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  1. since i start play this game i always tell it this game needs Auction house like Register item write price and sell it ... but no we need to enter Trading longue talk with thais mic
  2. title Experience / gd bonusses (if account is prem.) for example villain %10 GD /exp after assasin title %25 Gd/exp warmong %50 etc dunno it could push people to play more , and also we need impressive good quests i mean why still there is no quests? like 100 k exp quest kill on death valley 15 super zombie or blow enemy car 200 k exp , Gd bonus etc i wait answer from admins ?
  3. -OTS Modernblack 2.5m -Fairy Tale HEAVY ARMOR 14m -Military Halloween 2m -Blaser HyperMonster 2m -M4A1 Void 2m prices are last dont offer less
  4. thebioshock

    why not?

    1) make offical servers less please bcz its like 3/100 -10/100-70/100 i mean unbalanced2) you guyz dropped item rates on super zombies %100 im sure about it i get really really less drop 150 super zombie -1 tactical weapon create maximal 15 sniper old times it was better3) zombie kill quest. And quest Counter effect top of screen like kill xxx zombie get zk spawner snipers etc (daily 1) 4) auction house ( like register item to online mall ) bcz selling sth hard as hell 5) long range zombie kill bonus like 3000 usd , (sniper users could do this for prize i mean its not a big deal just 3k for sniper bullet money)6) Zombie jackpot 100 k (%0,20 per kill its really low rate ) very low chance and jack pot sound like tatatatammm . Why not? This is what i thing and even all of them simple modifications
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