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  1. Yes, when you rent a survival private server, you can join it with your 5 survival characters.
  2. Arowsky

    Survival - Clan System

    So what about this? Are clans coming to the game? And what about the new survival currency that was promised like 6 months ago?
  3. Arowsky

    Game does not open

    So for 2 weeks i got the problem where i can not open the game. I tried everything. After i press play, nothing happens. I tried restarting my pc, deleting FacDriver, tried launching it through steam, as admin, different compatibility mode... everything. Any solution?
  4. Still doesn't work for me. I have launched everything as an admin and nothing happens.
  5. Arowsky

    character runs alone

    Press Num Lock
  6. Arowsky

    Caliwood Alive

    I know that. Im just saying that there should be V1 INSTEAD of V2. And yeah, not whole caliwood, but san pavel/west oaks map would be nice.
  7. Arowsky

    Caliwood Alive

    Add Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2 Add West Oaks+San Pavel Map instead of Oregon
  8. Arowsky

    Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Can we get any update on this case? Is anyone working on it already? Will it be implemented? It's been almost a month now...
  9. Arowsky

    Having freezes ingame

    I think its because of the new FAC, got these issues as well.
  10. Arowsky


    Its not really about making them rare. They just need to be fixed cause they are so broken right now.
  11. Arowsky

    Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Chupa said that they are already working on it, so i hope next week its gonna be added
  12. Arowsky

    Rank/Reaction Updates

    And survival ranks too
  13. Arowsky

    Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Remove all colorado v2 servers and add Colorado V1 instead. Instead of Oregon, there could be West Oaks+San Pavel map or something like that.
  14. Arowsky

    Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    Soo, as you can see, a lot of people want it. Can we expect that anytime soon?