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  1. I'm thinking more "dynamic" missions. I have an idea... I call it "Train Shipment Escort". Say there's 5 places along the train track that has to be captured (repaired) before a "TSE" mission can begin. Each place has to be captured/repaired by the same faction for the mission to start, and when it does, a count down will start on the start position on the map, that shows where players have to gather to escort the train to safezone. While players from the same faction are within a certain distance of (moving/mobile)perimiter of the train, friendly fire is turned OFF, and a marker above each player within same faction are shown. This force players from same faction to work together against other factions. - Train should also be attacked by endless waves of Nether along the escort. If the factions that started the TSE mission gets the shipment train safely to Safe Zone, the reward should be huge, - if another faction than the one started it gets to take over the Escort, the reward should be huge too, but "tactically different". Reward should be based on how much "time" each player spend alive within perimiter during the escort. XP should be a rewarded for all players that anticipate in the Escort, no matter if your faction won or not, and x2 or 3 for the winning faction. Map picture of TSE idea
  2. I'm actually quite hyped about this, I really liked Nether... You guys saved Infestation, maybe you can save this game too, who knows. Please just don't create different game modes, where you only care about the players in one game mode contra the other... Like Open World / Survival in NewZ. - Thank you.
  3. Well, at least now you got some milestones for your gaming ahead.
  4. Ok, so if anyone should be interested in joining the mighty TSI Clan (The Survival Initiative) Here's the requirements to join: 1) 20+ Age (ok if younger, but you have to be mature). 2) At least 2 characters with full skill tree (except walker-stalker, and the last 3 in the red skill tree). 3) A GI to support yourself. 4) Your geographical location is in Europe. 5) If you feel like your English is at a level, where you think you would have a difficult time to communicate and understand us during PvP, then please do not apply! 6) A working headset. To apply simply PM me on Discord; Kjer#1696 or Arowsky#0040 - Tell us a little about yourself (if we don't already know you), there's no template for this here, you have read the requirements, now convince us to recruit you to TSI!
  5. --- The Survival Initiative - ANOUNCEMENT! --- TSI Is happy to announce our new "Sub-clan", a clan for friends and fans! - We call it: [ "TSI - Academy." ] And everybody can join! __________ Why join TSI Academy? - 3 Good reasons: 1) You get access to 3 private servers, 3 different maps. (We only have 1 server for now, the other 2 will arrive right after the next double GC sale). 2) You get to be a part of TSI community/Discord. 3) We have special events every weekend! - Sometimes Open events, sometimes Closed events! What is required of you? Only 2 things: 1) Commitment. To farm a full skill-tree character! 2) You have to be able to communicate in English. How to join: Write me on Discord: Kjer#1696 , Arowsky#0040 or SurZeus#3184 a personal message, tell me why you would like to join TSI - Academy, and you will get an invite to TSI Discord, and we will take it from there! FAQ: Q: I'm already in a clan, but this sounds really nice, can I be part of this? A: Of course! TSI-A is not a clan, it's a community for friends and fans of TSI. Q: This sound too good to be true, no one gives out free server like that! - What strings are attached? A: No strings (other than the two requirements), TSI's goal with this is to build bridges between clans and communities, and most of all, promoting Survival and help out new players, - and being able to provide a luxurious introductions to the game. Q: Can you further explain requirement 1? A: All TSI will ask of you, is to somehow prove, that during the first week in TSI-A, you will have succesfully farmed a total of 35k XP on the character you have access with. Q: How many characters can I have in TSI-A A: Every player that joins TSI - Academy, can have 1 character only in the "sub-clan", and you are only allowed to join the private server with that character. You will be able to change your character once every week. . .
  7. @Sven Thank you for this! - Seriously, I mean it! THANK YOU!
  8. Lies. What I wrote there was in fact an conclusion to what YOU have been writing in your previous posts. If you're so sure that I have missed something, then please, it shouldn't be very difficult for you to qoute that/those posts again here, and show me exactly why my conclusion does not respond/answer to your previous posts. You can't just write "my answer is in my previous posts somewhere", and then think that's a valid answer. You gonna have to be more specific and back that up.
  9. Tell me, how exactly will Survival and OW become any closer to each other if a clan system without clan tags are implemented? Please keep in mind "while you think of what to answer", that clans "already" exist in both game modes, and in BIG proportions too whether you like it or not AND whether it's official or not - Already. How will this implementation create "more similar" scenario, scripts, maps - as you like to call it, HOW will it become more similar than it already is?!... You can't just say a lot of things of what will become without giving any technical reason to why that is, and how you came to that conclusion! Therefore everything you say is totally invalid and have no meaning what-so-ever. You're really making a fool out of yourself, so sad you can't see it. Also keep in mind, that Survival and Open world is too different "GAME MODES", they are NOT two different "GAMES".
  10. I'm from Alwaysrightistan. aka Denmark.
  11. If a clan system without in-game clan tags is added, it won't change ANYTHING that isn't already there, it won't implement any factors that will make any harder for the solo players than it already is, all "clan related stuff" will have effect outside the game. People seem to forget that a clan system is much more than just being able to see your clan-member "in-game".
  12. 1) It already is a clan-game whether you like it or not. Now we're just discussing whether we'll make it official or not. 2) As clans is ALREADY there, let's agree on not making it any worse for the "individual player" such as yourself! (what you call individualism)... So how do we do that? Answer: We add clan system "but" not clan-tags. That way everything "Stay The Same - As It Already Is", for YOU, for ME, for EVERYBODY... Everybody win. 3) individualism/ɪndɪˈvɪdʒʊ(ə)lɪz(ə)m/ noun 1. the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant. 2. a social theory favouring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control. There's nothing that says that you can't practice "individualism" amongst others in this game, besides this game was never originally designed for anything remotely towards anything you're saying! - This game is not even appealing to the kind of audience where you belong! Everything you say is just wrong, wrong and wrong with more wrong and then some extra much wrong on top of that wrong. And you're ignorant, you don't listen or understand, but it seems more like you dont "want to" understand.
  13. You're wrong, Survival is not "more" about pve than pvp, and it was never designed that way! So stop talking bullshit please!... Survival was based on being exactly like classic WarZ, which was in fact a pvp focused game with a clan system. But with a much higher rarity on loot, that's it. If you want more survival/pve based game, then you've been in the wrong place since the beginning buddy! Go play DayZ!
  14. But if clans was implemented in a way that it won't matter?... Why do people insist on thinking either black or white?!... Say they add a clan system like in OW "BUT" without the clan tags, then what advantage could a clan possibly have against solo players?!... That way you still have everything about clans that we like, but eliminate the only thing that gives an advantage over other players. Problem solved, everybody is happy. This way, the size of clans won't even matter.
  15. I can only think of 2 things; 1. You're simply too stupid to understand. 2. Your English is actually THAT BAD. I REALLY HOPE IT'S nr. 2 !!! I give up explaining this to you! I have tried to explain you in so many ways, and still you keep saying the same thing. Like there's no "input" to your brain, but only "output". PLEASE, tell me where you're from, and I will find an official translator for you!
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