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  1. Hi. This will be the last discussion post I make on this topic. Thanks for sharing ideas and discussing stuff. 1. Don't really understand the answer "extremely low amount of player base is actually on the forums" whilst all the updates are based on community feedback from forum I expect? Haven't really noticed you have any other feedback system implemented in-game or anywhere else. 2. Well you have to listen to majority because these are the players who are most active. With rest? Rest will follow the majority anyways, always been and will be like that. 3. Quite sure most of the players would understand if you announce item global wipe to restart the game's economy and make changes to loot table.
  2. @Sven I just took a little time to go through feedback related topics and as far as I see you can clearly paint out a picture here. Seems like the feedback has been there throughout different times - just not heard. Also these pictures give answer to your previously written answer. "This is just a summary of a very difficult and complicated situation overall" - I actually think that the situation is quite clear for players - as there has to be drastic changes.
  3. I typed in some ideas/opinions but these are all from my perspective. My idea would be to remove all other servers/maps besides OW + Survival - as explained before these modes are most popular and most played ones. There could be many ways but I would suggest adding 2-3 servers with max population of 150 players - without the option to choose the server but only providing option "join game". This would get rid of the 9 pop servers and would gather players. Named change would also create a lot of PvP situations across map and there still would be space left for ones who are after loot. This would also give a meaning for the whole map because at the moment only high end military spots are being looted - other smaller cities/villages are dead/not used. Once these servers are filled another server could automatically go online (I guess you already use this system). This would work for both survival and OW. -Specially I do not see the point of "lounge" servers since these servers eat ~100 players from game. -Since trading is one of the most important elements in this game, instead of lounge there should be NPC-Exchange/Auction house/ in safe-zone where players can list all belongings straight from GI instead of trading them in lounge server 16 (or was it 32) at a time. It would save up a lot of time + players would be connected to "main" servers instead of branches. This would also automatically eliminate any scamming/stealing attempts. Crafting should be an rewarding way to obtain items that can not be obtained by other means (as of now there are useless bandages and silencers that are already in game). For example many players claiming there are some houses on map that can't be accessed - make a craftable key that unlock the door & secure some loot (e.g) Other crafting ideas: ATV which can't be picked up (crafted by parts), Arctic/Desert clothes for certain areas (only can be accessed with named clothes), Syringe - gives you full stamina, Sticks and cloth - backpack to name a few. -Logging out anywhere to access GI - also another factor that highly brings down loot value. Removal of this would bring back the excitement & up the value. -GI/skill/rep wipe would be reasonable for a fresh start. -Intense fog/rain/snow/storm - something players like a lot and makes gameplay exciting. -One of the big downsides for me at least is the fact that loot has no value in this game (either its Survival or OW) and that what kills the actions here. People don't really care if they lost bag full of snipers in OW or 10 red stalkers in Survival since its so easy to obtain. It's the scary knowledge of losing high value loot that affects the gameplay. Players dig that stuff.
  4. @Sven -I think its time to understand that these updates are too narrow. The actual content provided vs some useless additions is too high. -Survival gets so small attention and updates each patch. I mean really this mode is the pillar behind WarZ itself -This game has too many modes/maps that splits all the player base (even the most successful games don't have this much -At this point it seems like you guys are too scared to remove these useless modes because "people might leave if they dont have PvP maps" but doing this at all times have brought you to a spot where you have 1k and decreasing players - maybe its time to make drastic changes and grow a pair - no offense. Positive is that you work hard with calendars, missions and events which is major point for players to have a reason for logging in. I am not an active player for long time now but I suggest you remain only 2 modes. Survival & OW (most played + these modes cover all other ones anyway in each aspect). Work with crafting system - give players something useful to craft and make it reasonable and hard. Work with weather/objects - players dig it, snow, lightning, rain, rivers, new outfits not skins. Wipe would be a good solution here and start with 2 before named modes and yes to minimalize player loss you can always promote & advertise the fuck out of social media channels with some good videos & transcripts. It's a risk but hey - what do you have to lose?
  5. nVidia GeForce 950 GTX 8gb ram Survival Open world V1 pvp server - ~220 fps that pc is from 2010 or 2009.
  6. Maybe invest some time into PvE events also? idea 1: solo / 5 players on event map for example smallville hardened zombies (5 headshots with AR/ 10 melee swings to kill) will spawn every 60 seconds (1st wave 50 zombies, 2nd wave 150 zombies 3rd 250 etc) Agro radius is instant whoever survives the most waves (with limited equipment ofcourse) wins the prize. adjust event time to 20min idea 2: solo survival on event map for example military base normal zombies, 1 out of 5 is screamer, every 30 seconds 20 zombies spawn (regular) food and water decreases drastically from the first minute players have to find food and water to survive the conditions only melee weapon is used, after 5th minute, super zombie spawns or something like that.
  7. - Reward to those who bring friends with him to play the NewZ (5 friends = 700gc to create clan and rent private server for example) - that is also good for marketing - log-in daily to forums to earn 5k exp + 25k gd - also good for marketing + raises people awareness and gives 150% more feedback - its a survival game - increase the survival side for the better - pvp side is already taken care of (crafting bonfires / ammo / etc should be reasonable) (add items that can be aquired only by crafting and players actually need those items) - improve zombies (if not possible just add different skins to zombies) and make zombies stronger, 20% hp per hit, 30% chance of infection - at the moment zombies dont affect gameplay - add different zombies (night zombies with red glowing eyes / toxic zombies with green eyes) require 5 headshots to kill for example - missions - thats spot on here, I suggested it 1+ year ago but you did it, this is something that many specially PvE players will dig - wheather - this should be added rain/snow/storm whatever, it gives a lot to game like newZ even in its beta stage it would be something players are looking for - one thing that could really change things here would be auction hous/trader npc - would make survivors life of trading very comfortable (consider it highly because you have multiple language users in Forums + discord/game who cant even speak proper English, now imagine theres 50 of them in your trade lounge who only spam some random shit in their own language and basically waste their time there. @Sven I dont play newz anymore but I dont like to see it dying so I try to help.
  8. sgregor

