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  2. Skillerfreak

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    All this is not the point...... It's just annoying to get 100 meters 1 shot killed from any shotgun..... Just pls hear once (just once) about what the community is saying. And remove them.
  3. Skillerfreak

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    Just useless they don't care anyway
  4. Skillerfreak

    i can't open newz please help me

    Make sure you run all these ".exe" as Administrator: NewZlauncher.exe and TheNewZ.exe and FACLoader.exe
  5. Skillerfreak

    Seasonal Leaderboard

    Better solution ban all thais
  6. Skillerfreak

    I want that YOU to explain me this case!

    360 and 400 are legit the same. In every other game, you would get kicked or teleported back. #Rubberbanding But here PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF These Players knows about that and even abuse it but hey why should you guys care about it anyways
  7. Skillerfreak

    Bleeding + Zombies

  8. Skillerfreak

    I want that YOU to explain me this case!

    1. When you see the shot coming there is no Text. 2. The Bullet which should never hit/killed me was on the right side of me cause: On his screen, I was in this position where the bullet landed. The Bullet didn't come from the right the bullet hit "me" next to "me". 3. Pls check his name and tell me from which country he comes from.
  9. Skillerfreak

    I want that YOU to explain me this case!

    I killed him before. I died on his loot. Loadout: Mauser and NVG Civilian. I am 100% sure its the same guy.
  10. There is nothing to say about it... Watch the Video and tell me how.
  11. Skillerfreak

    Halloween Week 2018 (End)

  12. Skillerfreak

    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    I am asking you in a good way. Pls change your Profile Picture.
  13. Skillerfreak

    Streamer mode

    Hey, So if you have "Streamer Mode" on and you press "I" to open your Inventory you can't see your name which is nice. But as soon as you are in a group you can see it again in the Group HUD. + If you press "Tab" you can see your name also even highlighted. So maybe change/add those 2 things also to the "Streamer Mode". Feedback appreciated! Best regards, SkillerFreak