sorry it took so long to give you an answer. Anyway: I think all of your suggestions are great. However many of them are related to animations which we usually have troubles working on when it comes to this engine. You are not the first one to mention the attachments idea and I really like that one. Do you also think that an attachment should "stick" to a gun when it's added? Regarding 8. I'm not sure if this is possible with our database. I'll have to check with Fred but it's something we'd love to do of course.