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  1. Yea... idk how i would feel about lockers
  2. Ok wont be aggressive just take the time to place actual rare spawns in places wala. Miltary zones are dumbaf
  3. Then whats the point in the whole map? just delete 90% of it and leave military zones there is ZERO reason to go anywhere else other than military zones if good loot cant spawn anywhere. I dont see how you think military can only be military loot only, it should have higher chances but not purely ar's, ect. Back in warz you had a REALLY slim chance of finding m107 in campos 5 story along with scars and there was once a rare spawn at trailer park. The current system doesnt reward you for exploring and "Surviving" it just rewards you for farming one spot logging out and doing that over and over and thats what starts pvp hot spots half the time since good loot spawns in certain areas. You would think with this mode dying this fast already you would listen to what the community wants. Ok im done
  4. Well i mean if its really slow it works though because right now you waste your bandages just to go to med and pick up what maybe 1-3 more meds and u have to use that to get full. Plus i find foods that heal but they are not that effective since you dont find them commonly.
  5. When im near delta peak i always find mp5's aks and m4 semi's. the only issue i have is by the time i get out of the safezone im ready to go back because my alice is full.
  6. When you say "any type" does that mean the ones that skip swinging animations?
  7. Most people will vote no because all they know to do is have third person tree battles all day.
  8. idk why this thread double posted and idk how to deleted cx
  9. Any chance at adding a system where if you are over a certain amount of hp you SLOWLY gain hp? So if someone is hurt and they have good food and water stats they will heal over a long period of time not having to waste a bandage or painkiller.
  10. Would be nice to have some sort of auction house or something.
  11. I was just curious on how everyone felt on the current med situation since they the most common is painkillers and bandages. I have found people that love that meds are hard to get since it changes how aggressive people play in situations, and then you have the others that are pissy that cant spam meds every second. The only thing i dont like is trying to get them into my bank because some zombies as we all no hit you no matter where you hit them and they skip their animation...*cough*. And when they currency is added to survival what meds do you think they should add to the market? Low tier only and leave the better stuff for us to find and use for trading or something? (What do you think the store should have in general) I would get started on prices but its unknown how much each zombie will drop.
  12. I agree loot needs to be randomized because at the current state you either find krugers everywhere and maybe an ar here and there. Otherwise you go to a military base and just take a ton of m4's. Military should have better loot chances than other places but not by much.
  13. Thats what the new currency is for its only going to work for survival so its not connected with open world they just have to get everything worked out. And if rare meds or shields are in the shop they need a hefty price.
  14. Yea i want loot to me spread more so people actually travel the map instead of just everyone going to 2 places and pvping there for the loot.
  15. The reason it died was because of hackers its not possible to outgun a hacker without third person. All they had to do was super jump over a wall u wouldnt see since ur in first person and they win. They released hardcore so late in the game it was already dead. Plus they actually know what their doing with an anticheat so for newz first person would be even playing field for everyone.
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