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  1. Sorry for the spam loves
  2. Thank you
  3. Zecrasta

    NewZ 27

    New Vid lmk what you guys think
  4. After my first one was copyrighted here is the new version
  5. Zecrasta

    NewZ 25

    I just came back from my 10 month break let me know what you guys think!
  6. Don 't speak for old ISS players. Cuz I disagree with you and I played way back WarZ alpha
  7. I hope you guys enjoy! FYI, I don't make montages to show skill, I make them because I enjoy playing the game and people should realize that.
  8. Psychological is the Leader of SimpleX, apply here!
  9. I agree, 5-6 months ago I got 30 ping in servers now Im always between 100-110. It just seems like there are no west coast servers anymore, this is the only game I have a ping problem with when I'm playing in US servers.
  10. Zecrasta

    Wake up.

    chrisb was cool but not famous, glad blows, ss left to play pubg, geneticzz idk really know what happened. But nobody was famous, being famous for playing video games is for people like summit, who can play all day and have way more then enough to pay their house bills.
  11. Zecrasta

    Wake up.

    nobody was ever famous in NewZ, just players trying to enjoy the game
  12. Yea lets leave the leaning in PUBG
  13. Since NewZ is apart of Steam now, when they have a summer sale, do you think you guys will for GC? I know you just addressed this but just curious. They do it randomely too.
  14. Loren I missed watching you play good clips
  15. I just started a couple weeks ago!
  16. One thing that I noticed already is that I can't have more then one inboxed message. I am trying to reply to Pm's and I can only send and recieve one at a time for some reason
  17. I am loving the new forums, thank you Moderators and Developers for updating them! I only see good things happening from here!
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