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  1. Awesome patch. great for all gamemodes. well done!
  2. KiLL3r


    Can we see more ranks?
  3. So European time means CEST?
  4. The trailer's music is awesome
  5. Tag: BoS Region: EU Discrod: [BoS] KiLL3r#7416
  6. Im not sure myself 100%. They always dropped as "shield like" items. i think they still do but very rare. Vehicles spawn at certain spots though. you should be able to just pick up those
  7. Sadly we didn't get enough teams for it. Time to close
  8. I feel like alot of players are applying for more than 1 team lul
  9. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: Brotherhood of Steel (BoS)COUNTRY/REGION: GermanyPLAYERS**: 1. KiLL3rTV (CLAN LEADER) 2. Rosa Tuff Tuff3. Sugar-Daddy4. 6ix9ine5. Hubsi Pupsi6. Big Papa Don7. N E M E S I S8. Tante Erna Contact: [BoS] KiLL3r#7416
  10. BTW i think it would make sense to make it possible to gear up your character once you died. That way you can fill the useless time until you are able to respawn
  11. Leave it the way it is is my oppinion. If you want more players to buy account subscriptions you could think about lowering the timer for deluxe/extreme users. 5 mins for premium is already pretty low. It shouldnt turn too much into open world and leave some survival factor to that mode
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