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  1. Actually, the rep system it's fine in pvp servers, they're practically for farming rep, and remember that the reputation IS JUST A NUMBER, doesn't affect your gameplay at all, I've seen civilians than play better than me lol. If you try to explain that the new spawn system is the problem, you're completely wrong. I would say something about open world: 15 seconds of spawn doesn't give you enough time to actually get to the loot of the guy you killed... in your way to loot the body, the enemy will already spawn and probably kill you if you don't have knowledge of the spawns. (Assuming that the objective of open world is for get loot). Maybe adding more spawn time in open world will fix something. Sorry for my english, tried to do my best lol
  2. Like the title says, (for obvious reasons) it would be nice. Less time spending when moving items in the GI lockers from the inventory.
  3. I have a question, difference (in loot) between private and premium server?
  4. Let me answer some of your questions... 1) The fact of having FREE ITEMS everyday being premium, its unfair by itself. You're having items that other normal player should get for himself. Normally the rewards are SIG SAUER'S, custom guerrila's etc.. You can find them EASYLY running in some spot for a few minutes. No problem on that. 2) Don't talk about unfairness above other players, if you're begging more rare items. That is unfair and you're being hypocrite. 3) Do you really have a problem with money?, I'm premium too, and I have no more that a week playing NewZ (I came for WarZ, like 5 years playing this game) and I have like 2,000.000 of GD just connecting a couple of hours a day and maybe more. If you mean GC Discounts, well, that's not gonna happen. 4) If you gonna buy deluxe, premium or extreme, you're assuming that you are putting money on A VIRTUAL GAME. No real life rewards and shit. If you don't agree the statments on each upgrade, just don't buy it. Remember that is JUST A GAME. The point on a game is having fun. (For me atleast) I hope i've helped you. Greetings.
  6. As you probably know, the health bar has been changed. The problem is that the 90% of the players don't actually like it. I gonna tell you why admins and moderators, with the old health bar (in a pvp ofc), we had a better idea about what is going on with your health... It was very simple to see and determine if we need to use meds or not. The problem with this new bar, is that it is separated by segments and that DOES NOT MAKE A GOOD IDEA ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING. (The problem isn't that we are so used to the old bar, that we are not getting used to the new). At least you got to make it like a REAL BAR, not SEGMENTED BAR. It's not the same to see this bar (Photo 1), That see the other bar. (Photo 2). I made an example. Thanks for reading, and sorry for my english.
  7. From 50-70, to 20-30, so wtf...
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