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  1. Rank/Reaction Updates

    We are
  2. GOSU Recruiting

    Good luck with the recruitment!
  3. Maps - Open World

    Thanks for this very detailed feedback! There is a (small) patch rolling out somewhere this week to fix the remaining zombie issues. Thanks for pointing this out again.
  4. Weapon Statistics

    Thanks for the feedback again guys!
  5. Vehicles

    Little boats is something we've been thinking about.. I guess when the time is right.. I might be able to do something with a motor bike soon perhaps. Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Skins

    Noted. Thanks! Have a nice day!
  7. Harder Survival Gamemode

    You mean something like a hardcore mode? Die once, lose everything. No GI's etc.?

    Well, just to be fair here: Car spawners are indeed disabled in OW Official servers. (Meaning players can not place down their own cars) Car spawns are very rare in OW Official servers. (Meaning it's rare to see someone driving a car) So, there is only 2 possibilities: You are either talking about the wrong game-mode or something or I don't know what. In this case it helps with video's / screenshots. There is something wrong with the car spawn rarity - cars aren't rare. Which in any case a video or a screenshot would still help solve this. Like I already said; you know how it's supposed to be. Now, it's up to you to tell me / us if this is not the case. (look back the 2 points I pointed out) Let me know!
  9. Beta Test Script

    Hi Matt, Good question. I am sure you've been in contact with our support where they've helped you with this fix. I currently have no answer to this at the moment but I have forwarded this to our support. Have a nice day and I hope our support can reply to this ASAP. Best Regards, Sven
  10. There is no way, no. GD and GC are 2 completely separated currencies where GD can be gotten from playing (free) and GC can only be purchased with real money. Best Regards, Sven
  11. Rank/Reaction Updates

    Love to see these new forum reactions Great work steve!
  12. Rank/Reaction Updates

    For me neither

    Good luck and love the initiative! Have a nice weekend!
  14. Weekend Event! (+ DOUBLE GC)

    Thanks for the feedback! After we received a lot of complaints we have reduced to just one server. I mean, what can it harm to leave that 1 server FPS only? I would say: Why not?! How is the population on this server? Hey! This might sound odd but could you please report his feedback as well under: ? Thanks in advance! Good point and I am happy you like the double GC event. It's been a while. Anyways, perhaps next weekend a double GD event.. Who knows.... Have a nice weekend everyone! Best Regards, Sven
  15. в режиме выживания