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  1. I dont know if you guys realize that the HK rockyford server doesnt have a clan limit or not, but uhh yea. If you guys would like to fix that, that would be great. Even my clan abuse it and it's annoying to see that many people play from one group on ROCKYFORD. If it is not a problem and you have it that way on purpose please correct me.
  2. Zecrasta

    new fragmovie

    Loved the song good montage minus ping
  3. I have 90 ms on US and 140 on EU, I believe it's you that needs to get internet sir
  4. I mean that's cool Ig but LOAD isnt good, just a bunch of Laggy Thais who play with 300+ ping on EU and US servers
  5. That's like part of the game tho. They shouldn't have to do anything for that
  6. Still cannot connect to two of my US Private servers, can connect to my EU one just fine, when will the problem be fixed?
  7. I like it cuz you're an amazing player.
  8. Zecrasta

    NewZ 34

    thank you
  9. It's not the asians fault they have nowhere to play. All you are just babies crying about a cause that'll never be fixed.
  10. all you complaining about not being able to beat Thais are just bad Kappa. I agree that it is a problem facing asians on EU servers, but for us U.S. players it's aids facing asia, sa, and everybody else around the globe. So just play the game and don't complain
  11. why do you keep doin g this to oyurself
  12. Zecrasta

    NewZ 34

    thank youuuu
  13. Zecrasta

    NewZ 34

  14. Possibly give the lifetime more loadouts, maybe like a monthly gd skinbox, or just something. I feel they deserve a little extra then just the basic premium
  15. Also, if you reduce benefits of regular premium do you think maybe you could at least a little more benefit for the forever premium?
  16. z3tx shit talkers got the boot already?
  17. Im excited for the patch coming up, I think it's a little dumb you reduced the regular premium loadout slots from 10 to 5 but besides that this looks like it will be a great patch
  18. Good luck with the turnout. It's good for the community
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