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  1. Moving on

    quitted game months ago, ill sticked to forums to see if anything good comes out for my friends so we could play again. I'll leave forums also and the game for good also since no actions were taken for this game to be playable.
  2. Weekend Event!

    You should focus more on 1 big mac than 5 big macs (open world + oregon + different mods). Population is spread too widely accross all the modes and pvp maps. Most of them duplicating ingame actions. People can pvp and pve everywhere on 1 main map and 1 main mode, they dont need special modes or servers to just pvp or to just pve. You made Oregon - develope it, add new places to map instead of new pvp maps. It looks like you are working against yourselves here. Do not listen too much on people's ideas - you develope the game and add things, atleast thats what "big" game developers are doinng - feedback is what you need to listen not all the ideas. its not the solution to close down servers 1 by 1 if the population is not there. thats just my point of view
  3. Patch 2.20

    maybe hire more people then who can carry out the new updates?
  4. New Z Survival 2.0

    -add snowy and stormy wheater around frosty pines/mt massive/wheater station/norad/ridge -1 hit from zombie = -20% of hp + 20% chance to get poisoned -display red circles on map when there is aggression in pvp so noobs can check where to not go and pvpers can check where pvp is -add spitters who spit toxic waste and cure needs new vaccine which is only craftable -add temperature bar so players need to find themselves new items like warm suit to loot mountainside citys -add missions for PvE (ex. kill 100 zombies - reward 2x MRE, 2 ammo, 1 medium bp, hatchet) -add jumping stamina -add heli crash sites (display message on global chat as somewhere an heli crashed) -food and water should decrease faster then it is now (you can loot hours with limited food & water) -make melees less powerful
  5. Hardcore Survival

    This game had so much potential but they fucked it up (atleast in my eyes) with that mass pvp action and easy loot. The game is endless deathmatch (in survival, in open world also - no1 ever leaves the spawn) I mean just look at those PvP videos - fucking spinning sniper montages in survival game. and 99% of the montages are recorded right in the spawn points. 2018 probably last year for SkinZ so gg, it was fun.
  6. does this look like aimlock to you?

    newZ logic for banning DX/shield macro: We cant stop people using macro fro DX/shield - everyone is free to use macro for DX + shield, enjoy bestest antimacro protection I've seen so far for years
  7. Server Changes

    connection issues are one thing, the most important thing is there are no decent updates. for every patch there should be somekind of addition to game itself. Either its a new gun, new cosmetic, new meta for guns/melees, new zombie w/e. you add new map but with same old GI - why the fuck for should anyone even log there if there is nothing else to do then camp ontop of new buildings? think from players perspective, if one has played the game for 5+ years, have obtained all variation of guns, ammo, meds, armor in the game there is to collect, it gets boring specially when you release new map with old GI or survival private servers - which basically killed the mod instantly. crafting system was big "hype" for the game - turned out total fail 80% of patchnotes are "added riot shield for jumping sniper clan" & "fixed crash related to.." during my time here I found you only added 1 item and even that turned out to be fail (tactical binoculars). Havent even tried the new map & never will if there is nothing to do on the new map. (no need to loot for pvp / or pvp over the best loot spots) all in all you do great by making these useless skins but other then that i predict when (dayz 0.63 is released - sorry for mentioning other game names) you can close all other servers also.
  8. How about some love for survival...

    how about stop creating these topics, nothing has been changed in survival for months, nor it will change in some time soon. theres 1552 posts in suggestions and there are no changes.
  9. Patch 2.18 (Part 2)

    No new GI for Oregon? Not even going to download then good job on the map anyway
  10. Game is s***

    And you speak English? "wtf r u" .."m8 cuz" ..."smth ofc cuz obv" Cant understand half of the shit you sayin
  11. NewZ in 2018

    Agree with everything 100%. new map + wipe would help a lot + you could advertise as a new birth for the game so new players or ones who quitted have reasonable point to join back again. the game has been turned into skinemulator. Lower the droprate in new map (AR+snipers+shields), invest in advertising using new map for basis. And add new items to the game (new weapons, gas mask that actually has a point, new pistols, maybe even trap system. food + water should have a point and infection also. At the moment the game is too heavily orientated to PvP - should be 50% pvp + 50% survival.
  12. LOOT

    I already left because of that + they added private servers to survival which means loot has no value anymore. everybody has everything in hundreds. Survival = should be hard, rare vaccines, rare weps, darker nights, no silencer, less cars, hp and food decrease even faster. I already mentioned that me and my friends quitted only because there were no difference between survival and open world almost. I remember those days when Kstyle. NVG was so rare in warZ that the you had to farm zombies 2 hours to buy it and it gave you advantage over other players who didnt have nvg. Thats what i call survival rarity.
  13. Survival DIES

    yeah something needs to be done, numbers speak for themselves every month -200...-300 players. People need more updates and updates that actually matter. "New map" idea has been out for 4 months, no new map still.
  14. Patch 2.18

    Great patch, what about missions (would give big boost to survival). They can be easy and give players something new to log in back each day. for example: day 1: kill 150 zombies - reward 1 melee, 5 bandages, 1 CO4 day 2: collect 100 cloth - reward 5 painkillers, large backpack day 3: collect 1 airdrop - reward 5000 xp day 4: kill 150 zombies in Campus + 150 zombies in Frosty Pines - reward Kstyle nvg + 1 melee + 10 painkiller day 5: kill 2 super zombies in Norad - reward kstyle nvg + custom + 5 antis day 6-7: kill 5 players - reward 5000 xp + 5x stanag30 + mtv + m9 nvg its just an example but something built in would give players each day something to go after and they would have fun doing it + it would move people from one place to another across the map (since you added hordes to woods it would make sense)
  15. Public Test Build/PTE

    its already too late imo