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  1. I have no issue with the respawn iteself but i often get items missing from my load out that i know are there but dont appear when i repawn such as nvg or my melee weapon wont be there if though its in there
  2. When is new map patch coming please? I want area 69 now ?
  3. well wouldnt you think it unusual for a private server that is open to everyone that has been running for some time has NO GI LOCKERS AT ALL? anyway it doesnt matter because all the boxes have mysteriously reappeared!!! so i dont have a clue whats going on if developers are playing around with me or the game is glitching but im not the only one, a friend called firefly was on my server earlier and he was complaining all his boxes where gone but now are back so got me stuffed!!!
  4. Dude go to my ssrver its called assault on hong kong ssrvers you will see ALL gi boxes gone, not one in the whole server not just mine and i play everyday and its an open ssrver most of time, so others log in and out all the time. I NEED SOMEONE TO AKNOWLEDGE SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED AND INVESTIGATE PLEASE
  5. i think he meant 3 weeks of inactivity in the server not individual boxes but i log in to my server every day so not a valid answer
  6. the white gi boxes. i just sent a support ticket and was told the boxes auto disappear after 3 weeks of inactivity then closed my ticket!!!! my server is active and i play every god damn day!! the server has been unstable for 2 days, crashing and getting kicked to desktop but only on private server, official servers im fine so its NOT my connection and then today all boxes are gone!!! WTF
  7. Whats the point in having a support team if you dont GIVE support!!! i sent a tickets asking why my gi boxes had disappeared. They just said gi boxes automatically disappear after 3 weeks of inactivity then closed the ticket!!!!! WELL A LOT HELP THAT WAS GUYS!!!! first of all i have a month left on my private server and i play EVERY GODDAM DAY!!!!!! my server has been unstable for the last 2 days, constantly crashing and getting kicked to desktop and now all the gi boxes are gone!!! I WANT THEM BACK AND THE SERVERS FIXING!!!!
  8. yeah still got 26 days left on server, sent a ticket off to support team
  9. Hey guys anybody else lose all the gi boxes on private servers? all mine are gone!!!! WTF
  10. you are missing the point!!! lockboxes should NOT be allowed to be placed at doorways, simple. Me allowing players to pvp and farm on my server doesnt make it my fault if someone abuses the lockboxes and blocks an area, thats like saying its the admins fault players hack on the game because they let players on the servers!! Just make doorways unaccessable for lockboxes, problem solved.
  11. how do i upload screenshots for reporting? where it says insert other media at bottom i click on this and it says you have no attachments, how do i attach?
  12. Hi, i have a private server and someone as put lockboxes down blocking doorways in the police station at death valley so now i cant access a gi box that is in one of the rooms. I was hoping you could remove boxes or least prevent this from happening again, it is unfair i cant access buildings in my own server i pay for!!
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