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    Protection Glasses of Doom

    Adjusted in upcoming patch.
  2. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    It's already deducted from the price but keep in mind it's only for renting servers for 14 days or longer
  3. Sven

    Random Dc's

    Hey! People paste this a lot, but I would say this would be the BEST thing to do right now: Please make a support ticket at We will be able to help you in particular much easier from here as we will also be able to look further into your account etc. Best Regards, Sven
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    Got Some Questions

    Good question. I would love it to be added as soon as we can. Unfortunately I have no further status on this (yeah I know.. ) If it would be myself who would be able to add this we would have had a different discussion but unfortunately it all has to come down to Fred. I'll bring this up in the next upcoming meeting with the rest of the guys. That's the least I can do. Hope to have further answer on it after that! And yeah, sorry for this answer. Sorry for the late reply. Been out of the office this week due personal reasons. Let me try to answer your questions as good as I can: I think this map will be rent-able as soon as the loot is completely "balanced" as we are still balancing some stuff out here ATM. We actually have them ready and working, I would say that it's 90% done at this point. I will bring this up on next meeting and see what we can do here. Unbalanced crafting system: looking for feedback to make further adjustments. Harvesting: no ETA unfortunately. Would love to see this though! Right now the ranks are based of original ISS. What would you guys think about adding the Open World ranks to Survival as well? I mean, why not? This must be do-able. What do you mean? 2 official servers? or 2 available maps? Right now we have 3, so you mean go down to Colorado v2 and Oregon only? Maybe make a poll? I know we did this already but it was 50-50 so I'm not sure about this to be honest. I guess we can add this, why not? Increase barricade time? Is it too long? Can you get back to me regarding this, this way I can answer again and forward it in a meeting! Best Regards, Sven
  5. Dear Players, As a special thank you to all our premium players (and higher) we have released a special calendar. In this announcement we'll shortly explain how it works. Go to the following link to participate: (Make sure you save that link as you'll be able to redeem a new reward every day!) So it works the following way: Every day there will be a new reward to redeem. On the page you'll have to log in to your New Z account. It will check if you have premium. If you don't, you'll have to get premium to participate. Times are based on CET (Amsterdam time). A new day starts at 00:01 AM (CET). This means you'll be able to redeem your reward of that day ANY time between 00:01 AM (CET) and 23:59 PM (CET). Rewards we have added are for example; unique sprays, unique skin recipes (such as the new "Christmas Tree Heavy Armor and K. Style Helmet), GC skinboxes, GD skinboxes, Christmas items and more! Enjoy! If you have any further questions feel free to ask them in the comments! If you need any assistance feel free to create a support ticket at Best Regards, // The New Z - Staff Team Note: Even if you're not at home you can still claim your reward for that day! Just do it through your mobile phone! Here is a short explanation video:
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    Premium Christmas 2018 Calendar

    Just click on this link:
  7. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    Probably ran out of slots already for that region
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    Loot - Survival

