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  1. Patch 2.16

    Same, i cant see all the lightsword skins mentioned or the new character clothes for Average Joe.
  2. Legendary Account Reward

    Thank you!
  3. Survival - Loot Feedback

    Item boxes need some adjustments. Its really disappointing to get a Red Stalker from this very rare box, because Red Stalker itself isnt that rare anymore.
  4. Mountain Crest - Car Spawn??

    No one have ever found this car, more rare than snipers
  5. Survival Loot

    +1 for this! And why did you add ghillie on super zombie loot table, dont we all have plenty of this item by now?
  6. question

    Its kinda rare yes
  7. Car Problems again

    Just press space to toggle camera view on/off. I think cars works better then ever now
  8. Survival Reputation

    Own ranks and symbols for survival would be nice. It would stand out as a seperate game mode and not be a copy of open world
  9. Q&A Live-Stream #5 Announcement!

    Can you upgrade the loot from Airdrop in survival? Considering the superzombie drop you 2 good AR's and the airdrop give you 1 medkit and 1 .338 mag (example)
  10. Talk about Snipers and more

    Snipers and shields should stay as they are. Nobody wants a remake of open world with sniper/shield spam pvp.
  11. Talk about Snipers and more

    I dont get your point, you say snipers have value in Survival and are happy about that, but at the same time you want the drop rate increased? I agree with Pac, ive killed 250 or so superzombies and got 1 sniper and thats completely fine by me. At the same time rdk have a point, other than snipers its nothing else to loot for.
  12. Daily quests! +1000 And i enjoy the fact that barricades and snipers are rare
  13. car spawn in mountain crest is NOT WORKING STILL!

    How many meters from the original spawn is it? Cuz i just hopped 15 servers and didnt find any car at the antenna, also checked further out around it. Either the spawn chance is 0,1% or you placed it inside a rock or tree, or it only works on DEV servers
  14. Patch 2.13

    @Svena69 Is the car spawn in Mountain Crest at the same location as in ISS? (radio/antenna on hill) Cuz i have a hard time to find a car at the original location
  15. AK47 Attachments

    Its still not possible to attach any attachments on the AK47 in Survival. And i feel the weapon spread is so random after the weapon patch, while prone 4m from SZ some bullets randomly go left and right not even hitting the SZ. Please look into this Svena