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  1. yes sure let me know you die at the end of those fight
  2. i'm not even in this fragmovie ty i see you dont like me
  3. kongming


    LOL you dont know this problem ? then tell me what the fuck are you doing the whole fucking day.... because every fucking one is complaining about it!
  4. kongming


    yes ofc we will fix this in next patch.... in 2 months
  5. tthe zombie horde in old iss when they made random spawn of zombie in the forest ^^
  6. btw bassboosted is a hacker
  7. NOO wayy this fucker killed me soo much in clear today i had some doubt but didnt know he was hacking
  8. kongming

    hacker prob

    haaa damn i forgot to do it, was impressed by his hack shooting though the wall is a rare thing sorry
  9. kongming

    hacker prob

    Name : Dipparn Check this guy is hacking 100% sure and i know what i'm talking about he aimbot me and shot my friend through a wall
  10. hoo my god how you got all of those items ?
  11. i agree with you on all the point well say man!
  12. i agree for all exept the sniper i think the spawn are ok i would just like to know like you said if every military place have a chance to drop a snip or its just only in airport?
  13. 10 sig and 20 scar red for vss ?
  14. i can sell you sig for tars is that ok ?
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