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  1. I'm not here to get items where is the fun to loot and log out without killing anyone ?
  2. Here we go, Well, these are the things, i suggest to rework : Wipe snipers without any exceptions and make them REALLY rare ( like Alpha) Rework craft system (for example : crafting a stanag 30 is bullshit and crafting lockers is a good idea) Rework the red stalker as it was before and make it rare to get like the night stalker for example. Add more wood shields or riot shields, in 1vs6 what are u supposed to do ? Bandages, antibiotics, pain killers have to be easy to find in medic spots and the rest more rare. Colorado v2 + Caliwood is enough about the maps
  3. The problem is solved, i joined some official survival servers and it crashed my game but now it's working, thanks for your attention
  4. Hey hey hey, I got a problem since today when sometimes i join a server i got an error saying "couldn't connect to the server" and it closes my game, or sometimes when i can join i got disconnected with the same error. If u guys have an idea (please don't tell me i need to reinstall the game Kappa) Gute Taube Overback
  5. Smallville + HIGH Jump best idea ever
  6. Hey Hey Hey, I'm having issues with the game since 2 weeks, when i join a map, i get many fps drops it goes to 3-10 and it goes back to 150 fps. I never got the problem before, i reinstalled twice the game, i use to play it without Steam, and all my graphics in low. Here is my config : Windows 7 Pro Intel Core i5 4430 CPU Nvidia GTX 1060 Btw i have any issues with the other games Thanks for your time BehindYou
  7. already on discord, thanks babyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. HeyGuys, I'm gonna show you what i'm selling in the Survival mode : https://gyazo.com/832362f576e74e2f891d34744ff5003a https://gyazo.com/6aa44ccc05ac82302c2aa9f7bc62ff2f https://gyazo.com/eb3b69e99a1e19f6ae2cb3070cce90eb https://gyazo.com/660645371bce857b819d413973068841 https://gyazo.com/c34f10cc8f3909b6c1b37deb3e635f3f - 6 Lockers Offer me below the post if you seek for anything. BehindYou
  9. HeyGuys, I'm selling these skins, if you're interested, offer me below https://gyazo.com/97483aca176c3a47ad6935b86341739f BehindYou
  10. Overback

    Sneaky Mode

    You never played Warz ? how did players on the old one ?
  11. HeyGuys, https://gyazo.com/34393a7f432cd215cd529a17fe5f9b7 Offer me for which skin you want. BehindYou
  12. Overback

    Sneaky Mode

    Brain move ? explain what you're figuring out
  13. Overback

    Sneaky Mode

    ye but u could hear footsteps in the houses and not here with the sneak mode that's why it's ridiculous, we aren't on csgo
  14. Overback

    Sneaky Mode

    HeyGuys, I suggest to remove the "sneaky" mode (idk how to call it, it's about when you're walking without making any noises) who is in my opinion absolutely ridiculous. When people spawns behind you, ghosting because they know you're somewhere near them, it's really annoying to be killed easily without hear any footsteps. BehindYou
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