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  1. yes need to be 1 server on corlorado v1 so all players will be there and try to fight each other
  2. this caly isthe best think i ever play finely something good OG maps=bst maps if you can do that with all maps im not gonna leave newZ for 1 min
  3. finely you guys understand that... nothing better then old <3
  4. i open heavy already selling for 200m :D
  5. can i ask why you guys remove the grass from the buldings in colorado it was nice look more like survival game now its like someone clean the streats everyday and is not even cool to play..... can you bring it back ?
  6. me no poor but im bambie ;D and ye im lazy ;D
  7. will be cool and if the xp for hardenet its not like in open world 150k its much i think !!!
  8. this look 100 % better then devs heavys will be cool if we got this one
  9. the night was one of the best things in this game and there is no more bambies and ppl need to join with gear if they want to do something
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS give back the old feeling
  11. https://www.strawpoll.me/17276004/r for remove the 2X speed
  12. remove the speed this is trash like that game
  13. no one using this items in the market make it like 1k for 1 stanag or shields or the dx no one selling and ppl need no one need hachet
  14. this event was the best think ever the Br was so fun u have chance to survive and bad players can win cuz they have ope ar and can win everything was balanced
  15. can we find the box on the chs tree ?
  16. Name: KeroPlay Discord:[GOSU]KeroPlay#5883 Reputation: Warrior
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