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  1. coloca uma votação para se encontrar riot shield + fácil no modo survival/sobrevivência  

  2. Sven

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Great feedback guys! Keep it up! Also, make sure to have a great weekend! Best Regards, Sven
  3. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    Great feedback. We'll see what we can do! Have a nice weekend! Best Regards, Sven
  4. Sven

    Christmas 2018

    Chupa and Steve are doing them as we speak. Probably already happened by now
  5. Sven

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Just so you know but I think you're over complicating this. It's simple. Clan limit is 5 that means that only 5 people of that clan can join that server. The 6th won't be able unless one of the 5 logs out. To be honest I rather have that one clan member have to either leave the clan or play on a different server than having no clan limit or a crazy high clan limit Inb4 complaints about huge clans incoming. Edit: i see your issue though but hope you can see it from the other perspective as well.
  6. Sven

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    That's a good point actually! If the clan limit is 5 the group limit should be 5 too. Makes sense
  7. Sven

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Good point.
  8. Dear Survival Community, So a lot of people have been asking for this now, and I don't see a reason why not to just make a poll and get further info. Please invite as much people as you know to vote. Please understand that if majority of this poll agrees this does not instantly mean we will push this change to the game. Further comments are also greatly appreciated as we mainly use this poll to get a better insight about the clan situation in Survival. This will help us make the best decision. Thanks for voting and sharing your opinion! Best Regards, // The New Z - Staff Team
  9. Sven

    Christmas 2018

    More private server slots in every region are available again. EU and HK have quite some space but US is almost full. Be quick!
  10. Sven

    Christmas 2018

    Hey everyone, Just a formal notice to let you all know that the Christmas 2018 events are now over. Chupa is going to do the rewards for the Seasonal Leaderboards very soon. We hope you all like the events and we'd like to ask all of you to please leave further feedback if you have some! Best Regards, Sven
  11. Sven

    Christmas 2018

    No worries. I'd personally like to get this situation resolved as fast and good as possible, just as much as you guys! There is a lot more going on than "just rent more servers" / "get more space". It's not that easy like that actually. Either way just know we are onto this and it's a very actively discussed topic in the staff team. Best Regards, Sven
  12. sir hii uhm im a BIG fan of your game sir infact i love it  play sir but when ever i play sir uhm it always croses my mind sir that i think it would be more fun if we could build our own base sir like looting some item to make our own base or camp or something but dont get me wrong sir im not saying its not fun infact its super fun sir i was just saying my idea sir hope to you can read my message sir and uhm thank you for making this game better 

  13. Hi Sven. I was banned from the game. Not sure why. Corresponded with Selfish asked to test a man cheats. He wrote me 5K rubles. Corresponded in Vkontakte. I said it's your job, you get paid for it. And after 10 minutes, I'm out of the game. And writes permanent ban.All screenshots of correspondence there.My nick name Artur4