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  1. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Chupa said that they are already working on it, so i hope next week its gonna be added
  2. Rank/Reaction Updates

    And survival ranks too
  3. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Remove all colorado v2 servers and add Colorado V1 instead. Instead of Oregon, there could be West Oaks+San Pavel map or something like that.
  4. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Soo, as you can see, a lot of people want it. Can we expect that anytime soon?
  5. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Old smallville PogChamp
  6. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Not sure if you realized, but that's survival section
  7. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    - More different textures (no ugly green ground texture) - Cliffs (around Rocky Ford, Clearview Sniper Hill) - Smaller distances between cities and safezones - Nostalgia
  8. Can we have Colorado V1 as a main map instead of this shitty Colorado V2? I think most of the people playing survival remember V1 and how good it was. Most of us would want it back. In the beginning of survival people wanted V1 to be the main map, but for some reasons it wasnt. So, lets vote.
  9. Loot - Survival

    Since there is no appropriate section for this, i'll post it here. So, I have an idea. When seasonal leaderboards event comes, maybe you could make, that instead of boxes we get some rewards in survival? Antis, customs, snipers, lockers, dxs, guns, attachments or anything else.
  10. Maps - Survival

    Could we please have Colorado V1 instead of Colorado v2 in survival? It has already been 5 years since we started playing on V2. All of the people i asked, they all want it to be instead of V2. Please make a poll about it.
  11. Survival - Loot Feedback

    Just remove the safezone bus stop
  12. Weekend Event!

    Can we have that issue with alien dropping one item in survival fixed already? Its been over a week and its still not fixed
  13. Survival - Clan System

    I think they should be added as well. People play with 5-7-10 man group already, anyway. I don't mind having it at all, but i know that it might affect some solo players. Well, bus stops are okay since the map is so big and cars so rare, BUT. There should not be a bus stop at the safezone. But then again, you would have to add more car spawns.
  14. Loot - Survival

    Alien super zombie drop only 1 item, should it be like that? Its not even worth to spend those hundreds of bullets for only a sig or k. style.