    All feedback regarding the loot for the Survival game-mode goes here. Please reply in a comment using the following format:
  9. Dear Community, Here we are.. A developer blog about the new Competitive game mode but this time with an actual gameplay video and screenshots to show you. A lot has happened and for now all we want to reach with this Developer Blog is to show you guys what the development of the game mode has come to. Please keep in mind that this does NOT mean that this is the only thing we have been working on. Please understand this. Now, as you might have read in the previous patch notes (patch 2.26) is that the Competitive gamemode is finally being shaped. I would say at this point that we are very far from a point where we want to start opening it for players. A mistake we have made in the past with features and game modes was an early release so we definitely do not want to make the same mistake with Competitive. I am not going in details regarding the process. I think an explanation is in place but not on this thread. (for now) Yesterday we actually live streamed gameplay of Competitive gamemode for the second time. Fred has done a short stream earlier but that was on a different map. In this live stream we have gathered 10 people in total from the chat and from our staff team, and played some Competitive games. You can watch back parts of that below: You can get a good feeling of how the gamemode is going to be by watching the video that I made. Now, for those wondering I'd like to give a short explanation of how the game mode is planned to be for now: GAMEPLAY: The gameplay of the Competitive gamemode will be relatively simple. The point is to win the round. The team that wins a certain amount of rounds, wins the game. It has not been decided yet how many rounds it will be, it has also not yet been decided how big both of the teams will be but in our testing we are using the classic 5 versus 5. There is a currency. There will be starting cash, and for winning or losing a round players in the teams will receive money. You will also receive money upon killing an enemy player. To win a round a team has to either kill the entire enemy team OR take over the objective in the middle of the map. (usually) THE POINT: Besides being a very fun and unique experience the whole point of this gamemode is to offer New Z gameplay in a competitive scene. We will use the existing ranking system. Players will have a skill level and a rank, and by winning matches they will get higher and higher in ranking. In the end we might make it season-based, but the whole point will be to reach the highest rank possible! SIDE POINTS: Everything below is what we will follow but not nothing is 100% decided and confirmed yet. Competitive will most likely be first person only. There is an in-game store where you can buy weapons & items for cash you gain during rounds. (Items in this store and prices are totally not final so don't get confused by the video) It will most likely be 2 teams of 5 players. There will most likely not be an inventory. Items will not drop and you won't be able to drop items for your friend or drop items upon death. You will be able to spectate team members once you die. You will not be able to control the camera. We are considering making it so you spectate them in first person. You can only do this if you die during a round. There won't be any zombies or vehicles. You will be able to join back when you crash from a game. We haven't decided any timers here so for now you'll be able to join back any time. The game will resume without you if you crash, and when joined back, you will play again in the first round after your return. There will be a ranking/matchmaking system. You will be able to queue up alone, or with friends and it will match you against players of the same skill level. There is a warm-up. Right now we are using the Battle Royale items but we will make separate load-outs for Competitive. Note that I might have forgotten to write some points here. Expect this thread to be edited/updated if needed. DEVELOPMENT: There is a lot of polishing left to do. A lot of smaller things such as crashes, performance, little gameplay tweaks, the in-game store and some final decisions still have to be made but overall the Competitive gamemode is getting there. We aim to have something ready (hopefully) before Christmas but we do not want to make any promises at this point as we made this mistake in the past. Besides that we do not want to stress out development of the gamemode as new things might suddenly jump in. We want to make sure everything is polished and in a state that we as developers are happy with. Stay tuned for further updates! Oh, and here is some early screenshots of the map we've been working on: Let us know all your feedback and ideas in the comments on this developer blog. And of course if you have any questions feel free to ask them, we will try to answer all of you as best as we can! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Development Team
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    DevBlog - Competitive Alpha

    Don't worry. It's okay. Just wanted to make sure you know / everyone else knows. Any threads or comments in English might not be answered 😛 Thanks for the further feedback!
  11. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    I think he means it as a question.. We don't have Christmas trees in the game just yet..
  12. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    That's great!
  13. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    Yeah I can 100% guarantee it does drop. Just have to be lucky 😛
  14. Sven

    Premium Christmas 2018 Calendar

    I think you misunderstood how this works, this whole system is SEPARATED of the daily login system. On the website you actually have to log in, and REDEEM the gift of that day by clicking on it. ONLY then the reward will be sent to your game account. Can you try this? Thanks! Enjoy!
  15. Sven

    DevBlog - Competitive Alpha

    Sorry I don't speak Russian so couldn't reply on this comment. Overall I see that it is more something for the game in general and not necessarily about the Competitive game mode.
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    Maps - Open World

    All feedback regarding the maps in the Open World game-mode goes here. Please reply in a comment to this thread what your feedback:
  17. Sven

    Battle is Battle, not Open World.

