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  1. If i find, for example, two adjustable wrenches, both of standard make, meaning the hole on the end for hanging, shouldn't i be able to fashion some "wrench-chucks"? Awful lot of wrenches in Survival, I'm amazed my toon, with all his weaponry skills and the ability to quick-swap and zero in any weapon sight and immediate mastery of any melee weapon, can consistently find 4,731 wrenches per adventuring session but yet cannot think of putting cord between two of them to make an impromptu flail. Anyone else have any improvised weaponry/crafting ideas? Who knows, maybe they'll use some of them.
  2. kaotikross


    A Mosin Nagant is a sniper rifle, used with good effect by Russians in WW2, and I've found a few of those.
  3. I see plenty of Outlaws, Bandits, Killers, Assassins, and such, but no Regulators, Marshals, Militia, Pinkertons, Bounty Hunters, Sheriffs or any law whatsoever. If you have a clan that's looking for active players, with a focus on killing zeds and helping other players while chasing down evildoers, I'm your man. Prefer TS3 or Discord, Private Server nice but not required.
  4. Good thinking on the bases. Maybe it could be 4+ players required to help build one? That would push community building, and also raiding parties rather than one guy. Those could draw zombies, too, both randoms and those drawn by the noise and activity. If any one person "leaves" the base to build another so there's less than 3 people, the rest would have 24 hours to find a replacement member or it slowly falls apart, due to lack of maintenance? That would be funny, watching it go from "fort" to "barely-standing hovel" to just plain gone. We'd see more warring like Alexandria Vs. The Saviors, and toss in a good horde or two..
  5. Crafting would be nice. So would hunting and foraging for food. The ability to "fort up" structures permanently(or tear up those fortifications)- (That would also encourage longer and more tactical PVP, increased banditry, stealing, etc..make for a lot of fun). Rideable horses, (very rare) and maybe really slow cows, (still rare but more common than horses+comedic value) available at farms. Got to feed and water them, and they can be attacked and killed. Specific zeds dropping specific items, like police drop nightsticks and maybe ammo or a pistol, firemen drop axes and helmets, etc. Improvised firearms with a lowered accuracy and limited use, but still better than nothing. Graveyards/mausoleums/funeral homes. I could go on and on. Love the game.
  6. As my skill is increasing I didn't have to wait but twice in about three hours, so yeah. I'm getting used to it and promise not to cry about it anymore. Took down a super too, not that big a thing in open world but this fella was tough and fast, got smacked a couple times climbing the fire truck. Took an entire PKM mag and some rapid switching a few other firearms before I finally got him dead (he dropped one CQC rifle, nothing good, lol) with the last mag of 9mm. Had a ton of gear on me, made it out, ran back to the nearest safe zone, just about starved, down to 5 life when i finally crawled up to the vault guy and wolfed enough precious grub to stay alive before cramming the goodies for safekeeping. Was on the edge of my seat the entire time and it really felt like an accomplishment. Good Job with this awesome game.
  7. "You lost the fight why do you have to get back so soon let the kid take your stuff just accept defeat. Or just be scummy and make another character and use him to go get revenge since u goofed the first time." LOL.. yeah, I don't mind the dying, I don't mind losing stuff, and it's usually the zeds getting me anyway. I'll hop servers to find the lesser populated ones until I'm outfitted enough to have a reasonable chance at a PVP situation. I read the patch notes earlier today, I admit it, i hadn't, and I see that they'll eventually be adding currency so that means they'll likely be adding a way to bypass the wait soon enough. Just one of those hurry up and wait situations. As I said, other than the annoyance of the wait, it's a great game. I'm a zombie game fan and have played most and was a mod for Project Zomboid for a couple years, I'm really not trying to be an asshole, just wondered because this game has hooked me.
  8. I don't expect gear, but what possible value can be gained from having anyone wait 5 minutes? It doesn't make it any harder or easier. I enjoy it as difficult as it is. I'm not complaining about the zed toughness level or gear rarity or lack of food, none of that, it's all perfect for the mode, maybe even in the case of weaponry, too easy. I just see no value in forcing a wait time for either side, except for in a case of packed servers it would allow newer players on as the window kept fresh dead out for five minutes. Ok, sure, I can go play some other mode, but i can guarantee you as the newness wanes in Survival there will likely be added an additional paying element to allow quick survival respawns. If people liked waiting the 5 minutes, you wouldn't have many subscribers now to the other modes, as I can almost guarantee that's why they do. No, 5 minutes isn't "a long time", and if I were unemployed or a kid I wouldn't much care. I'm not. My gaming time is precious. This wasn't meant as a "dig", just a suggestion which as I said you'll likely see once the mode is proven successful anyway. Thanks to the Mod especially for his input.
  9. My big complaint is that even premium and higher members have to wait to respawn in survival mode. Uncool. I don't see why that's necessary for paying class players. I can already tell you that there are paying players that enjoy this mode enough to play it almost exclusively, and they're being penalized for it. I started the game about a week ago, love it, but the second i tried survival mode I knew I'd probably not be doing much open world anymore. It's obviously not for everybody, but for those that like it, it sucks to have to wait the stupid 5 minutes. When i wait, maybe i go play another game. When i go play another game, especially after I spend money on New Z, maybe i wonder why I spend it here when maybe the other game hooks me, which had i not been waiting, i never would have bothered with. Look at it this way: If you own a bar on a street that's full of bars, you don't tell your drinkers it's a five minute wait or guess what they do? Go next door.
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