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  1. Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    bring v1 back please
  2. happy birthday :DD

  3. yo yo yo here mistrz , im back to game and playing with Paruwa xD,  We  would like to ask, are you recruting to clan ? 

  4. Infestation The NewZ - Super Cup 2017

    TEAM (or team name): ZT3X REGION: NA COUNTRY: United States TEAM CONTACT INFO: Darioxix#4838 PLAYERS: Player 1: Darioxix Player 2: Izamaster Player 3: NIVLAC FUQS YOU Player 4: Defuzzzz Player 5: A Bаthing Ape (pot,blood45kdragon,1recks)
  5. Infestation The NewZ - Super Cup 2017

    Can we put ZT3X in it. Iza forgot to put us in.
  6. Halloween Week Scythe Giveaway

    Damn that looks awesome.
  7. Still no lockers

    Hope fucking fully
  8. Still no lockers

    But when?
  9. Still no lockers

    Im not necessarily asking for Personal Lockers. But more of something of a stash bag. Maybe a Stash bag like in Deadz. That would solve your 2nd and 3rd problem. And for your first problem, it could be easily solved with making the Lockers(stashbags) really rare.
  10. Still no lockers

    It has been a month or more, and nothing on lockers. Could you all please put a locker or something similar to it ingame?
  11. WTS SVD

    msg me, i can offer meds and all sorts of stuff
  12. Despawn time when you die

    Camper.... You sir, are a idiot... lmfaoo. get out of here. I only wanted to state my opinion on what i think should be fixed. There would be no problem with the devs adding 15-20 minutes extra instead of the time now. "stay away from large group of zombies". Who are you to give advice to me. Ill 2 tap you with a kruger. I've been playing newz, original warz since it came out. No need to give me any advice kid.
  13. Despawn time when you die

    Glad to hear your opinion. I am still sticking with mine. I think its the right idea.
  14. Lots of us experience issues where you get yourself stuck and killed in a fucked up situation. We have to wait five minutes to respawn back in. by the time we get back to our gear we only have about 30 seconds or so to get our gear back before all of it despawns. Could you all put more time on the despawn of items. Maybe like 15 or 20 minutes instead of 8 or 10.
  15. Hey! Im interested in Military rucks, snipers of course. sigs, stanags, customs, k styles, and medical supplies such as anti's, pains, dx's, medkits. Im offering gd in open world, skins, and also other rare gear in survival mode!