    Not really. That's how you see it. I'm open to hear any feedback and work from there. Do you have certain ideas or suggestions yourself? I get what you're saying. Summed up your point is that the available weapons in Battle Royale are too strong and overall the strong weapons should be inside airdrops and not common find able.
  18. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    Exactly. Chance is chance. If some people kill 10 and get 1, that doesn't mean that you will get one every 10 super zombies you kill. Unfortunately it works like this. Good luck!
  19. Sven

    Premium Christmas 2018 Calendar

    So you quit the game just because we are so generous to do an optional premium+ calendar for those who have been supporting us with 3 euro a month, up to you. This has nothing to do with the game. Could have not done it either Thanks for the amazing support What is the problem? You are supposed to participate to this calendar if you have premium or above. Meaning if you have; premium, lifetime premium, extreme or deluxe. Hope that clears things up
  20. Sven

    DevBlog - Competitive Alpha

    Competitive will be in ANOTHER game mode as a SEPARATE game mode yes.
  21. Sven

    DevBlog - Competitive Alpha

    What do you mean?
  22. Sven

    Loot - Battle Royale

    All feedback regarding the loot for the Battle Royale game-mode goes here. Please reply in a comment using the following format:
  23. Dear Community, As you can see is that some things have changed in the Infestation: The New Z section. I have fixed some things but most importantly is that there now is a dedicated "Feedback" section for the game. This was very much needed since there has never really been one direct place for players to leave feedback about the game. We hope this makes it easier for players to leave feedback about New Z while at the same time we hope to also receive even more feedback so that we can use that to keep improving the game. Just a quick update. From now on when we do changes to the forums we will post a little explanation in this section. Best Regards, Sven
  24. Sven

