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  1. It's been 20 weeks now that i have started the weekly events with Glad. To celebrate that and as a thank you for all you guys participating, I'm going to add a leaderboards to our sunday events. How does that work? The leaderboard will be for Deathmatches and Tournaments only for now The points will stick to the character playing. If you switch char, you will have to start with 0 points again There will be points given to the winners: Tournament: 1st: 3p 2nd: 2p 3rd: 1p Deathmatch: Each winner will get 2p I'm going to add some document that i will be keeping updated. I'm also going to try working on some kind of rewards. Maybe monthly we will see. Today will be the first event where i will be counting points for the winners. We are starting soon so stay tuned! Edit: Leaderboards:
  2. Team Name : BoS #2 Nationality: Germany Players: Akame, Sergeant1german, Eraze1322, Comedy onFire, God Complex Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): B A S T I, V1, Heya M4lt3 here Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): [BoS] KiLL3r #7416
  3. Team Name : BoS #1 Nationality: Germany Players: Rosa Tuff Tuff, 6ix9ine(+), 6ix9ine(-), N E M E S I S, Tobi332 Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): Kill3rTV, Canibal Corp Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): [BoS] KiLL3r #7416
  4. Nice effort! Good luck!
  5. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    So guys, the tournament is over and we have a winner: Congratz to HIGH for getting to the first place! SK and NÜRN did great also and got the 2nd and 3rd rank. I want to thank everyone for participating and watching. I hope we can have more like this for the fute
  6. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    SK - HIGH 10.08. 9pm CEST
  7. i agree. Might get more people to buy some account subscriptions too
  8. KiLL3r


    Very nice montage! I love how it is different to most montages and shows some good gameplay. Props to you
  9. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

  10. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

  11. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    SOAC vs HIGH will be tomorrow 10pm CEST. come around
  12. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    Due to not following the tournament rules, team PASU had to be disqualified. Further information will be given in the stream. At the given time there will be a replacement match for SK and all the viewers
  13. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    Here is an update after the 2 matches today
  14. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup