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  1. That's such a cool idea! I'll see what we can do!
  2. Have a nice weekend everyone!
  3. Yeah that's why previous patch notes are 99% filled with new skins that took us 1000's of hours a week to make
  4. Happy to see all the involvement! Winner will be drawn later today! Cheers!
  5. This is the main part of the St. Patrick's Day Event. You can find the contract by killing the Super Zombie in all Game Modes. You will get the Contract I and you have to finish this one to get Contract II and Contract III. After you finished all the Contracts you will get a special item which is especially for the St. Patrick's Day.
  6. Yes we are! Not much information has been released yet but you can stay up to date at nethertuc.com
  7. Sven

    Ok ready

    Can't wait either!
  8. Thanks for that. We did our best to get the best possible outcome by involving our community by doing a dedicated poll / feedback thread.
  9. Is that your mobile phone number?
  10. Regarding your first point, yes. Regarding your second point. Wouldn't take that too serious. In New Z we have a lot of people playing on the European servers that are from Thailand. Over the years we have made numerous attempts in things such as packet improvements, network improvements, ping limits, ping checks, all with the effort to "punish" the lagging player. The "Thais" more of became a meme in this story. BTW; we even have servers in Asia yet they in some cases they still come around into the European servers.. Either way, Nether server structure works completely different and next to that it's a complete different game.
  11. Thx buddy! We'll do our best!
  12. Good luck to everyone!
  13. Gonna be fun! More information coming very soon
  14. You really like that Caliwood stuff don't you
  15. Dear Community, To kick off the new forums, and just simply because we haven't refreshed the forums in a while we are doing a special giveaway! This time we are giving away two times a one month extreme subscription! All you have to do to join the giveaway is the following: Create a forum account on our forums. This can be directly done at: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/register/ Comment on this forum thread why you think you should win! That's it! 2 random winners will be drawn on: Monday, March 18, 2019. Good luck! // The New Z - Staff Team
  16. Dear Community, First of all, welcome. This is the first official announcement around the "Nether: The Untold Chapter" title. We understand you will have a lot of questions and this announcement might come as a surprise so just to keep everything on tracks we'd like to introduce you to our new work-in-progress project. Nether: The Untold Chapter will be a re-edition of a previous released game called: "Nether", also released as "Nether: Resurrected". Just like our Infestation title we have been asked to take over development and management around this game and re-release it as our own. We understand there might be a lot of confusion regarding the development for our current on-going title; Infestation: The New Z. We'd just like to inform our community there that they don't have to worry. Development for New Z will continue the same way as it's always been and we will for sure not stop developing and managing that game. Make sure to follow the Nether social media channels to stay up-to-date! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetherTUC/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/NetherTUC/ Discord: https://discord.gg/HugpE2w/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/NetherTUC/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5HV4MZx9yq53vogFrrPQwA/ Website: https://nethertuc.com/ Wiki: https://nether.gamepedia.com/Nether:_The_Untold_Chapter_Wiki I am very sorry I can not share any more information at this moment. This announcement is purely made to inform our current and new communities and to make sure that you all at least know a little bit about what's going on. More information regarding the release, how that will happen and when, where, etc will follow very soon. We will try to keep you all as up-to-date as possible regarding the new Nether title. Feel free to ask us anything in reply to this thread. Best Regards, // The Fredaikis Team
  17. Dear Community, Our forums have gotten a major update with a brand new theme and more. Due to technical and practical reasons we have done this update and of course to refresh our forum look a bit! To keep everything organised I have listed out further information about the update below: A brand new theme! Our forums just needed a new look. Our old theme was completely out-dated and we just felt like giving you guys some refreshment so here we are! If you have any further feedback, ideas or things to report regarding our forums please do so here. Nether: The Untold Chapter To many of you this might come as a surprise but our forums make now place for our second official title called "Nether: The Untold Chapter" also known as "Nether". An announcement with more information about this will follow shortly in this section. Clubs You guys are now able to create clubs! Clubs enable your users to create social groups within your community. With a wealth of options, they're ideal for user-to-user collaboration. You can start creating your own club by clicking on the "Clubs" button on the top-right corner of these forums. For further information about this new feature go here. Thanks once again for all your support and we hope to see you guys around in or forums! Best Regards, // Sven
  18. Next time when you report an issue can you not confuse that with the other video? I appreciate the first video, but you make it look like the second video is also an issue when you have dropped these weapons yourself?
  19. Other than the more 'general' stuff that's affected in all game-modes, for example models, not for this patch unfortunately. Finally!
  20. Good point. Unfortunately it was not possible this patch. I'll bring it up in next meeting to see what the status is. Should be possible for 2.31!
