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  1. 12x opening with hidden thumbnail ^^

    Tough world of box opening
  2. Event this weekend

    Good luck with the turnout. It's good for the community
  3. montage #9

    Good clips
  4. Infestation: The NewZ - PVP Montage #2 [GODS]

    good clips minus russ

    +1 good clips

    If this is a joke then I like it, but if it is serious, is this really the game for you? Anyway good luck on recruiting
  7. Infestation: The NewZ - PVP Montage #16 [GODS]

    Really love your playstyle they make for good clips. Good montage
  8. Partnership Program Rework

    Shortguy is an excellent NA mod. He doesn't do a lot of work on the forums he seems as more a behind the scenes mod who works on bans and stuff like that (I could be wrong) but I know he's always busy helping out the game in some way.
  9. New schedule, New streams

    Good luck my friend. I will toon in if possible

    Kiper's insane

    Good luck i hope to see you guys a lot
  12. TLKC Recruiting

    --------------The Lost Kings--------------- Recruiting players that speak PERFECT ENGLISH -We play NA/EU official, PVP servers, Caliwood, Survival, battle royale and many other games. -Looking for devoted/loyal members with great teamwork and a chill/fun attitude. NO MULTICLANNING. -Age requirement is 18+ (or close to it) Do not message us if you're an unreliable child who hops from clan to clan looking for instant gratification. -The only main skill requirement we have is teamwork but -10,000 or +5000 would be good. If we decide that you have good teamwork or potential, we will make you a full member regardless of rep. -Have a decent mic or headset/Play in a quiet environment with NO background noise. -DO NOT SPAM/Respect all members in the game AND on discord/Be chill/don't rage and yell much or talk over people. -NO HACKING/cheating/glitching, or anything that's bannable. -Have a good GI and sustain your own GI. (we require screen shots of it.snipers,sniper ammo, dx, and shields) -Don't make loot your focus, DO NOT beg for free stuff, and don't rage at people over gear. -Be a TEAM PLAYER during pvp/learn callouts/don't touch peoples loot or make it your focus/don't ragequit/don't come in bambi. -We have friendly members from all over the world. *We have clan shields on the marketplace. *Multiple private servers for DEVOTED members. *Many clan events with multiple prizes. Tell me a bit about yourself and follow up with a screenshot your ENTIRE characters page. After a short voice interview to determine if you're a good fit for this clan, we'll add your characters and give you a tour
  13. MrSpartanCorz Montage #16


  15. New one :)

    Great fucking clips wb
  16. NA Player Base Suggestion

    Oh shoot okay. Well it was just an idea, maybe in the future when the game gets some more NA players and maybe you guys would have an NA admin by then to. Thank you for trying
  17. NA Player Base Suggestion

    Suggestion to possibly get NA player base back or at least some of it is make some future super cup tournaments around NA time. I noticed as an NA player, when my clan wanted me to play the super cup I couldn't because the times always ended up being around the time I was at work or at school. I know it's difficult to put the matches together and you guys did a good job of it after the first day but just a suggestion.
  18. NewZ in 2018 #2

    But it's how you handle that daily complaining that represents the game *hint hint at why you lose some players
  19. NewZ in 2018 #2

    He's not starting drama, everybody agrees these are good points for the most part, you asked for suggestions and the community is giving them, even your fellow admins so please do not be rude even if you don't agree.
  20. yeah i miss the old newz to

    Okay well you're most likely not getting that old warz back. The community likes this version better otherwise it wouldn't have changed. Please try and understand
  21. TLKC Recruiting

  22. yeah i miss the old newz to

    @uzumr2 It takes me literally 20 minutes to farm 10-15 snipers through Varo, NATO, Ridgeway, and Death Valley. Just put some effort into it and you'll be fine