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  1. Kjer

    Patch 2.26

    Thank you for listening!
  2. Kjer

    Patch 2.26

    From a "Survival perspective"... New SCAR stats are nice, but... FAMAS and L85 need to buffed as well. AK47 Is useless now, AK74M and AKM are better... Should go back to same stats, add unique attachments for AK47 that is more rare.
  3. Kjer

    Loot - Survival

    I just realized this fourom page was more about the "loot" specifically, and I appologize if my post had waaay too much out of the current subject^^ 😐
  4. Kjer

    Loot - Survival

    My list is complete... posted in survival discussion as well: 1) Add open world loot to Survival (except car spawners), but make heavy armor just as rare as snipers, make QLB/AWP even more rare etc. More content can't hurt. 2) I would love to see the few .50 cal guns there's in the game, work as actual .50 bullets... Give Deagle, M107 (QLB if added) 50% increased damage to vehicles or something. And make barbwire more usable, make them able to stop a car. 3) I have never understood why snipers are supposed to be the only OP and rare weapon-types in the game, why can't you guys add an assault rifle that is "just as rare" as Sniper, and "relatively" just as OP as Snipers, - Like an AR that has same damage as an LMG, but sam accuracy as AKM (A good candidate for a gun like that, would be the "G3A3"). Or a super rare and OP SMG that just fucks everybody up in close contact. 4) Add more vararities of zombies, like something in-between super zombies. 5) Add the "Survival arena" that we/you guys have been talking about for long time. 6) Make weekly mini events, I have an idea for this one; I call it "conflict zone"-(of the week), each week a different place/town/village on the map looks different than it use to, add more obstacles, tipped vehicles, smoke, fire, in short- make it look like a recent battlefield. Add better loot and a super zombie if not already there, for that week. Make it interesting to visit AND pvp at, - A different place every week. (Or why not make it, so that open world items can only be dropped from super zombies at current conflict zones) ?! - That will attract every more people. 7) Make official clan wars in Survival like you do on Open world, - Can't see why we can't have that as well. 😎 Make survival-only skins. Or at least, skins that you can only gain from Survival, that will at least make many open world players "try" Survival, and maybe some of them stays. - Survival only skins should be skins like "Camo", but in many different variations and colors. 9) Make barricades last longer in Survival, like in the old WarZ/Infestation. 10) Make it so there's only 1 Oregon and 1 v2 on each Region... maybe add another v1. 11) If a region only have 1 of a map, please make sure that server at least have 5 man group and not 3 only. Right now South American server Colorado v1 is VERY POPULAIR, everybody is pvping there atm, and we can only be 3 in group... That kinda stinks. I'm sorry to say this guys, but this out of "gut feeling", but if you guys don't do some MAJOR changes, or add a MAJOR proportion of what on this list^^ SOON, then I fear it will be too late to save Survival, - And I know that you guys know that I want that the least of anyone here kappa! x) In my opinion, I think "all" kind of gear should have a chance to spawn at "all kind of places", but ofc it should be that much more rare to find Red Stalker in Smallville than at a military place, but the chance should still be there. Be careful you guys don't end up making Airport/Splinter/Norad too OP to farm, make sure that certain things can only be found at certain places, (I know it's already like this, but even more so), so all place have a certain "attraction" to it. * Players have reported to find military and automatic weapons spawning in civilian places, if this happens, could you guys please let us know where and when? (possibly with a screenshot) * My idea to a new gun: G3A3 Damage: 34 Spread: 2,8 Recoil: 4,5 Firerate: 511 Decay: 175 Fire modes: Default: Semi fire, secondary: Full auto (brain twister :P) Ammo type: DMR (20 rounds), or its very own clip. Special feature: Can attach both cqc and sniper scopes. Rarity: Like snipers. Bonus idea: Give the gun it's own unique attachments that only can be acquired through mission contracts Even better, make the gun exclusively for Survival only^^
  5. Kjer

    Patch 2.25

    THAT WOULD BE DOPE! ... But, I will have to see it first, but I will only take that much, then you will have my 100% faith! - In meantime, I will do my part with another Survival *Hunt the Hunters* Event next Sunday ... This time I will remember to make a post about it here on the forums as well.
  6. Kjer

    Patch 2.25

    I'm not saying that there hasn't been any updates for Survival, I'm saying there haven't been much compared to Open World, but maybe that is just my love for survival that supresses my sense for your guys hard distributed work force.. True, perhaps I am being a bit too "abstract" in my words, but you got to admit, the events are always like "YOU CAN GET X IN OPEN WORLD"......... also some things in survival."... But never "YOU CAN GET X IN SURVIVAL"......... also some things in open world.
  7. Kjer

    Patch 2.25

    I don't know... I'm so sad about how little the devs care about Survival. Not only lack of proper updates and content for Survival, there's not being done anything to promote Survival, the Survival community is never getting any special events or anything.
  8. Kjer

    Weekend Event!

    y u guys no double GC or Private v1 survival servers yet?! - Kjer is disappointed! x(
  9. Kjer

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    Heyo! NICE!... But... There's always a but......... When are we getting our "survival arena" ??
  10. Kjer

    Server Changes (Survival)

    And when I say "everybody", I mean everybody who provided feedback on this matter.
  11. Kjer

    Server Changes (Survival)

    Ok... So I'm just gonna go ahead and talk for EVERYBODY... You guys said that you're doing this based on community feedback... Well, maybe you guys should check the feedback again, because this is not "exactly" what we asked for. We wanted less "Oregon" servers, not less Colorado servers! WTF IS THIS?!
  12. Kjer

    Is this a joke?

    +1 ... Make 1 Oregon server on each region only pl0x!
  13. Kjer

    Prison Is painfull

    The inner fence is made out of reinforced AIDS!... The tower in the middle has attracted HIV, it need to get cut down before it spreads. Other than that, Prison seem like a fun place to pvp. Although I do not agree with nr 3. "Add more cover spots", I find there to be plenty of cover spots... besides, there has to be some amount of risk when crossing certain places, that's what you got team mates for, to cover while you cross. Don't make it into a big mace, as that would promote shotgun camping.
  14. SELLING 3 SLOTS ON MY PRIVATE SERVER! 2 SLOTS REMAINING! Price: 1x SVD (Or any sniper) for 1 month. Terms of agreement: 1) 1 SVD paid op front, will give you access for 1 month on my server, the rules are as following: 2) Don't shoot other players on server. 3) When monthly fee is paid, you will get invited to a Discord group that serves 1 purpose; Every time you want to loot airport, you have to write in the chat "Check in", when you're done, you write "Check out". This way everybody else can see if airport is currently occupied ot not. 4) You are "obligated" check out when finished with 1 run at airport, 1 run = When killed all zombies and/or when it's time to stash, or when logging out. (Fail to comply, you will receive a warning, 3 warnings = You will lose 5 days on the server, 5 warnings = You lose your right to the server. 5) When I want to loot airport, airport is off-limits for everybody (This is the only privilege I will allow myself to have on my server). Of course that doesn't mean if you're in middle of a run you have to leave right away, I will let you check out first, but I will notify you as well. (Don't worry, I don't farm that often) 6) You are not allowed to share password with others. If you share password, you lose all rights to the server. If I'm not able to find out who's responsible for sharing the password, this will affect everybody, as I will lock down my server for everybody until the guilty person is found.