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  1. sid21

    Special Weekend Event!

    Easter weekend comming
  2. sid21

    Selling GI

  3. sid21

    How to join clan GG

    hahahahahaha you want join clan GG
  4. Today 8:30 p.m. GTC+1 . I have got red mark and sound feedback but he hasn't dead. So explain me how it's possible.
  5. sid21

    Battle Royale - Loot Feedback

    Yesterday i played 3 matches and if i'm not wrong anaconda and veresk were still possible. My first feeling is that I found too many pistols compared to other weapons. Maybe I was just unlucky, I will see how it will be today and next days
  6. sid21

    Valentine Week Announcement!

    ahh only xsolla GC sale.....
  7. sid21

    Textures Big Problem!

    I will explain you later on TS....