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  1. Crystal Lake Resort

    Hello, Today We killed 2 players who went in 2 roofs in Crystal Lake Resort then next they respawned and killed us with ots from another roofs Can u tell me how the fuck they get there? (Just look video) If they got there by cheats Can I ask admins to check logs from EU 006 from 13.50pm - 14.30 pm, our nicks are visible on yt film. https://youtu.be/Jo3MYiBa23w @edit Here is an another video where we can see that guy https://youtu.be/Et2zVR59A4U Nicks in game: GSCREVICE GSDED ASILLYDUDE
  2. Ideas for better Open World

    I knew about survival but on this not playing a lot people..
  3. Ideas for better Open World

    I don't think may some players gonna out from game but a amount of new players will rise up
  4. Ideas for better Open World

    Hello. I've got some ideas to make this game better than now, as we know game have problems with players, some time in the past game was really amazing and there were a lot of players each server, now not much. Thats what I suggest: - Wipe characters on Open world, may not skills but equipment -Debuff super zombie He killing a lot of new players and remove from less civilian locations. -Sniper rifles should be harder to find cause we can find it everywhere that's the most why the new players can't stay with this game cuz.. There is a lot of skilled players which one can take for a example. SVD and shoot him into head.. This game is much interesing when We can come to close range and fight, actually it looks like "I see guy *Bah* I headshoted him with snipe" Hope this gonna get to more people Have a nice day.
  5. Daily

  6. Daily

    Hello guys I'm actually logged in Infestation The NewZ and I didn't get that daily box how can I recive it?
  7. Servers for beginner

    Okey, Can you tell us when the patch will arrive to game?
  8. Servers for beginner

    Is that will be open for all or players have to register to this beta?
  9. Servers for beginner

    @kazmightONFIRE Can you pin down when it will come?
  10. Servers for beginner

    @Glad Yep it's saying it. Actualy beginner servers are the best, cuz playing there a lot of people. Ofcourse u can go fight to the pvp servers but on this type servers u can't get fun with friends. Those servers are typical DM. Official servers : Only what u can do killing that nervous super-zombie to survive in location or hide in forest and wait. Beginner servers : A lot of fun
  11. Servers for beginner

    Hello! I'm EvageR and I came there to talk about those servers for begginers , and give you 2 of my suggestion, cuz I really enjoyed game. In description on those servers we can read "For players who have less than 12h on their account". I did 107h in game (2days 21h and 12m on 1 survivior) and it blocked my access to them . 107h isn't 12h right? (Did 12h in 1 day :D) Actualy the condition of officials or premium servers are worse than beginners. So my suggest is : For beginner servers : after 12h block beginner OR delete this time, cuz a lot people creating secondary account to play there becouse only on beginners servers u can find a lot people or for official servers : Nerf super-zombies to draw players there, cuz official servers are actually boring and people only came to them for free loot and exp from mega zombies. *If I do a mistakes with language don't be so toxic for me, cuz I'm not very good with languages"