    Patch 2.26

    Dear Players, This is not a big patch but definitively one we had to roll out between now and Christmas. There will be another patch coming before Christmas aimed at adding more content. This patch is mostly aimed to fix issues improve stability and overall performance. Now, let's jump straight into the patch notes: Overall Updates: GENERAL: Fixed an issue related to the idle super zombie sound. Also fixed a possible crash that could occur. Fixed many crashes related to the level terrain and the loading of the terrain. Fixed a crash related to the vehicle destroy particles. The character in the main menu is now animated in the idle state. It just overall looks better and is a nice little touch to the UI. Players can no longer abuse the "jump-left-peak" trick. This was very commonly abused by players and should no longer be possible. We are still aware of some other minor other peak abusements so please keep sending us your feedback and video's so we can improve this as good as we can. Items now unskin when moved into a locker. Fixed an issue on the EU official servers that caused the voice channels not to work. Fixed an issue on FAC v2 that was preventing it from starting. CHARACTERS: Updated some character part names for the Walter character. Added some names instead of having: 02, 03, etc. Added a new collection called Winter for the Ex Military Character. Added a new collection called Winter for the Park Ranger Character. Added a new collection called Winter for the The Mechanic Character. MODELS: Updated / Created / Optimized all the garage tire props. These models were very unoptimized. Also created LODs. (example: Updated the Modern Black Skinbox to the newest skinbox model. Also updated the store icon. Updated the Camo Skinbox to the newest skinbox model. Also updated the store icon. RE-ROLL SYSTEM: Updated the system. Based on your feedback we have made the following changes: legacy skinboxes are now all rerollable. Limited skinboxes will never be rerollable. This means you can now even get the "Epic Skinbox" and other old skinboxes when rerolling. We hope this gives more reason to use the system. VEHICLES: As you all know is that we have asked you all for feedback regarding the vehicle system about a week ago. (you can find that back here: Thanks to this we have been able to gather a lot of feedback, crash dumps and complaints about the vehicle system which made it for us easier to work on. Thanks to that we have done quite some work to the overall vehicle system; fixed crashes, improved stability, fixed issues, updated vehicle data and overall improved the entire system by a lot. We'd like to keep working from here and continue improving the system in the near future. These are further updates we have done related to the vehicle system: Updated vehicle data of the Buggy. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated vehicle data of the ZK. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated vehicle data of the Police Dragster. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated vehicle data of the Sherif Dragster. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated vehicle data of the Tuk Tuk. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated vehicle data of the Bus. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated vehicle data of the Stryker. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated vehicle data of the Humvee. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated vehicle data of the ATV. This vehicle should feel smoother and easier to drive now. Updated the Stryker vehicle. This vehicle now has 4 dynamic wheels instead of 8. The remaining 4 wheels (in the middle) are still attached to the vehicle but just retracted. We have done it like this for now until we are 100% sure that our engine can support any more wheels than 4 per vehicle. (as this one had 8 before.) The Tuk Tuk now also has its own "destroyed" model. Before there was no separate model for this. Also fixed an issue when this vehicle explodes that the tires of the car would be corrupted. (flying in random places) Item & Skin Updates: FIXES: Fixed physics for the Custom Guerilla Light. Fixed the store icon of the AUG A3 Autumn skin recipe. Fixed an error related to the AUG A3 Autumn skin. Fixed the AK-47. This weapon can now have attachments attached again. We have nerfed the weapon a tiny bit, as it was buffed before due to the reason it couldn't have attachments attached. Fixed the iron sight of the L85 Autumn skin. Fixed the bug where it was showing the K. Style NVG BVTR in the lounge. Fixed the store icon and recipe of the Frying Pan. Fixed the skin recipe of the STEYR AUG A3 Autumn. UPDATES: Updated the texture of the Riot Shield Heartbreaker. Updated the icon of the Nemesis Limited Skinbox to the legacy one. Updated the icon of the Indigo Limited Skinbox to the legacy one. We have looked into a problem where the standard FN Scar CQC was stronger than the Night Stalker or Red Stalker. Based on that we have done some changes: Lowered the spread of the FN Scar Night Stalker from 2.7 to 2.4. Lowered the recoil of the FN Scar Night Stalker from 4.1 to 3.4. Lowered the spread of the FN Scar Red Stalker from 2.7 to 2.3. Lowered the recoil of the FN Scar Red Stalker from 3.5 to 3.3. ADDITIONS: Added a new spray called: "Kaboom!". Added a new spray called: "Boom!". Added a new spray called: "Puff!". Added a new spray called: "Bam!". Added a new spray called: "BoOoOom!". Added a new spray called: "Whoa!". Added a new spray called: "Hey!". Added a new spray called: "Boing!". Added a new spray called: "Hurrah!". Added a new spray called: "Boo!". Added a new spray called: "Ding!". Added a new spray called: "Spooky!". Added a new spray called: "Ahoy!". Added a new spray called: "Yum!". Added a new spray called: "Grrrr!". Added a new spray called: "Yippee!". Added a new clan Riot Shield called: "Riot Shield GOSU". Added a new clan Riot Shield called: "Riot Shield EAG". Added a new clan Riot Shield called: "Riot Shield SOE2". Survival Updates: GENERAL: Fixed physics for Small Code Locker. It has been reverted back to normal. LOOT: Decreased overall loot. Many players have written us