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  1. Another patch , another f**k up .

    useless to make any post about the spread or the spawn system anymore, they won't listen to us but well, soon it will be too late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. H E N T A I pvp montage #8

    t'es qui mdrr
  3. AR spread, FPS spikes

    a lot of people complaining about spread but well , i don"t think they won't change it back since they don't know how stupid is the bullet dispersion right now
  4. open world reputation issue

    so explain us why we all lost a huge amount of fps(60 to 80 for myself) with this spawn system patch ? why makin the spread randomly if it's a pvp server ? i mean you want to stop macro fire players but it affect also normal players.
  5. open world reputation issue

    +1 and bring back the old spread, also.
  6. FPS Problems

    +1 put also the old spread, don't know why you changed it anyway since it's affected everyone and not only macro fire players
  7. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    i don't use any rapid fire or any kind of macro for the weapon and i can tell you that the spread affect "legit" players at the point its pretty unplayable. i mean where is the skill now ? well you tried to stop macro rapidfire player but, this isn't the good way to stop them
  8. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix)

    and also you should decrease the time loot are despawning in pvp servers, like from 10 to like 2 min since everybody spawning and despawning items when they die. it should fix a little bit the fps issues.
  9. Infestation: NewZ - Montage#12 - GRUMPY VS NAZIS

    who knows.. 8)
  10. Infestation: NewZ - Montage#12 - GRUMPY VS NAZIS

    oh no dont make mad the high team , they will insult like a baby all the day some people shouldn't take this game too seriously or they will end up with no job , no wife and no life LOL
  11. dx wipe and its result

    +1 every week i need to buy dxs and its literally a pain in the ***. 2K is really expensive imo , 1K could be great since all players wich are bambis take green bandages lol. some players said or will say go farm but man , it's not like the game is a pvp based, we don't want to farm anymore, well, for pvp players
  12. Patch Notes - 2017/08/14

    When new clothes gonna be buyable ?
  13. Patch Notes - 2017/08/10

    expect nothing from anyone and you will never be disappointed