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  1. ONEandonlyJAYY

    Pls have me :)

    Hello sir, Me need clan fwom UK me have -430+K wep and 2.20kd so me very god. Pls take me and give me good home ty
  2. ONEandonlyJAYY

    FPS Problems

    Pls make it 60 slots and we can have battlefield instead of COD PogChamp
  3. ONEandonlyJAYY

    Patch 2.12 Thank you for your many months of giving what you promise. Kappa. I wish you luck with your 40 players in pvp servers and your 50 players in colorado. Was fun.
  4. ONEandonlyJAYY


    Nice glitch, when he's crouched with his head no clipped into the wall like everyone in the game does.