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    TLKC Recruiting

    thank you
  2. Can we have the Reputation, KDR, Killstreak back above the healthbar please. I thought that was the most useful amazing thing ever and believe the new way to check just gets you killed. Anyway, not that big of a deal I just like the old way better.
  3. Zecrasta

    TLKC Recruiting

    bump cuz i suck
  4. Zecrasta


    That just has to do with skill my dude. I started a new montage series called road to reckless and I made that character week- week and a half ago and Im already 5k rep away from Reckless already
  5. Zecrasta

    Anybody remember This?

    It wasnt supposed to be useful it was just a good laugh
  6. Zecrasta

    Anybody remember This?

    before I took a break the first time, still brings joy to my life.
  7. Zecrasta

    Looking for group, old player

    Idk if you remember me or not but we played together awhile ago like 10 months or so ago before I took a break. Good community here friend
  8. Zecrasta

    NewZ 32

    ty ty
  9. Zecrasta

    NewZ 32

    The Spam for being missing a week of posting
  10. Zecrasta

    SuperCup 2018 - Week 3 (15/05 / 23/05)

    Just make sure there's not 500 dd05 friends in the same channel as the people competing next time
  11. Zecrasta

    TLKC Recruiting

  12. Zecrasta

    KCKP JaS1LdQ #2

    Good clips!
  13. Zecrasta

    Looking for People

  14. Zecrasta

    LF Clan Open World / Caliwood

    Good community here
  15. Zecrasta

    TLKC Recruiting

  16. Zecrasta

    NewZ 31

    thank you!
  17. Zecrasta

    NewZ 31

  18. Zecrasta

    NewZ 31

    Kiper you know I love you. Banter is the only thing that makes this game fun, I never mean anything I say in game.
  19. Zecrasta

    TLKC Recruiting

  20. Zecrasta

    TLKC Recruiting

    Thank you friend
  21. Zecrasta

    need clan

  22. Good montage Geneticzz always coming out with the good stuff
  23. Zecrasta

    Looking for Clan

  24. Zecrasta

    NewZ Montage

    Check out the new vid! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OykUS7ETPWE&feature=youtu.be