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  1. Infestation: NewZ PvP Montage #19

    fidget spinner is real guys!!
  2. nice skils sir +1337
  3. personally as a player I think that the new skin of the katana is really epic, very good work sven. We need more skin like this
  4. DevBlog - SVD Shark Attack

    If you read a little more, you would know that it is not, they are currently working on a new map, new and more things you can find in this post
  5. 12x opening with hidden thumbnail ^^

    The Killer Skinbox has been removed from the GC airdrop due to request from the community.
  6. Wir suchen nach einem Deutschen Clan

    Ich empfehle Ihnen, die offizielle Discord of Infestation zu verwenden: NewZ. Dort können Sie Clan leicht finden. https://discord.gg/thenewz
  7. Best spots to farm zombie,loot etc

    +1 Open world: Colorado V1 - Airport, Colorado V2 - Nato - Death Valley

    good montage buddy! +1 Stop using aimbot please ....
  9. Event this weekend

    As always doing a great job for the community! keep it up!
  10. HELP

    Thank you all for helping!
  11. 12x opening with hidden thumbnail ^^

    another one nice semi clutch

    Thanks for your suggestions, we will talk about this possibility..
  13. HELP

    You have your backpack full and you can not carry more items in it, you need to empty it.
  14. really excited with this new patch, big changes thanks to the community!
  15. Compilied List Of Suggestions And Improvements

    Thanks for your suggestions, we will talk about it
  16. AR Stats - Feedback

    Big changes are coming and a great patch on the way!
  17. If you are the winner you can write your username here and your prize will be linked to your account, or send me a private message or you can send a ticket to official support.
  18. PvP Montage rhz

    nice montage!
  19. Here we go again :)

  20. montage #9

    god good montage
  21. Infestation: The NewZ - PVP Montage #16 [GODS]

    I see that the hours I was teaching you have been worth it
  22. PVP

    I think the same as you, the new spawn system is really good but only for PVP Maps, for Open World I do not say it is bad but now the respawns are quite far from where you die, this is also due to avoid spawnkillers.