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  1. Sven

    Police Week Event

    Double XP + GD is now over as well. Winners for the giveaway have also been drawn. I have contacted the winners through email. Thanks everyone for participating.
  2. Sven

    Police Week Event

    ️ Police Week Event 2019 - End. The event has officially ended however we have decided to extend the DOUBLE XP + GD event for 2 more hours! Enjoy! We have also gifted EVERYONE who logged in the past weekend with a free Police 2019 Box! (That was a part of the event.) Enjoy! Note: M40A1 Remington 700, Light Sniper Ammo, Light Sniper Bullet, SWAT Armor, Aimpoint CS Sight and the Heavy Helmet have been added to the normal (non event) loot tables and are now permanently available in the game! Thanks to everyone for participating in the event.
  3. dear give the reference please where to direct complaints to mistakes and offers on a gameNEW Z

  4. Sven

    Police Week Event

    Double GC + Free Premium Weekend event are now started as well! Have a nice weekend!
  5. Dear Community, As a part of the Police Week event we are doing a DOUBLE GC sale. This means all GC purchases for a set period of time will be doubled. Here is exact times of the event: Start: July 19, 12:00 PM (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 PM (CEST) 2019. Buy GC here: http://playnewz.com/buygc The sale is indicated on Xsolla and in-game through Steam. If you experience any issues or need any assistance with a purchase feel free to contact us through support at: http://playnewz.com/support Have a nice weekend! // Fredaikis
  6. Sven

    Police Week Event

    ️ DOUBLE XP + GD live NOW! Enjoy! (All game-modes) For all information about the police week event go to: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/8108-police-week-event/
  7. What exactly did you mean with "notice" ? f.e. you mean FPS improvements, less crashes? Just like to know
  8. Sven

    Police Week Event

    ️ Prison BATTLE ROYALE! MELEE ONLY in a big prison. Are you ready?! This map is LIVE NOW in the Battle Royale game-mode. For more information about the police week 2019 event go to: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/8108-police-week-event/
  9. Glad you guys like the event!
  10. Sven

    Police Week Event

    They have around 8 loot spots for this event. However, chances are random and some will be empty.
  11. Sven

    Police Week Event

    ️ GIVEAWAY TIME! This time we are giving away 20 Police 2019 boxes. To join the giveaway you have to follow the steps at: https://www.playnewz.com/giveaway.php Make sure to do as many entries as possible to higher your chance of winning! 4 winners will be drawn on July 22, 2019. Winners will receive an email with further instructions.
  12. Sven

    Special Scopes

    I reverted the skinned scopes to their original 'parent' icon at least so they don't show "no icon".
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