feedback and we have decided to reduce a little bit in amounts. More info: Your voices have been heared! We have always gathered feedback regarding the loot in Survival but not always consistently processed it. There has been some problems such as the fact that some maps were using separate loot systems and therefor there was not really a consistency in the amount of loot compared to every map. This also made it even more complicated for us to update / change the loot. With this update we have created a foundation for a series of patches where we will spend more time improving the loot to a point of how it should be. This foundation allows us to have all the loot for the Survival game-mode in one place and from now on it will be a lot easier and better to work on improving the loot and use you guys' feedback. Right now Colorado V2 has as much loot as it should have. V1 is okay and Oregon is overall too overpowered. Our first priority will be to consistently offer the same amount of loot over these 3 maps. It shouldn't be a thing that Oregon is way better than Colorado V2 for example. We are going to need your feedback! See patch 2.26 as a foundation to allow us to actively improve the loot. We have already done some changes but we are really going to need YOUR feedback. Therefore we have created a dedicated feedback section for the loot in Survival. Please report loot feedback to us there, as this is the main place where we will be looking for direct feedback. Here is the link: (Make sure to fill in the feedback using the correct format) Also, the following further changes have already been made related to the loot: Buffed the medical loot a tiny bit. Reduced the chances of overall food from spawning. We do agree that military places have too much food and other consumable items. We will continue working on this. Players have reported to find military and automatic weapons spawning in civilian places, if this happens, could you guys please let us know where and when? (possibly with a screenshot) We aim to improve the loot as well as we can over time with the help of you guys! Please help us out and give us your feedback at the link provided above. This is much appreciated. COLORADO V2 (Survival): Lowered the strength of the lighting quality due to a bug with white light swords. COLORADO V1 (Survival): Fixed the loot spots at Crystal Lake Resort where AKM's were spawning too often. Removed the secret spot next to the airport. Open World Updates: CONTRACTS / MISSIONS: Fixed / Updated the "Super Zombie Slayer III" contract. Changed the reward from 3 to 1 M249's due to a bug, increased the rewarded ammo from 3 to 5 and added an extra PKM as a reward. LOOT: Also in Open World we have updated the loot and its system. More info: There wasn't much wrong with the loot in Open World but we'd still like to re-address that we are always looking for feedback regarding the loot in Open World. We have created a dedicated feedback section for the loot in Open World. Please report loot feedback to us there, as this is the main place where we will be looking for direct feedback. Here is the link: (Make sure to fill in the feedback using the correct format) (PVP) ROCKY FORD: Removed the rest of the Halloween content. (There were still some left that we forgot) (PVP) LOUNGE: Fixed the place behind the light tower where player got stuck sometimes while swimming. LOUNGE: Removed the Super Zombie Head which was laying around. COLORADO V1: Removed the secret spot next to the airport. (Note was missing on the patch notes 2.26) CALIWOOD: Fixed the ambient sound which was a bit to loud on top of the bridge next to the stadium. Fixed the flying objects around the convention center. Battle Royale Updates: GENERAL: Based on feedback from the Battle Royale community we have changed the queue back to normal. There is no more seperate solo/duo queues. From now on when clicking on play in the Battle Royale game mode you'll be able to choose any of the maps, and queue up, alone or with friends. Servers will be mixed and will include both solo players and duos. Together with the Battle Royale community we feel like this is something we have to do at this point as the solo / duo queue is not working out and the Battle Royale player base has dropped. We aim to do further minor tweaks to keep improving this game-mode that used to be extremely popular. For further feedback about Battle Royale please let us know at: LOOT: Added XMR-32 to the Battle Royale Load-out. TROPICO: Removed the loot and player spawns from the little island because of feedback from the community. Fixed a problem with the shadows in medium and higher quality. Added some more random places to loot up and fight. Reworked the navigation mesh (zombie movement mesh) completely and reworked the zombie spawns. Competitive Updates: First time on these patch notes! Why? Because we have made major steps in the development around competitive. We know we have been talking about this for way too long so therefore we are not going to make any promises about release dates or any other dates just yet. The new game-mode is coming along. We have now pretty much finished the first version of the game-mode. Server-sided structure, queue, matchmaking system, map concept, objective, rounds, round-economy, UI (HUD), and more has already been finished! We are still working a lot on the concept mainly regarding "How are you going to win / what is the point" so all the feedback and ideas you guys might have are much appreciated! Just let us know in the comments. For now we wanted to bring the Competitive progress up to keep you all updated. We are very excited to start testing this new game-mode and keep working on it (on the side mainly) in the near future. Estimated patch size: 280 mb. Patch ETA: Patch is rolling out around 10:00 AM (CET) on November 29, 2018. Estimated downtime: 1-2 hours max. (as we are doing some maintenance) Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at: To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: Twitter: Discord: Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
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    All feedback regarding gameplay related things goes here.