  21. Dear Players, It's Monday and that means a fresh start of a brand new week. This also means a brand new patch in New Z! Who's excited? This patch we have done a lot of changes and tweaks to the Competitive game-mode, we have given Caliwood a brand new look and we have done our usual fixes and improvements. Next to all of that this patch contains some event related content for upcoming St. Patrick's day (more information will follow later regarding that btw.) Now, without further ado let's jump into the patch notes! Overall Updates: GENERAL: Grenades have been disabled on "Sniper Only" / "AR Only" limited servers. Fixed the HUD translations for "Clan Territory". It was not showing in some languages before. GAMEPLAY: Crouching "footstep" sounds are now properly synced with the character. MODELS: Updated the model of a very much used rock model. Players were able to easily glitch inside this rock and abuse that. (Example of the issue / model: https://prnt.sc/mn1fxn) Updated / Improved the render distances / LOD distances of newly made LODs for the Caliwood models added in previous patch (patch 2.19). We will keep improving this based on further observations and feedback from the community. The render distance of the military tents has been increased. Item & Skin Updates: UPDATES & FIXES: Updated the Community Box. This box is now legacy so the legacy icon has been added. Fixed an issue related to the ACOG sight. In first-person this sight wasn't centered when using with a rifle laser. This has been fixed and the sight has been adjusted back. Fixed an issue related to the SVD Shark Attack skin where, when players attached a different scope, the shark attack skin would dissapear. You can now properly attach scopes to this skin again without the skin disappearing. Fixed an animation problem with the Riot Shield Stinefelt. ADDITIONS: Added a new country Riot Shield of Japan. Added a new skin for the Sig Sauer 556 called: "Sig Sauer 556 Solari". Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Australia. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Autumn. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Banana. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Battle Royale. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Camo. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Christmas. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Chrome. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Danger. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Elite. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Halloween. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Ink. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Iron. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Melon. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Party. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Smiley. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC Tiger. Added a skinned version of the iron sight to the skin FN Scar CQC USA. Updated the Alien Skinbox with the newest skinbox model. Open World Updates: LOUNGE (Open World): Added some reworked skinbox models. Improved the overall shadow quality. COLORADO V2 (Open World): Fixed some spawns around NATO Military Base where players were spawning inside trees. Some smaller changes to the tree render settings have been made to improve performance. CALIWOOD (Open World): Caliwood has had a massive rework where we have migrated back the older original Caliwood map. This means places such as "West Oaks" and "San Pavel" are back. For more information about these changes we'd recommend you to read Steve's dev blog about it: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/7009-project-caliwood/ Further following changes have been made: Reverted back to the original Caliwood; places such as West Oaks and San Pavel are now back on the same map. Improved the render and LOD distance of some major city buildings in the main city. Please let us know if you experience any more issues regarding the render distances of the buildings in this map so that we can keep on improving them. Updated the overall lighting settings. Added some new POI's in the ocean such as container ships and other sea objects. Have a look, it looks very cool! Please note that since we have migrated back the original Caliwood map, there might be some little places we have missed where some objects might still be flying a little bit. In case you experience this please let us know in a comment on these patch notes, a forum thread, on our discord server or through a support ticket. Competitive: Also a lot of work has been done to the Competitive game-mode. We are getting very close to a more public beta test where we will allow certain player groups to try out this new game-mode. We are very excited to show you guys more. As you will see below is that based on feedback from earlier testing we have made a Smallville and Clearview themed Competitive map. Players just wanted to have more connection to the War Z / Infestation idea so this is what we went for for now. OVERALL: The Competitive store has been adjusted. Overall prices have been changed and some newer items have been added. In the Competitive game-mode teams switch side every round now. Players now get a little speed boost when a round starts. This speed boost slowly decreases. Player's stamina gets reset when a round starts. This wasn't working properly before. There is now an attacking team and a defending team. The attacking team has to conquer one of the (for now) three points. The defending team has to defend them. There is now multiple contest points instead of just one. This to vary the gameplay more and give attacking teams a choice. These points will be pre-set on each map and won't randomly change. Attacking teams can choose any of the 3 points when ever they want during a round. CLEARVIEW (Competitive): Added more objects overall for players to have more cover behind. Object amounts have been increased significantly around contest points. Come boxes and other "jump-up" objects have been removed because it was too unfair for one side since they could get to a certain point in the map much faster than the other team. Some fences got lowered a little bit mainly around the White House. Players can no longer get on top of the garage. "jump-up" objects got removed. Players can no longer get on top of the police station. "jump-up" objects such as the bus stops got repositioned. Improved the overall quality of the lighting. SMALLVILLE (Competitive): Added more objects overall for players to have more cover behind. Object amounts have been increased significantly around contest points. Fixed a player spawn that was on top of a building. Improved the overall quality of the lighting.' Keep an eye out on our social media channels where further announcements regarding the Competitive game-mode might follow. Stay tuned! More images here: https://imgur.com/a/bs4nmTB Battle Royale Updates: LOOT: We've lowered the spawn chances on the following items: P90 S, Bizon. We've removed the spawns on the following items: P90, P90 (50) Mag. We've removed the following items from the airdrop: FN Scar Nightstalker, Ghillie Suit. We've added the following items to the airdrop: Steyr AUG A3. Estimated patch size: Around 214 mb. Patch ETA: Patch will roll out as we speak. (Date: March 4, 2019) Estimated downtime: Around 1 hour. We will do our best to keep it as short as possible. Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at: http://playnewz.com/feedback To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
  22. Perhaps next time
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