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  1. It's 5 hours play time through steam, not stream time. Just connect your Steam account and you should be able to unlock it instantly as you probably already played over 5+ hours.
  2. Dear everyone, I finally got the time to finish the Best Moments #3 video! In this montage you can see some of the best and funniest moments caught of people playing New Z. I want to personally thank all the amazing streamers and content creators for making this possible. Keep sending new clips for a best moments #4 video hopefully very very soon! Have a nice Sunday and enjoy the video! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
  3. why, you do nothing against the macross ???????!!!!!!!!

  4. Good luck everyone with the giveaway! Already 6000+ entries!
  5. Weekend Event!

    Thanks! Ill look into it!
  6. DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    Guys, just to be clear most of the rework here is visually! For example, the as val I will probably ONLY change the model! Keep up the great feedback!
  7. DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    True. Your feedback is noted! Thanks!
  8. DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    Yes. Also, I have a lot of feedback copy pasted from forums, etc. Also hope to receive some extra feedback based on this post! Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Weekend Event!

    Could you link me the thread? I'm curious. We gather feedback, but in some places it's harder to keep track of that than in other places. For example discord is harder than if you write your feedback here as a comment on this forum post. Could you guys please do that?
  10. DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    True. Gotta face reality and fix it. Mainly made this post to gather even more feedback from community!
  11. DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    Fixed for upcoming patch 2.18
  12. Dear Players, This time we are giving away 1x SVD Shark Attack! Just enter by completing as much entry points as possible. (When you do more you have a higher chance of winning!) Just go to the following link to join:
  13. Thanks everyone for participating! The winner has been announced and that means this giveaway is over! Next giveaway will start soon so keep an eye on our socials!
  14. Dear Community, Another dev blog! I'd like to keep it short again while still keeping you all up-to-date. First of all I'd like to let you all know that by today we are testing and finalizing patch 2.18. This means that after the weekend we should be close to release patch 2.18! Here is more information about patch 2.18 in the new dev blog made by Fred! For me patch 2.18 is already finished when it comes to my tasks in the development. This is also why I am starting this dev blog now as I am continuing for patch 2.19 where we one thing I will aim for is: The rework of a lot of 'custom' guns. Now, there is 2 major problems with some 'custom' later-added guns in New Z: Majority is not optimized. Most of the weapons are not used by players due problems such as: not looking good, not good statistics, attachment issues, performance issues, animation issues etc. Basically there is stuff that needs to get fixed mainly where I'll have to rework these guns. In the meanwhile I have gathered feedback from the community together with some other staff to rework the weapons in the best way possible. Weapons I currently have on the list and what's aimed to be fixed is as following: AK12 - This weapon is SUPER unoptimized. Has to be replaced with a newer (optimized) model. Therefor automatically attachments, animations etc will be reworked. Also aim to improve statistics so the weapon becomes more 'worth it' to use. M4A1 - This weapon is also quite unoptimized. Has attachment problems and barrel does not look good. Basically this results in having to rework the entire gun as well. Statistics are find for this weapon though. AS VAL - No one uses this gun. Model has some issues. Statistics are bad. Will be reworked entirely. FN Scar Red Stalker - Didn't had the right model in TPS and physics issues. This I actually already fixed for patch 2.18. QLB 06 - The weapon is just "too big" in first person and takes up too much space. Also need to fix that skins work for this weapon. Shouldn't take much time. M200 - Unoptimized, needs to be reworked entirely. SVU - Unoptimized, needs to be reworked entirely. AMR2 - Unoptimized, needs to be reworked entirely. STI Eagle Elite - Model has to be changed as it's literally the same as a Jericho pistol. TEC 9 - Unoptimized, needs to be reworked entirely. Also need to fix sounds and improve quality overall. Thompson - Actually this is already done for patch 2.18: I reworked the iron sight from 2D to 3D. Also reworked icon. This weapon is already finished. VSS Compact - Not sure what to do with this gun but I have some feedback that I will use to improve the statistics of the gun. Scar H - I do plan on reworking this gun. Planning on entirely reworking this weapon. I have feedback for this gun but all more feedback and idea's are always welcome! FN FAL - Will be reworked entirely. Note: I am asking all of you who read this if you have any ideas for a particular gun please let me know in the comments! If I missed any weapons you think should be fixed / reworked / changed let me know in the comments. ^ The new optimized AK12 model. I will keep you all updated along the way through this dev blog! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
  15. Dammmmm Another One