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  1. You're wrong, Survival is not "more" about pve than pvp, and it was never designed that way! So stop talking bullshit please!... Survival was based on being exactly like classic WarZ, which was in fact a pvp focused game with a clan system. But with a much higher rarity on loot, that's it. If you want more survival/pve based game, then you've been in the wrong place since the beginning buddy! Go play DayZ!
  2. But if clans was implemented in a way that it won't matter?... Why do people insist on thinking either black or white?!... Say they add a clan system like in OW "BUT" without the clan tags, then what advantage could a clan possibly have against solo players?!... That way you still have everything about clans that we like, but eliminate the only thing that gives an advantage over other players. Problem solved, everybody is happy. This way, the size of clans won't even matter.
  3. I can only think of 2 things; 1. You're simply too stupid to understand. 2. Your English is actually THAT BAD. I REALLY HOPE IT'S nr. 2 !!! I give up explaining this to you! I have tried to explain you in so many ways, and still you keep saying the same thing. Like there's no "input" to your brain, but only "output". PLEASE, tell me where you're from, and I will find an official translator for you!
  4. I'm genuinely afraid of starting to comment directly on this, as I'm afraid that I will say something that most certainly will get me banned from this forum... So I'm just gonna leave this pictures here to give you the "tip of the iceberg" on how you make me feel.
  5. @GRSLIMEWill you marry me?
  6. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN! : This will not happen if a clan system without the "clan tags in-game" - Which is the ONLY THING that CAN give any advantage over other players. Then everybody is happy. I'm really starting to believe that you're "beyond reach".
  7. Who says this vote is based either on "No clan" or "Exactly same clan-system as in OW" ??... We can all agree on, that if Survival are going to have a clan-system, it need to be just that "special", so it can fit in the Survival game mode that we all love.
  8. Thank you @deadhair, this is exactly what I have been saying all day!... Somehow 90% of everybody here think this vote is based either on "No clan" or "Exactly same clan-system as in OW", - But it's NOT black & white like that! This sh!t is F'ing rainbows! If adding a clan system, but without any "in-game clan tags" (purple tags), except the 4-letter shortword for the clan's name that appears in front of people's name tag when aiming at them. Then EVERYTHING will stay the way it is, people will still be able to enjoy their 3-man or 5-man groups, as they already can! - Which in fact is the EXACT same thing as adding a 5-man clan limit. And everybody get an option to choose a feature that give all other features of "having a clan", - except the "vissual" in-game (purple tag) aspect that tend to make EVERYBODY freak out as being an OP addition to the EXACT SAME system that the current group system already bring! - AND at the same time has NO effect what-so-ever on what's already there "unofficially", it will NOT make it any harder than it already is for beginners or solo players.
  9. ... Delete this post pls, apparently my phone dunno how to.
  10. And that's relevant to the subject of the thread how?... Did you actually base your vote on that statement?? -.-'
  11. You seem to forget that clans already exist "unofficially" whether there's clan system in Survival or not, people will still play in 3+ or 5+ group no matter what rules server has. AGAIN; If there's no "clan tags" in the new clan-system they add (purple tags above clan members names / yellow tag above group members = SAME THING) THEN WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?!... Conclusion: Everything that has to do with "clans" will have no affect "in-game", and will change "nothing" to the current state of the game! BUT! Will keep all the aspects of having a clan. The only "vissual" aspects of the clan system that we need, is appearance of the clan-name shortage when aiming at someone that appear in front of their names (different than the colored tags), and perhaps clan skins.
  12. Please provide an explanation to your claim on "how" a clan system this way "without clan tags in-game" will make it even more difficult for new players, please explain that! - You're making no sense!
  13. Then go back and see what I replied on that message, I'm not gonna repeat myself again. The "reason" you write to why you don't like the clan, doesn't matter if they simply avoid adding the "clan tag", then it won't interfere with the current group system on respective servers AT ALL! "AND" it won't give any advantage to people who are in a clan over people who's not. I can't see what's so hard to understand about that.
  14. If they apply a clan system in Survival in a way that doesn't affect your gameplay whether you're in a clan or not, then what does it matter "to you" if there's clan in survival or not?
  15. I have already tried to apply this logic 100 times to these people... It doesn't seem to sink in. Good luck my friend, maybe you will succeed where I didn't. - BUT! Taking off clan tags will render the whole conversation about clan sizes useless! And like you said, there's a big difference between survival and open world, and the way the clan system is already "unofficial played out" (like you said), it technically won't matter whether the clan tag is there or not, because the yellow group tag already does the exact same thing!
  16. What part of "If not adding clan tags this won't matter" is it you don't understand?! - Doesn't matter what the group limits are on respective servers, if there's no clan tags, there won't be ANY INTERFERENCE AT ALL with the current group system OMG! WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND?!... We can have a clan system without necessarily having to add "clan tags", when the "group tags" already does the EXACT SAME THING according to the aspect of only having 3 or 5-man clan limits!
  17. If you know the roots of this game, you would know that adding a clan system to Survival will be just that "classic". What's not classic is the fact that it doesn't have one. And if clan tags aren't added, clan system in Survival won't change ANYTHING for the individual gamer such as you, nothing will become more complicated than it already is, it will merely leave an additional- and optional feature, win-win!
  18. 5 man limit we already have, it's called "group". If you add a clan system that only allow 5 man, then what's the difference?!... How about they just remove "clan tags" from survival clan system entirely, and just keep the group system as it is... That way it doesn't matter to anyone how big the clans are. Win-win.
  19. Same goes for you... Think about what you're saying, if you just remove the clan tags, the size of the clan won't matter to anyone... And if you want 5-man clan only, then what's the difference of that and the current group system that's already there?!
  20. Again, remove clan tags, and clan sizes won't matter.
  21. I guess you were meant to say "max 3 at some survival servers, and max 5 on others"
  22. But the amount of people in the clan won't matter if you simply remove the clan tag feature. If you don't want to play more than 5, then what's the difference between the clan system you're talking about and the current group system??
  24. You still don't understand anything. It seems you don't even understand the subject of this thread. Please, get a translator!
  25. We're not talking about "groups" here, we're talking about "clan system", and how it should work in addition to "groups", so that it doesn't become "OP" to be in a clan rather than be in a group. Let me explain "clan tag" to you... You know these "yellow tag" next to players when they are in your group? - Those are "purple" in Open World game mode, which indicates "clan member"... So technically, adding "clan system" to Survival, will essentially be the same thing as group, but "better group"... BUT! If you choose NOT to add this "purple clan tag", then the size of the clan won't matter to anyone! = It will not change the current group system. Please, if you don't understand, use google translate, or ask a friend to translate for you.
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