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  1. ok so i have been testing the season pass for a couple of hours now. the XP needed are certainly too high / the XP you get for kills (Zombies/SZ/AZ/Players) is too low. Of course its supposed to be a challenge but you need 300k Zombie kills. I have about 470k on my account and been playing for years. so hmm..
  2. nice work bois and ...well only bois
  3. General Rules: 1. Always listen to what KiLL3r is saying 2. Only the equipement listed is allowed, meds/ shields/ amount of ammo doesnt matter 3. No teamkills on purpose in any mode 4. Not listening to the rules will result in a kick from the server and an excluse from the current match 5. No password will be given to people who haven't been following the rules 6. If you die by someone not following the rules you have the right to receive the password to rejoin 7. No self justice when being hit (killing when being shot); wait until you die, the other player will be punished 8. Going outside safe zones might result in being killed. If you die before a match starts its your own fault. 9. No spamming the chat/ voice chat 10. If your death is your own fault, no password will be given to you for the current round Deathmatch rules: 1. 2 Leaders pick their teams, everyone else has to wait in the middle inbetween the red and blue area; KiLL3r will assign you to the right side once you are picked. 2. All players need to stay in the safe zones until the teams are made, if you die before being on the battlefield its your own fault 3. Once you are told to move to your sides, no killing will be allowed until the match starts 4. Camping/Hiding might result in being naded from above Tournament Rules: 1. Stay inside the safe zones until the tournament is started by KiLL3r to avoid getting killed 2. If you die before you can always rejoin until the password is changed 3. If you die after the password was changed it's your own fault 4. No shooting other players outside of a 1v1 fight STAY INSIDE SAFE ZONES UNTIL THE MATCHES START!!!
  4. Awesome patch. great for all gamemodes. well done!
  5. KiLL3r


    Can we see more ranks?
  6. So European time means CEST?
  7. The trailer's music is awesome
  8. Tag: BoS Region: EU Discrod: [BoS] KiLL3r#7416
  9. Im not sure myself 100%. They always dropped as "shield like" items. i think they still do but very rare. Vehicles spawn at certain spots though. you should be able to just pick up those
  10. Sadly we didn't get enough teams for it. Time to close
  11. I feel like alot of players are applying for more than 1 team lul
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