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  1. KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    good GL everyone Have fun with the game
  2. Survival - Clan System

    good idea
  3. Remove MIXED for small maps.

    will be good if they remove the respawn system from rockey
  4. Patch 2.19

    ols rockeeee HYPE GOOD JOB boyssssss
  5. Patch 2.18 (Hotfix)

    opaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lets gooooooo boys 24-7 newZ
  6. Missions and Events discussion!

    BACK THE OLD HEAL BAR OR CREATE THE OPTION WHERE WE CAN CHANGE IT back the old PvP maps like rocky west oaks back the old spawns and remove this shit now you guys do this for ppl with slow PC but now they have 10 fps you dont need to loading 1 minute like before but now we have low fps i lose like 100 fps for what to load more fast