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  1. Kjer

    Weekend Event!

    y u guys no double GC or Private v1 survival servers yet?! - Kjer is disappointed! x(
  2. Kjer

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    Heyo! NICE!... But... There's always a but......... When are we getting our "survival arena" ??
  3. Kjer

    Server Changes (Survival)

    And when I say "everybody", I mean everybody who provided feedback on this matter.
  4. Kjer

    Server Changes (Survival)

    Ok... So I'm just gonna go ahead and talk for EVERYBODY... You guys said that you're doing this based on community feedback... Well, maybe you guys should check the feedback again, because this is not "exactly" what we asked for. We wanted less "Oregon" servers, not less Colorado servers! WTF IS THIS?!
  5. Kjer

    Is this a joke?

    +1 ... Make 1 Oregon server on each region only pl0x!
  6. Kjer

    Prison Is painfull

    The inner fence is made out of reinforced AIDS!... The tower in the middle has attracted HIV, it need to get cut down before it spreads. Other than that, Prison seem like a fun place to pvp. Although I do not agree with nr 3. "Add more cover spots", I find there to be plenty of cover spots... besides, there has to be some amount of risk when crossing certain places, that's what you got team mates for, to cover while you cross. Don't make it into a big mace, as that would promote shotgun camping.
  7. SELLING 3 SLOTS ON MY PRIVATE SERVER! 2 SLOTS REMAINING! Price: 1x SVD (Or any sniper) for 1 month. Terms of agreement: 1) 1 SVD paid op front, will give you access for 1 month on my server, the rules are as following: 2) Don't shoot other players on server. 3) When monthly fee is paid, you will get invited to a Discord group that serves 1 purpose; Every time you want to loot airport, you have to write in the chat "Check in", when you're done, you write "Check out". This way everybody else can see if airport is currently occupied ot not. 4) You are "obligated" check out when finished with 1 run at airport, 1 run = When killed all zombies and/or when it's time to stash, or when logging out. (Fail to comply, you will receive a warning, 3 warnings = You will lose 5 days on the server, 5 warnings = You lose your right to the server. 5) When I want to loot airport, airport is off-limits for everybody (This is the only privilege I will allow myself to have on my server). Of course that doesn't mean if you're in middle of a run you have to leave right away, I will let you check out first, but I will notify you as well. (Don't worry, I don't farm that often) 6) You are not allowed to share password with others. If you share password, you lose all rights to the server. If I'm not able to find out who's responsible for sharing the password, this will affect everybody, as I will lock down my server for everybody until the guilty person is found.
  8. Kjer


