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  1. Server Changes

    Finally a change in the right direction. Thank you devs so much.
  2. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    The games been dying for months because of these problems and you guys do nothing what's new. Fred or other devs/mods just bash us for giving our opinons because they dont agree with them. GG wp, why support a game where they dont help the community in anyway or listen.
  3. NewZ 37

    Please figure out your servers. Ily Thank you
  4. NewZ 37

    Please go back to the old servers or something to. It seems you have downgraded. Or at least U.S. you did. All west coast United States players now get around 100ms in US SERVERS. About 200 on EU now. You basically ruined the game even more for me, adds to another reason why I am quitting. These are clips I had left over. Enjoy
  5. Taking a Break

    I can no longer play NewZ. Thais have completely ruined the game for me as they have for almost every other game related to this. They have become a huge problem to not only me but the community in general. I have a full terabyte of clips of them just killing me behind walls, shields, fences, ect. Another thing is NA is completely dead you drove away the entire NA population somehow with each giving update you break something when you add something. When the one NA PvP server gets filled, it's filled with Thais and EU. EU is manageable Thais are not. Hopefully this game revamps itself, hopefully you listen to the community in what they ask, because they are right.
  6. Ping Limited Server Discussion

    I only play like an hour or two if my friends are on. Games not worth it anymore because of this issue alone
  7. Looking for good clan!

    Try here
  8. Infestation: The NewZ - PVP Montage #18 [GODS]

    +1 nice montage, chill asf
  9. new montage :)

    Good montage
  10. Classic song I love it. Great as usual
  11. First test video

    Really enjoyed the music and plays good montage
  12. Seems I have let the game get the best of me in some situations, hense the reason I received a 3 hour ban earlier today. I am sorry for my "racial slurs" towards the Thais. Just the 300 ping gets to me. Anyways, won't happen again and Im sorry to anybody I offended. Regards, Zecrasta
  13. NewZ 36

    I am! Forgive me but I do not remember you
  14. NewZ 36

    Ty Heartbreak
  15. NewZ 36

    So I played all day yesterday and this is what I came up with in editing, tried something a little new, lmk what you guys think