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  1. Medic Item Box

    Thats a good idea, but they shouldnt be so rare. Also, when it comes to normal item boxes - i just got a red stalker from it today. I think there should be only snipers in it or at least a big chance of getting one, cause they are really really rare. You have to be really lucky to find one. And when you find one you get redstalker or sig sauer which is kinda pointless imho.
  2. Prison Is painfull

    Just remove the tower and add more entrances to inner fence.
  3. Prison Is painfull

    I agree with everything. We need more entrances and more objects to get some cover in the city. Also, remove that big tower in the middle.
  4. Patch 2.18

    It's not about changing, it's about adding things.
  5. Weekend Event!

    ? They asked on discord, yes, and we answered what we would like. But who cares? GD boxes are fun!
  6. Weekend Event!

    Again the same shit event for survival... Theres been plenty of suggestion for a nice event for survival players, but you keep adding those gd boxes that nobody cares about.
  7. Bring back the old rocky ford.

    But... why is that in survival suggestions
  8. Please add loadouts to survival!

    Yeah, if no loadouts, there should be a possibility to gear up while your character is dead.
  9. Small Market Interior

    Sorry, but that's a bullshit we hear from few months already. Events? In survival? You mean looting GD boxes that are worth shit and you can get shit skins out of them that nobody really cares about? Maybe instead you could add missions, some community events or ANYTHING?! New things? Ghillie Suit, Thompson? Yeah, that's a lot of content for nearly a year. Some changes to the map? Or maybe we could change for V1 since community wanted that SINCE THE BEGINNING? "No, we can make new interior in medic and firestation, we think that will prevent survival mode from dying" You are making that huge ass map, twice as big as Colorado while there is 100 players playing at one time in survival... We pvp with the same players, at the same places for months already. And please don't tell me: "Instead of making accusations and being mad, maybe you could give suggestions that can actually help the game?". People have made tons of suggestions that could have made this mode fun and played by many people. Im just honestly fucking done, shit is being promised for months and nothing is happening, since you all are focused on the new map. Didnt't you think that during these months people may get bored and leave? P.S Don't take it personal Heartbraker, its not really aimed to you, i think you are a cool guy.
  10. What about colorado V1 ?

    Hell yeah, Colorado V1 would be much better than the new map. Because its smaller and people actually like it.
  11. Just becuase some prices are wrong it doesnt mean the whole table is wrong. That's why he asked for feedback.
  12. Hey Kajerng, first of all - nice to see that someone made such a post and put effor into it. As a long time trader as well, i also find most of the items overpriced. I dont think that 1 single anti should be worth 40k, as well as DX should be worth 50k. I also think it should be like in the table you made. I kinda disagree with the WEAPON table. Price of SIG, Imi Tar, M4A1 should be around 30-40k. L85 is good, yes, but it's not worth 100k imho. When it comes to the GEAR - Custom is kinda overpriced as well. If its still gonna be 100k, people will never use them. Same with Alice and Military - they are quite easy to get. Snipers - I agree with most of the prices pretty much, but there is no OTS (?) in survival and VSS should be around 15m. That's my feedback, you guys don't have to agree with that. P.S I hope for more trades with you Kajern
  13. Infestation NewZ Surival Montage 2 - Arowsky

    Thanks guys!