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  1. Dear Players, This time we are giving away 1x Custom Guerilla Fallen Angel Black Night! Just enter by completing as much entry points as possible. (When you do more you have a higher chance of winning!) Just go to the following link to join:
  2. Dear Players, It has been a while since the last dev blog and even though this is not really anything much related to crazy development I'd still like to update you all on something I finished earlier today. Don't expect much of this dev blog as it's just a short one. Don't worry, this skin was just 1 of the 100 things we got done for upcoming patch so no, we are NOT only working on skins. A lot of you all must be wondering about the progress on the new Open World map and I understand that. I asked Steve to do a short update (hopefully tomorrow) on the dev blog about current status. For sure I can say now: We are getting there and aim to have this map ready and released AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Updates have been a bit short lately but that is mainly due to the fact that we are all working very hard on the new map and on upcoming patch. We have a great patch coming very soon, server upgrades (SA / NA / (particially HK)) and the new map is getting there. Thanks for understanding. Now, let's jump into this "DevBlog". The SVD Shark Attack. Maybe at first not really something you would notice but a very cool fact about this skin is that not only the texture is modified but also the model. Take a look below at some previews: Here is also a more detailed video about the skin: I definitively plan on making skins like this more often so stay tuned for more! I plan on doing these kinds of updates more often so stay tuned. Let me know in the comments if you guys like these kind of smaller updates! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
  3. Double GC Event!

    Event is ending tomorrow at 12:00 PM (CEST) for those wondering. Enjoy until then!
  4. Giveaway is ending on Friday, May 25 at 15:00 PM (CEST)! You can join until then! Also, on that Friday the NEXT weekly giveaway will start!
  5. Dear Community, Today we are going to talk about and show the progress and plans for the new Open World / Survival map. Many of you knew already that we have / had a new map for the Survival game mode planned but due to recent changes of circumstances we have decided to take things a little bit different. Don't worry, there will still be a new map for the Survival game mode! Let us explain... INTRODUCTION: PROGRESS UPDATE 04-04-2018: The plan. The plan for the new map is simple. We will be working on a new map for both Open World and Survival. This new map will in the end be another extra map for Open World and most likely the main map for Survival. The reason why we have changed our minds and decided to make this map for the Open World game mode as well is due to player demands. We have done some polls recently asking the community what game mode you guys want us to focus on and Open World came out to be the top choice of players with almost 80% of all the votes. We can also not ignore the fact that around 75% of our player base only plays Open World. Therefor we have decided to make this map for both game modes. Obviously we would like to see how players react to the map once it's released and based on that we will continue with deciding what the final place for this map will be but for now we aim to have it for both game modes. The progress. It's important for us that you guys know what we are working on and what's the current progress of the map. Through this developer blog we would like to keep you all updated regarding that. Please keep in mind that wherever we mention: "we are working on" doesn't mean we are ONLY working on this new map. Obviously there is a lot of other tasks and plans for the game that we are working on as well. Please understand that. We would like to keep you all update through updates. Every time we feel like we did a lot of work on the map, we will post updates through comments. The goal. The goal is to have this map finished in a couple of weeks. We aim to make this new map the main and only map of the Survival game mode and depending on the demand we will see how much this map will be present in the Open World official servers list. Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below! Best regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
  6. Dear Players, Just a quick update to let you all know applications for the Fredaikis partnership are now opened again! We have changed some guidelines and we now added minimum requirements. Make sure you meet our minimum requirements before applying! For more information please visit: Best Regards, // The New Z - Staff Team
  7. Good luck to everyone! I'm thinking about doing a giveaway like this EVERY WEEK! So stay tuned!
  8. West Oaks is back on rotation!

