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    Was playing some spring valley on my stream when i met this nocliper... Ingame name: GREATEAGLE Here's a clip: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/253372720
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    well iknow, but it really looks like his just walking out of the building but maybe he was just hiding in the corner, thats why im asking
  3. Is this guy glitching inside the building or is he just hiding in the corner?
  4. I totally agree with Supernicklas! The game is fucking broken now... healt bar, graphics(!), the mini map, sensitivity change and the backpack... So bad! Least you guys could to is to make this only for the Survival mode! That i think would be a great idea, but changing it on everything is just stupid. In my case its not possible to pvp anymore if this is going to be a standard thing, and for me the pvp is whats fun in this game. And I know im not alone when saying this! So making this standard is just going to destroy the game and make most of the players quit!
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