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  1. Hi, We changed it for now to groups of two in BR. If the interest arises for the game mode we'll be able to alter it to 3 again.
  2. Well unlike you, Campers wasn't implicating that we let certain people not be detected by claymores. That's just ridiculous and I didn't feel that it deserved to be answered in any other way.
  3. What you need to understand is that the fix for claymores would need us to revert a lot of other changes that are almost finished for the next patch. If it was just the case of patching one fix instantly it would of course have been done long time ago.
  4. 3lias


    Hi! Welcome to our forums! My guess is that you should be able to run the game OK. Not at higher settings but given that you have a separate graphics card in your laptop will help. I suggest you download it and try it out as it is free-to-play. Thank you!
  5. Yes, if you use your feet instead of hands on the keyboard to play the claymores won't detect you Makes sense what you say. We'll make it so you can kill zombies with claymores for the next patch. Bear traps is going to require a lot of work but I think we can make it work too!
  6. Aren't you exaggerating a bit now? No PvE? If it was a quick fix it'd be handled a long time ago. Now it would give us a lot of extra work just to patch this.
  7. Clan tag tab is already added, I can't show you the concept yet as it would reveal some new features being added. Regarding patch, we don't have a set date yet. My guess is that it'll take around 2 weeks.
  8. 3lias

    Weekend Event!

    Perhaps you could send an example on how you'd personally like it? Like a pic from another game or so?
  9. 3lias

    Weekend Event!

    Could you guys elaborate more what you want the gas masks to be? @CampersRUs @TheWraith
  10. 3lias

    Weekend Event!

    I think you read between the lines. I didn't say that I don't understand why you gave it a F-, I do. Just saying that changing the person responsible (which you asked for) necessarily isn't going to do things better. HOWEVER we are in the works of reworking the weekend events completely and we will start with the new routine after the upcoming summer event.
  11. 3lias

    Weekend Event!

    I hear you on the money part. We should still do those kind of sales but the weekend events should target a large group of players and not many can afford spending 100€ like that. You rated Sven's last event "F-" in the comments, so don't know if his involvement is going to change anything on your end. Anyway, we're right in the process of remaking how we do weekend events that we hope will benefit everyone. No we haven't planned anything regarding the gas mask, if it's something of great interest in the community I don't see why we couldn't but haven't seen that so far.
  12. 3lias

    Clan Tag in TAB

    I believe it should get sorted by the amount of kills tbh.
  13. 3lias

    Weekend Event!

    Yes you are completely right that we should deliver within the given time-frame. I'm sorry and I will talk to @ElChupacabra about it. Sounds weird, could be something with the server as the Official and Private servers are running on separate machines. Is it still persistent? There's a summer event coming soon, FYI these events are also worked on by Steve and Chupa, Sven is not doing them alone. Like Sven mentioned, we started yesterday on something that you will probably like a lot here, can't disclose more at the moment, sorry. Not really a skill tree but this is something fun especially for PvE players but also PvP players New players on Steam get premium for free for an initial period. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And yes we are a business with salaries and servers to pay so we need to think of ways of making money. We are already offering a lot of stuff for free compared to other free-to-play games. Sven is still working on the icons whenever there's time. We had a lot of players that got upset about icons being worked on too, you seem to argue from a perspective that you represent all players.
  14. 3lias

    Clan Tag in TAB

    The clan tag is coming for the next patch, we've added it now on your request! I didn't understand point number 4 entirely.
  15. They are not spawning just yet. Detection radius is in front but blast damage is 360 degrees. Glad to hear you like it! Vehicles aren't spawning right now. We have to see how they perform first before we release it everywhere.
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