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  1. Good morning sven, sorry to come here again complain,
     but it is impossible to play with this ping limiter 
    in batlle royale, I complained and keep complaining in support,
     but they no longer respond, they say my problem is internet but 
    it is not internet but rather distance between me and my provider,
     which makes it a bit difficult to ping, but nothing that is bad to play,
     many players with better internet than mine are having 
    this problem but do not report because the answer is the same, 
    internet ,,,, and it is not the speed and yes as I said,
     the distance from the provider ,,,
     many providers are far from the houses, so I wanted once again to ask 
    for the withdrawal of this limiter, because that dawn
     I was expelled 9 consecutive times of heating , 
    so I can not play, I buy gc, I buy in the market, 
    I spend money on this game and I just want to play,
     the only server is the European, so it's no use going to the 
    South American, there's no game. please ask me 
    to analyze my request with affection, 
    it is not only I who have this problem and would just like
     to continue playing
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