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  1. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 50)

    Tbh I think you have a fair point but as Steve pointed out already we can't always make EVERY single person happy with a certain event. I appreciate the feedback but you can't expect us to instantly reply either.. Best Regards, Sven
  2. Hello Sven !


    Are you in contact with Sergey at the moment?


    Kind Greets 


  3. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    Gonna be awesome!
  4. Sven

    Protection Glasses of Doom

    Adjusted in upcoming patch.
  5. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    It's already deducted from the price but keep in mind it's only for renting servers for 14 days or longer
  6. Sven

    Random Dc's

    Hey! People paste this a lot, but I would say this would be the BEST thing to do right now: Please make a support ticket at We will be able to help you in particular much easier from here as we will also be able to look further into your account etc. Best Regards, Sven
  7. Sven

    Got Some Questions

    Good question. I would love it to be added as soon as we can. Unfortunately I have no further status on this (yeah I know.. ) If it would be myself who would be able to add this we would have had a different discussion but unfortunately it all has to come down to Fred. I'll bring this up in the next upcoming meeting with the rest of the guys. That's the least I can do. Hope to have further answer on it after that! And yeah, sorry for this answer. Sorry for the late reply. Been out of the office this week due personal reasons. Let me try to answer your questions as good as I can: I think this map will be rent-able as soon as the loot is completely "balanced" as we are still balancing some stuff out here ATM. We actually have them ready and working, I would say that it's 90% done at this point. I will bring this up on next meeting and see what we can do here. Unbalanced crafting system: looking for feedback to make further adjustments. Harvesting: no ETA unfortunately. Would love to see this though! Right now the ranks are based of original ISS. What would you guys think about adding the Open World ranks to Survival as well? I mean, why not? This must be do-able. What do you mean? 2 official servers? or 2 available maps? Right now we have 3, so you mean go down to Colorado v2 and Oregon only? Maybe make a poll? I know we did this already but it was 50-50 so I'm not sure about this to be honest. I guess we can add this, why not? Increase barricade time? Is it too long? Can you get back to me regarding this, this way I can answer again and forward it in a meeting! Best Regards, Sven
  8. Sven

    Premium Christmas 2018 Calendar

    Just click on this link:
  9. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    Probably ran out of slots already for that region
  10. Can you take a look at my post mate. about Open world changes.

  11. Sven

    DevBlog - Competitive Alpha

    Don't worry. It's okay. Just wanted to make sure you know / everyone else knows. Any threads or comments in English might not be answered 😛 Thanks for the further feedback!
  12. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 49)

    I think he means it as a question.. We don't have Christmas trees in the game just yet..
  13. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    That's great!
  14. Sven

    Weekend Event! (Week 48)

    Yeah I can 100% guarantee it does drop. Just have to be lucky 😛
  15. Sven

    Premium Christmas 2018 Calendar

    I think you misunderstood how this works, this whole system is SEPARATED of the daily login system. On the website you actually have to log in, and REDEEM the gift of that day by clicking on it. ONLY then the reward will be sent to your game account. Can you try this? Thanks! Enjoy!