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  1. Area 69

    So we can remember him when he is banned for not listening to the moderators 😂
  2. I like this idea a lot.. We have to protect new players coming into the game and stabalise the existing community. So the hardcore survival mode but I love the Oregon map. It's massive and complex and will hold a large survivor population quite easily
  3. Loot - Survival

    I am too lazy to go back and read all the posts in this thread.. Just want to say I enjoy the new Oregon map so much. Well done to those that built the environment. The towns are nicely varied and just amazing.. I'm having a great time Thank you
  4. Loot - Survival

    True this.. And looking forward to this. I'm happy with the loot frequency.. I have more pistol silencers than I care to admit 😊
  5. Loot - Survival

    Yeah I don't bother going to air drops anymore. I have to interrupt my play, run forever for really not much. I would have looted more in the same amount of time I wasted on this distraction. I love the idea of an air drop but they are so valueless at the moment.
  6. Survival tutorial ep #2

    This is an amazing video.. Thanks
  7. Zombies 101 : Small tips related to zombies

    This if an amazing tip. I can see myself dying a few times before I get it right. Thank you tho
  8. Prison Trailer Video!

    Nice video.. Thank you
  9. Empty Airdrops

    Please make it at least as valuable as a SZ drop. Unique items would be great. Pumpkin hats, Uncle Sam hats (If they still exist), grenade badaboom. Idk but unusual items would also make it worth the time effort and risk