    Moving on

    quitted game months ago, ill sticked to forums to see if anything good comes out for my friends so we could play again. I'll leave forums also and the game for good also since no actions were taken for this game to be playable.
  9. You should focus more on 1 big mac than 5 big macs (open world + oregon + different mods). Population is spread too widely accross all the modes and pvp maps. Most of them duplicating ingame actions. People can pvp and pve everywhere on 1 main map and 1 main mode, they dont need special modes or servers to just pvp or to just pve. You made Oregon - develope it, add new places to map instead of new pvp maps. It looks like you are working against yourselves here. Do not listen too much on people's ideas - you develope the game and add things, atleast thats what "big" game developers are doinng - feedback is what you need to listen not all the ideas. its not the solution to close down servers 1 by 1 if the population is not there. thats just my point of view
  10. maybe hire more people then who can carry out the new updates?
  11. -add snowy and stormy wheater around frosty pines/mt massive/wheater station/norad/ridge -1 hit from zombie = -20% of hp + 20% chance to get poisoned -display red circles on map when there is aggression in pvp so noobs can check where to not go and pvpers can check where pvp is -add spitters who spit toxic waste and cure needs new vaccine which is only craftable -add temperature bar so players need to find themselves new items like warm suit to loot mountainside citys -add missions for PvE (ex. kill 100 zombies - reward 2x MRE, 2 ammo, 1 medium bp, hatchet) -add jumping stamina -add heli crash sites (display message on global chat as somewhere an heli crashed) -food and water should decrease faster then it is now (you can loot hours with limited food & water) -make melees less powerful
  12. This game had so much potential but they fucked it up (atleast in my eyes) with that mass pvp action and easy loot. The game is endless deathmatch (in survival, in open world also - no1 ever leaves the spawn) I mean just look at those PvP videos - fucking spinning sniper montages in survival game. and 99% of the montages are recorded right in the spawn points. 2018 probably last year for SkinZ so gg, it was fun.
  13. newZ logic for banning DX/shield macro: We cant stop people using macro fro DX/shield - everyone is free to use macro for DX + shield, enjoy bestest antimacro protection I've seen so far for years
  14. sgregor

    Server Changes

    connection issues are one thing, the most important thing is there are no decent updates. for every patch there should be somekind of addition to game itself. Either its a new gun, new cosmetic, new meta for guns/melees, new zombie w/e. you add new map but with same old GI - why the fuck for should anyone even log there if there is nothing else to do then camp ontop of new buildings? think from players perspective, if one has played the game for 5+ years, have obtained all variation of guns, ammo, meds, armor in the game there is to collect, it gets boring specially when you release new map with old GI or survival private servers - which basically killed the mod instantly. crafting system was big "hype" for the game - turned out total fail 80% of patchnotes are "added riot shield for jumping sniper clan" & "fixed crash related to.." during my time here I found you only added 1 item and even that turned out to be fail (tactical binoculars). Havent even tried the new map & never will if there is nothing to do on the new map. (no need to loot for pvp / or pvp over the best loot spots) all in all you do great by making these useless skins but other then that i predict when (dayz 0.63 is released - sorry for mentioning other game names) you can close all other servers also.
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