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  1. Patch 2.18 (Part 2)

    Map looks good so far! Just need to find another solution on the clan territory tags on minimap, looks cluttered
  2. scar accuarecy


    Love these weekend events
  4. DevBlog - Oregon (New Map)

    I see you have added some snowy areas, would be cool to get some snowy places like it was at weather station back in the day. With snow footsteps and all
  5. Twitch Drops Update!

    Red's Banana
  6. Patch 2.16

    Same, i cant see all the lightsword skins mentioned or the new character clothes for Average Joe.
  7. Legendary Account Reward

    Thank you!
  8. Survival - Loot Feedback

    Item boxes need some adjustments. Its really disappointing to get a Red Stalker from this very rare box, because Red Stalker itself isnt that rare anymore.
  9. Mountain Crest - Car Spawn??

    No one have ever found this car, more rare than snipers
  10. Survival Loot

    +1 for this! And why did you add ghillie on super zombie loot table, dont we all have plenty of this item by now?
  11. question

    Its kinda rare yes
  12. Car Problems again

    Just press space to toggle camera view on/off. I think cars works better then ever now
  13. Survival Reputation

    Own ranks and symbols for survival would be nice. It would stand out as a seperate game mode and not be a copy of open world
  14. Q&A Live-Stream #5 Announcement!

    Can you upgrade the loot from Airdrop in survival? Considering the superzombie drop you 2 good AR's and the airdrop give you 1 medkit and 1 .338 mag (example)
  15. Talk about Snipers and more

    Snipers and shields should stay as they are. Nobody wants a remake of open world with sniper/shield spam pvp.