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  1. Arowsky's shop/trade reputation thread

    Thread updated, added 3x AWM to the store, removed shit items. Feel free to add me on discord to talk: Arowsky#0040
  2. Arowsky's shop/trade reputation thread

    Mauser and blaser sold
  3. Buy Mystery Skin Boxes

    Contact me via PM or discord please.
  4. Arowsky's shop/trade reputation thread

    Mauser SP66 added, im looking for offers
  5. Special Weekend Event!

    Yeah, double XP would be nice actually, there is nothing happening in survival
  6. Special Weekend Event!

    Double GD! Game Dollars are doubled in all game modes. Is there any other game mod than Open World where you can get GD?
  7. PvP Question

    In old ISS, you had different sensitivity when you were sprinting and when you were walking. If you turn this option ON, you will have the same sens for both now, which i think is better, cause your sens stays always the same.
  8. How rare are snipers now ?

    It was just a luck, snipers are still very rare. Btw. You wanna trade it?
  9. Arowsky's shop/trade reputation thread

    2 airhorns left
  10. Want to trade my items for others.

    check pm
  11. Arowsky's shop/trade reputation thread

    Hey, catch me on discord or send me any contact via PM please.
  12. Arowsky's shop/trade reputation thread

    Looted, long time ago when it was spawning.
  13. Its about time to trade some good items 3x AW Magnum, looking for offers. Feel free to add me on discord to talk: Arowsky#0040 Also trading on of the rarest thing in survival - MLG HORN x3. Here is the list of some people i have traded with via discord, so you can ask anyone if I'm a legit trader: Alen Nuke an#4058 Kjer#1696 tiagotattooBR#0928 ANVILES#8918 Zoaxo#3619 hocsa#6237 Oriono2.7#2966 ArtPlay#7553