    Event closed. (Just keeping forums clean)
  9. Monthly Weekend Event

    Event closed. (Just keeping forums clean)
  10. unislav strikes again | NewZ montage #3

    It's nice but the brightness in the very first clip is way too high
  11. Dear Players, As promised we are rolling out another hotfix / small patch. Most importantly about this hotfix is the fixes we have done and on top of that this patch will already contain a lot of content that's needed for the release of the new map. (Therefore the bigger patch size) Now, let's jump into the patch notes: Overall Updates: OVERALL: Fixed an issue causing some people to get random "freezes" / "stuck" while running. Fixed a glitch related to the MP5/10 SD sound / Tactical silencer sound where this sound would continuously play in the menu and glitch out.' Fixed a crash related to a missing icon called "item_lootbox". Fixed a bug related to vehicles. (Was happening mostly in the Battle Royale game mode) Fixed an issue causing the unskin feature not remembering your choice. Fixed an issue with the voip servers in our Hong Kong region. Optimized the sound source to prevent crashes / corrupted builds and other problems. Deleted sounds that were not in use. Pickup up pistols should prioritize the secondary slot. You can no longer equip non-learned or non-allowed skins by using the load-out system. Moved the exit button on the player death screen. A lot of times people accidently clicked it and to prevent this we have moved the button. Updated the Russian language pack. SERVERS: From now on the we able to rotate maps / servers live. VEHICLES: Increased the speed / power of the zombie killer bus. This so this vehicle can get on top of hills a little bit easier. MODELS: Added a bunch of new content ready for the new Open World / Survival map. (To prevent people from having to download a lot when the map releases) Fixed a glitch with a watchtower model where players couldn't run up the stairs properly anymore. Thanks to Suyz for this report! Fixed a glitch in the fire station building where from the inside there was a gap players could shoot through. (in the fire station doors) Fixed a glitch related to one of the enter able small shed house. Players could not walk through the door properly. (Example: Reverted back the head change of one of the heads of the mechanic characters. Added back the hat on top of the head. This now glitches through equipped hats again. Item Updates: SKINS: Fixed a bug related to the Hunter backpack texture. Fixed the recipe of the OTS-S3 SVU Black Night. It was showing the Modern Black version before. Fixed / Improved the Blaser R93 Chrome skin. Added a chrome scope by default instead of a normal scope. Fixed / Improved the Honey Badger Black Night. Added a skinned silencer. (Default barrel attachment) Fixed / Improved the Honey Badger Halloween. Added a skinned silencer. (Default barrel attachment) Fixed / Improved the Honey Badger Bacon. Added a skinned silencer. (Default barrel attachment) Fixed / Improved the Honey Badger Danger. Added a skinned silencer. (Default barrel attachment) Fixed / Improved the Honey Badger Digital Camo. Added a skinned silencer. (Default barrel attachment) Fixed / Improved the Honey Badger Dust. Added a skinned silencer. (Default barrel attachment) Fixed / Improved the Honey Toxic Night. Added a skinned silencer. (Default barrel attachment) Battle Royale Updates: OVERALL: Fixed the Scar H load out where bandages and a secondary weapon was missing. TROPICO: Fixed a bug related to the shadows when playing in ultra. Added more airdrop spawns. (More variated) Moved some player spawns closer to loot area's / POI's. Changed some positions of some safe zones. ARIZONA: Fixed some hills where players could not get on top of because they were too steep. (One was next to the lobby area) Added more airdrop spawns. (More variated) Added more safe zones. Open World Updates: OVERALL: Changed re-spawn timer in open world maps to 15 seconds. (instead of 10) Tweaked the re-spawn system. You spawn closer now if spawning with the revive system. (Balanced by also increasing the timer to 15 seconds) EVENT MAP: There is no more cool-down for using the bus system in this map. SMALLVILLE: Fixed some flying objects. Fixed some no-clippable (invisible) walls. COLORADO V1: Removed the invisible walls which were inside the airport tower. Estimated patch size: 320 mb. (Once again due to the pre-content we are already adding for the new map so that players don't have to download a huge patch when the new map gets released. Patch ETA: Patch is rolling out as we speak. Estimated downtime: Around 30 minutes max. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: Twitter: Discord: Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Tea
  12. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #3)

    Open World PVE server? As far as I know is that we do not have any open world official PVE servers? Could you be a bit more specific? Best Regards, Sven
  13. Weekend Event!

    Weekend event is over! Hope you guys liked it! For further feedback please let us know in the forums! Best Regards, Sven
  14. West Oaks is back on rotation!

