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  1. KiLL3r

    Feedback: Revive Timer in Survival

    BTW i think it would make sense to make it possible to gear up your character once you died. That way you can fill the useless time until you are able to respawn
  2. KiLL3r

    Feedback: Revive Timer in Survival

    Leave it the way it is is my oppinion. If you want more players to buy account subscriptions you could think about lowering the timer for deluxe/extreme users. 5 mins for premium is already pretty low. It shouldnt turn too much into open world and leave some survival factor to that mode
  3. KiLL3r

    Infestation: The NewZ - PVP Montage #27 [GODS]

    nice shots!
  4. KiLL3r

    Weekend Event!

    Survival HYPE
  5. KiLL3r

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Survival shouldnt turn into OW... so no clans it needs to be special
  6. KiLL3r

    Patch 2.27

    I wish i could have checked out the new training map. it looked so good on stream
  7. KiLL3r

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    since the servers have been thrown together again, its more than fair to the solo players to keep the group limit at 2
  8. KiLL3r

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    In my oppinion there should be lower kind of weapons, making scar or imi tar etc from airdrops OP. There wont be much fun having everyone shooting around with snipers. What i would add is some kind of weekly rotation so there will always be different weapons for BR, which will make it interesting and bring a change. Lower weapons are fairer for new players and will make them being used also since you never use them in open world PvP.
  9. Cowboy Cup 2019 (read before applying!) General information: Important: Matches will only be played on FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS between 7 and 11 pm CET --> if you cant play to that time, don‘t apply! There won’t be any exception! The Cup will start in January 2019 There will be a total of 18 teams (not more, not less) Teams from all over the world will be allowed But: i will try to put teams from the same country into a group, other than that the groups will be randomized You are only allowed to play in 1 team Map: tournament map (EU) Each team consists of 4 players (+ 1 substitutional player) Match will be best of 5 Every round lasts 5 mins When 5 mins are over, the team with the most players alove wins the round If the same amount of players are alive there will either be an additional time of 1min or a draw (0 points; draws will only exist within a match) In case of a match draw (after 5 rounds) there will be an extra round, where there has to be a winner. Equipement: Weapons: Mosin (primary), Anaconda (secondary) Gear: Boonie hat & Custom vest Ammo: Mosin mags, Anaconda rounds Meds: Any meds allowed, unlimited Attachments: only scope allowed Shields: only 4 riot shields (no wood etc.) unlimited! Anything else is NOT ALLOWED! Stages: 1. Group stage: There will be 3 matches in each group Like: 1 vs 2; 1 vs 3; 2 vs 3 The 2 (of 3) best teams will qualify for the 2. group stage (see picture) 2. group stage: There will also be 3 matches in each group The 2 (of 3) best teams will qualify fort he K.O. stage K.O. stage (see picture) Best of 5, only 1 match for each team to proceed tot he next step There will be: quarter finals, semi finals, finals and match for 3rd place Teams will be ranked within the groups by: 1. Wins (matches) 2. Wins (rounds) 3. Total kills 4. Total deaths 5. (fair play decision) Fair play decision means for the referee to decide which team has been behaving better in the cup so far. Aspects can be flaming, violation of rules, punctuality… Other rules: - Boosting up on shields is not allowed! - Any roofs are off limit! - Each round will start with a horn - Match/time will be paused by a horn, players are not allowed to move until there is another horn signal - If your team is more than 15 mins late to the match you will automatically lose; if there are less players present you will have to play with that number of players - No other players than the ones listed will be allowed. In case of a name change i need tob e informed Every single match will be streamed by me, I will also be the main referee who might choose a second referee to help Rewards: 1. Chrome boxes + GD 2. Fun edition boxes + GD 3. Vindicator boxes + GD Application: Team name: Team tag: Player names (4+1): Country: Leader contact:
  10. It's been 20 weeks now that i have started the weekly events with Glad. To celebrate that and as a thank you for all you guys participating, I'm going to add a leaderboards to our sunday events. How does that work? The leaderboard will be for Deathmatches and Tournaments only for now The points will stick to the character playing. If you switch char, you will have to start with 0 points again There will be points given to the winners: Tournament: 1st: 3p 2nd: 2p 3rd: 1p Deathmatch: Each winner will get 2p If you win an FFA or 1on1 in a Deathmatch, your points will be doubled (also if you win solo and did good) I'm going to add some document that i will be keeping updated. I'm also going to try working on some kind of rewards. Maybe monthly we will see. Today will be the first event where i will be counting points for the winners. We are starting soon so stay tuned! Edit: Leaderboards:
  11. Team Name : BoS #2 Nationality: Germany Players: Akame, Sergeant1german, Eraze1322, Comedy onFire, God Complex Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): B A S T I, V1, Heya M4lt3 here Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): [BoS] KiLL3r #7416
  12. Team Name : BoS #1 Nationality: Germany Players: Rosa Tuff Tuff, 6ix9ine(+), 6ix9ine(-), N E M E S I S, Tobi332 Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): Kill3rTV, Canibal Corp Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): [BoS] KiLL3r #7416
  13. Nice effort! Good luck!
  14. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    So guys, the tournament is over and we have a winner: Congratz to HIGH for getting to the first place! SK and NÜRN did great also and got the 2nd and 3rd rank. I want to thank everyone for participating and watching. I hope we can have more like this for the fute
  15. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    SK - HIGH 10.08. 9pm CEST