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  1. create topic for what 99% of time kazimightonfire answers "we plan to add it on the next patch, just wait for new patch " - never anything has been added from those topics. 99% of time heartbreaker answers "Thanks for suggestions / Use discord to sell your items"
  2. New map suggestions -make servers for 200 players (since the map is so big) -monday-friday add daily quests for solo/group (collect, kill, earn exp etc), weekend pvp event, also add missions to complete with friend -remove log-out banking system and lockers (to prevent mass item collecting) -start with fresh global inventory -remove riot shield (cmon just look at that shield to shield jumping-spinning pvp montages in your video sector) -add crafting system to the new map -re-work crafting system - its shit, admit it -add back Helicopter crash sites Players -remove survival + pvp servers (players are spread too widely, most servers with 5-15 players, peak 70) -rework reputation system -add back hunger/thirst (has to be back in Survival game) -add back infection -remove skill Walker Stalker Drops -reduce droprate on snipers, high end AR's -increase droprate on Airdrops -add back old skin recipes (at the moment no1 even picks these up, uselss) Conclusion: You have too many game modes at the moment, BR, PVP, Survival, Open World. You should have 1 mode that fits the majority. Every mode has PVP in it (then why extra pvp servers?). You focus too much in PvP but should go for 50/50. Your game is not survival it has turned into warz deathmatch. You have survival + open world, basically same, survival just dont have snipers & shields/log-out banking.
  3. mountains but no caves? cave would be cool inside mountain secret military base.
  4. New map new beginning

    Drop rate same = useless. Drop rate must be lower because it should fit for player who come from survival. But not low enough that open world players wouldnt play.
  5. New map new beginning

    Be smart and add individual GI for the new upcoming map. So people have the will to disocver places and gather loot. Also reduce droprate significally on snipers, high end AR's and DX, nvg. Would be smart to remove the most cancerous item on the game - shields. Add safezones for banking only to the farest points of map. Add back food & water, make nights a lot darker. This is how you can combine survival + openworld into the new map that both partys enjoy playing. Remove open world and survival. If anyone wants to play pvp servers, they can use their old inventory? Bring this game back to alive ?
  6. Survival DIES

    thats why I quitted playing NewZ on the day they released private servers on survival mod. Me and my friends waited so long for survival mod to come out and when it did: 1. week - you discover that loot is lower and zombies were bugged (hitting twice with 1 hit) 2. week - for now you have gone through most of the recipes in crafting menu, realise there is nothing new added and start to understand that they actually did nothing 3. week - you already are in the same state as in Open world (I had over 100 AR's, 2 snipers, tons of ammo and meds) 4. week - you now understand that Survival Mod is nothing else but Open world and they decreased the loot only to make it differ from OW. 5. week - my friends quitted Survival mod + newZ in general 6. week - If you scroll down to "Offtopic" you can see I am giving all my stuff away in a Giveaway. Its not that they are doing a bad job, they are doing fine but for playerbase of 3-500 daily. For me NewZ has lost its potential game to invest my time into. It has surival, open world, pvp servers, battle royale - for what? They should focus on Open world and maybe survival (with major changes) Most importantly they dont add new content - few seasonal skinboxes and items old as 5 years (autumn, winter etc) ? No1 gives a flying fuck about 20 lines of riot shield additions. people need new content as: new items (new meds, new weps, new airdrop variations, missions, zombies, daily missions, new map). Anyways I am (so are my friends) done with this game - apparently even the new map means no interest to me because its the same with everything (zombies, guns, melees, no missions, items etc) else besides citys - congratz you can loot the same stuff you've been looting in warz for 10 years again in different environment.
  7. Giveaway

    thats correct. I will contact you and will handover all these items listed above. Thanks to everyone who took part in giveaway.
  8. Giveaway

    No correct answer yet
  9. Giveaway

    You are close, choose 1 only.
  10. Giveaway

    close but both wrong
  11. Giveaway

    Since I moved on to other game and have not been playing this game for month or two. I am giving away following: 34 MLN GD ~100 different snipers with ammo ~4k DX ~sniper ar ammo ~200 HV+kstyle nvg How to win (all items will be given to winner who predicts colour + nr)? guess my favourite number and colour (nr is between 1-10)
  12. Any eta on new map

    Any eta? When can we re-install this game for new map ?
  13. Sven any snow areas? Make upper map part snowy ? would make sens + would be cool.
  14. ...::: Pac's shop :::...

    "Trading Surival items for Open World items or Open World GD to buy Surival items is prohibited in Infestation NewZ" every topic and stuff gets deleted where players trade open world GD for survival items. and here is NewZ moderator offering GD for survival items, totally legit
  15. correctional facility?