    http:// What so "WTF" about that??
  9. Assault Rifles: (ALL GUNS ARE FULLY LOADED WITH STANAG 30'S) = ALL AR'S ARE 3K Each. 350x AUG *SOLD* 280x NIGHT STALKER 200x M4A1 430x Sig 556 290x RED STALKER *** 36x AK-12 - 150K Each. (Take all, 125K Each.) *** Snipers: 6x BLASER (Full) - 25K Each. 8x AW MAGNUM (Full) - 35K Each. 9x QLB (Full) - 30K Each. 20x SP66 (Full) - 35K Each. *SOLD* 20x AMR2 (All loaded with .50 10's!) - 20K Each. 20x M200 (All loaded with .50 10's!) - 25K Each. 24x M107 (All loaded with .50 10's!) - 35K Each. *SOLD* 8x SRG (Full) - 20K Each. *SOLD* 14x SVD (All loaded with SVD 20's!) - 25K Each. *SOLD* 3x AWP (Full) - 100K Each. 4x OTS (All loaded with SVD 20's!) 85K Each. Ammo: 3K Stanag 30 - 1K Each. *SOLD* 250x Stanag 45's - 1.3K Each. 50x Stanag 60's - 2K Each. 300x AK 45's - 1.2K Each. 290x AK Drums - 1.5K Each. 90x AK Drums Elite - 5K Each. 220x Winchester - 8K Each. *SOLD* 180x AW Magnum Mag - 5K Each. 140x .50 Cal (5) Mag - 4K Each. *SOLD* 110x .50 Cal (10) Mag - 6K Each. *SOLD* 600x SVD 10 - 4K Each. (Take All, 3.5K Each.) *SOLD* 70x SVD 20 - 7K Each. 125x VSS 10 - 4K Each. 140x VSS 20 - 7K Each. Equipment: 9x Hunter Backpack - 30K Each. 300x Military Backpack - 3K Each. 150x Alice Backpack - 4K Each. 130x Large Backpack - 2K Each. 130x Heavy Armor - 5K Each. *SOLD* 110x K. Style NVG - 3K Each. *SOLD* 120x K. Style Helmet - 2K Each. *SOLD* Attachments: 140x Compact Scopes - 1.5K Each. *SOLD* 170x Grips - 1.5K Each. *SOLD* 90x Laser Sight - 1K Each. 250x Tactical Scopes - 1K Each. 200x "Toxic" Tactical Scopes - 2K Each. *SOLD* Misc: 1x GD Airdrop Caller - 10M 3x GI-Access Locker - 150K Each. 23x Personal Lockers - 30K Each. 220x Repair Kits - 2K Each. 30x Premium Repair Kits - 4K Each. 400x Medkits - 2.5K Each.
  10. Unfortunately this is not going to happen. I remember back in old WarZ/Infestation, people requested more guns from War Inc. there as well, but the official explanation was, that they don't own the rights to those guns, so they can't simply add the guns into the game, they would have to create their entirely own animation for that gun in that case. Unfortunately.
  11. I would love to see some exclusive content for Survival mode only, like Open World has PvP servers, Survival needs its own thing! Something that makes people wanna come back. Also, what you guys think of adding the AK12 back into the game, but for survival only?
  12. In the future, could you please prevent yourself from commenting on my post unless you have something positive to say? You don't have to agree, but at least you could bring some usefull critics or some constructive feedback! This attitude right here, gets us nowhere, and favors noboddy but your own ego.
  13. Alrighty!... I have wanted to this for a long time, but my laziness has gotten the better of me every time. I love Survival mode, I play it “too much”… But unfortunately, as it seems right now, it looks like it’s slowly dying, and if we don’t come up with some new ways to promote this game mode, it will die. Suggestion 1: Survival needs some exclusive in-game content/event, that only survival mode can offer, and I have a clever idea for this one… I call it “Survival mode!” … No, but seriously… Many people play survival mode to get that “survive” feeling, so why don’t we spice it up a little, by adding a big fat colosseum-look-alike building somewhere on the map, where people can come and get the ultimate “PvE” experience. Here players will have to group up, and fight waves of zombies and super zombies, and force to work together in order to survive… Ok, so this is just hypothetical thinking, say there was 5 waves, and if you survive all 5, you’ll earn an airdrop, random skin box (or whatever, just some kind of reward). The xp gained from each zombie, should be lower than what you get from outside the arena of course, or else people would only farm xp this way, so lets say 1xp pr. zombie, 100xp pr. Super zombie. And people would have to bring their own ammunition and gear for this. In my opinion, this should be an in-game server thing, and not a server by itself like pvp-servers on Open World. There should be 2 hours cooldown on this Arena, and only 1 hour cooldown for premium players. Suggestion 2: Bring currency and market to Survival!... Just like the GI, this currency should be separate from those used in other game modes, call it “Survival dollars”, I don’t care. These survival dollars should be more difficult to farm than in open world, and prices in market should be way more expensive. Or even better, as a bonus with the survival dollars included… Back in “WarZ”, they had something called stem cells, add those as well, and items in the store could be like, *1 Custom cost 30.000 survival dollars, and 5 stem cells*. And those stem cells, you can only get from super zombies and such. This would bring more trading economy to the game, which I think will make less people trade survival items for GD, which I know is something you guys don’t support. As long as skins are able to cross game modes, I believe that survival dollars (lets call it “SD”), can become a quite attractive currency to the game in whole. Suggestion 3: This is more based on my very own opinion, and I’m sure that there might be a bunch of you out there, who wouldn’t agree, but… I think loot over all should be even more rare, not much, but just a tiny bit rarer. I think what many of us sometimes forget, is the core values that made the introduction of survival mode attractive… and that was the change of variety of gear and guns people brought. It was no longer this sick sniper-gangbang-fetish sh*t, people ACTUALLY brought light gear and SMG’s out in battle! All the amount of items that spawns everywhere in Open World, but NEVER sees they daylight as no1 ever use that sh*t, as snipers and heavy gear is so easy to farm. I know this would be difficult, as it would be very unfair the newcomers. But again, just my opinion… But please, just don’t make any of it even less rare. Suggestion 4: Bring more loot from Open World into Survival!... I don’t mind Heavy Armor in survival… BUT! They should be “just as rare” as snipers, so it would double the pain in the A$$ to die. Also, all these nice helmets in Open World, like M helmets and bigger variety of M9 helmets… Bring the DMR’s as well! But again, “just as rare” as snipers (or SVD). …To be contiunuted (Check back for more, I will be updating this post).