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  1. I've bought another 8 more gigs of ram and i've been playing with 16 gbs of ram for the last two weeks and didn't solve my problem, the fps remained the same and nothing changed at all. waiting for the next patches to see if increase of correct this problem.
  2. I talked with silenterror and fredaikis in your teamspeak and fred told me that he would lootk into it, that this problem could be by some bug on the code of the game or something related with amd ryzen. He told that would by some ryzen and test it to see if he can find the problem. If any of u are still reading this topic, tell me when you find solution for this problem. The only thing that i can do for now is just wait for u to fix this problem. Thanks for the attention.
  3. I dont like to use fast load because i gain 20fps and i walk to much through the map and drops to 20 or 30,the load of the map is reallt annoying and bad for pvp. I play on potato but i wanted to play on high or ultra,if weren't for this problem and situation i suppose that i should be playing on this quality.
  4. I played yesterday at night and my fps may increase 5 ou 10 fps,i don't know the real increase,but now is freezing more to load players or the map itself with fast load off, I think the only solution is just wait for the next upcoming patches and see if it solve my problem
  5. Same thing,nothing change it at my point of view, i played a lot this weekend and the game still the same thing. By the way when the white grass will go back to normal? Already passed the christmas but i think it's still winter in EU and NA.
  6. All of those steps that u mentioned above I've done when chupacabra answered me on the first ticket that i made; About this,i play in 1920 x 1080p resolution in POTATO settings, V-Sync OFF, antialising off and ssao OFF, Fast load OFF and the option of disable item Pyshx don't seems that has any affect on my fps because with turned on or off it stays the same low fps, cities with too many people makes the fps drop a lot and freezes much too. I saw a streamer with the same settings playing infestation,he has a ryzen 5 1600x that only has the clock base and boost faster than mine but mine is overclocked at 3.6 on all cores and he has 16gb of ram, I only have 8 but it seems that this don't have so many impact. He was playing with Fast load ON and he's fps was like 40/50/60 all the time in caliwood with some textures and terrain in high(with fast load ON i've noticed that has an up of 20 fps) It means that with the Fast load OFF he should have 20/30 fps at all times, As jewdiciousorange "The game seems poorly optimized for AMD hardware in general" I'm not a developer or something like that,but this sentence makes so much sense to me as i ask to my friends with intel computers and has higher fps, above 100+.
  7. Any Devs or someone to help me solve this problem? I'm still waiting for answers.
  8. Have you Checked to see if your monitor is connected to the GPU or the motherboard? Have you tried to monitor your temps? have you ran some malware scans? have you tried to down grade your GPU drivers? My monitor is connected to the gpu and not the motherboard,if was in the motherborad wouldn't even do video; All my temps are fine,my graphics card doesn't pass 50 °C and my processor the same,all my temps are fine; I did a fresh windows install some days ago and i only download some programs and games,nothing else,i don't believe that is a malware problem because i play every game just fine,but infestation not. i didn't tried to downgrade my gpu drivers, but since i have this graphics card by 5 months, i think that this is not the problem.
  9. My drivers are all updated with the last version.
  10. I already made a ticket and i just started this post to see if anyone else that has amd or has similar specs have the same issue or people that have this issue could ask or some dev answer me with some solution. I've tried many things to solve this problem but it does not desappear and its getting worse. I like the game very much, and i just wanted to play with high graphics settings and high fps with no freezes or stuttering at all.
  11. Fps still the same thing,potato,low,medium,high,ultra,if i shoot anywhere my fps drops like 30 instantly.
  12. the hotfix of today i can't inform you because i'm not at home,but the two last ones didn't make any changes, dropped a few fps and the same problem. My friends that has intel processors reported that they have gain 20/30 fps more and i'm stuck.
  13. Hi I'm having this problem a long time ago and it seems that will never end with this problem, I can't understand why i play with 40/50 fps in potato or much lower in medium/high/ultra. Here is my computer specs(i'm creating this post at my work): ryzen 5 1600 3.6 ghz, 8gb ddr4 2666mhz, 240gb ssd Kingston, 1 TB hard drive, GTX 1070. I really don't understand what is the problem with this game, Chupacabra said to me to wait for this christmas patch but this patch just slowed my fps more and mostly of my friends has intel computers with graphics cards that performs worst than mine,like 1050ti, rx480, r7 280x and they play with much higher fps, like 100 or even more and I'm the only one that plays this game like shit.
  14. right peak, this guy just put barricades and shoot like doesn't have anything in front of him link: PLEASE BAN THIS GUYS,HE IS GLITCHING AND ABUSING OF BUGS
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