    Good point
  15. Not yet, which is the reason why only SOME parts are glass. Still have to figure apex for it. Would work in the future though, let's trigger Fred and make him enable / fix it! Don't worry. It's VERY hard to estimate size based on this minimap. The center safe zone has A LOT of hills / trees / rocks and other cover so I don't think camping would be an issue. We will see, (also the reason why we're releasing for OW first) - Possibly a BETA. There will be. Made already a concept of a huge skiing are with elevators etc. Only thing is that exactly THIS area wont be available in the first version / release of the map.. Guys, major update from me: As some of you know - probably guessed: I've been working 24/7 on the map. The past weeks have been great and unfortunately I have not been able to keep this up PLUS the streaming. I also wanted to make sure there is parts of the map that you guys don't see on stream to keep the map interesting on release. As I explained earlier the map is being worked on by 2 people: me and silent. Because of my current upcoming situation we decided already a while back that my part would be done first and afterwards silent will do his part. My part, which is "visually" the most of work where I have done all the POI's, terrain shaping, overall painting and overall work is DONE NOW. It's literally Silent's part left now for the first release of this map. Now his part is pretty much: remaining details, remaining detailed terrain painting, improvements, double check my stuff, loot, zombies, player spawns, and some other stuff. Please do NOT underestimate this because this is also A LOT of work but at the same time we're getting to an end now. THIS IS LEFT Once again from my end at least for the first released version of the map is done. This is all planned because for the upcoming 1.5-2 weeks I will be travelling. I just wanted to write this update so that you all know what's going on and what the current status of the map is. Before you wonder "where is Sven" - now you know why! For those who would like to stay in touch just hit me up on Twitter! I've asked silent to keep you all updated regarding his progress on the map! Take care. Best Regards, Sven
  16. Survival - Loot Feedback

    Dear Community, As you might have seen already is that we have updated the Survival loot recently. We did some changes where we added new items, removed a few and changed some spawn rates. This is all done based on feedback from you guys and therefor we would like to open this thread to gather even more feedback. For now, let's call it the "Update #1" we have done the following: UPDATE #1 Flare guns are now spawning. Flare gun ammo is now spawning. Airdrop: Removed some sniper ammo, Scar CQC and the IBA sand. Decreased some spawn rates of certain items. Added a very small chance to get a SVD or Mauser SP66 from the airdrop. We would like to get your opinion about the changes! Based on that we will keep updating the Survival loot tables. Do you guys like it? What should we improve? Let us know! Best regards, // The New Z - Staff Team
  17. Weekend Event!

    I asked you questions for example how you get there - no reply. I asked you if you understood your ban - no reply. I told you already now for the third time that you are not allowed to be up there - still no understanding. You get banned for the 4th time for the same reason - no sign of understanding. You bring up "other players" and "how the staff team handles things" with YOUR ban situation - why do you think that helps? For further complaints please open a support ticket at but don't spam our forums with the same repetitive things.
  18. Weekend Event!

    I mean you clearly don't understand it. Your ban has nothing to do with any other players or bans. Besides that I don't know why you're saying we "should" ban people that use hack software or what ever because we do punish those. You didn't just find a camp place. You were OUTSIDE of the map on a place YOU ARE NOT supposed to be at. After many warnings and bans you STILL dont understand this. Tell me you understand that, if you still don't then I don't know what's wrong. Last comment. Don't waste any more of my time. Deal with it.
  19. Weekend Event!

    No idea what you are talking about.
  20. Weekend Event!

    No you can't. What I don't understand is that this is like your 4th ban for pretty much the same thing, when are you going to realize what you're doing is not allowed? If there IS a way to get up there then you'll have to tell us but I can guarantee it's NOT allowed. We punish ever player who abuses something or breaks the rules the right way. if you think we are not, then tell me why. But that has nothing to do with your ban.
  21. Ammo Doesn't Stack

    Take out of gun, "stack all" and it should work?
  22. Weekend Event!

    Well, you are glitching and in places not supposed to go. That is not fair to other players. Are you aware of this?
  23. Weekend Event!

    What happened? Can you send me any of your char names so I can look into it?
  24. Twitch Drops Update!

    Bravo, I think he means just in general. There is streams out there that have the poorest quality ever, elements such as followers stretched out over the screen ALL aimed with the goal to lure viewers in to join their giveaways. It's literally retarded and 0 game play. I personally really dislike the streams where huge keywords for giveaways are active PERMANENTLY on the top of the stream. All of this is literally 0 content 0 quality and no matter how many AFK viewers there are it does not benefit the game nor it's community in ANY way. Just to make clear Bravo, not talking about you here Of course. And once again thanks for your stats!